The Trivium Method

The Trivium Method, is a method of learning, an approach to thinking, processing information as to bring forth Truth or become as closely aligned to it as possible with the given information. Studies of the Trivium method can be found at various sites, with documents, interviews, and links to these resources, until I can give my own concise explanation for the reader. Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, form the basis of the Trivium Method, which then serves as the formula in studying the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, musical theory, and astronomy) and this can be studied in the following resources, until I am ready to add my own contributions.

Three key interviews between Jan Irvin & Gene Odening at Gnostic Media (now Logosmedia) make some preliminary, introductory studies of the Trivium Method and its related components:

Tragedy and Hope Site: Trivium Resources for the Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving, useful to the Peace Revolution curriculum.
Trivium Education Site: Trivium Study Materials
Mark Passio: Some additional good reference material on the Trivium and Quadrivium