What I've Learned about the Lies of Some of Alternative Health & Modern Medicine

Updated: Oct 20

By: A. W. Finnegan #AlternativeHealthBullshit #ModernMedicineBullshit

For almost five years now, I've been chronically ill with systemic health problems from head to toe. It's somewhat fuzzy where this originated from. Some were picked up at various places and times during my life. For instance, some neurological problems started in high-school after a Hepatitis B vaccine. Many of the symptoms were with me off and on for so many years, but sporadic enough that I never made the connection to it being a recurring symptom of the same disease. I had pulled a tick off my back around the time things became really bad in 2016, but I was also dealing with some kind of odd respiratory infection beforehand as well. I had flu-like symptoms, vertigo, vomiting, and much worse. What started out as one disease early on, found many more along the way from insect-borne diseases, vaccines, and respiratory diseases from those in the environment, mainly because of weakened or damaged immune systems that vaccines and other exposures have imparted to us.

I began to have these intense sensations of pressure in my face and sinuses, around the bones near my eyes, and this has never left. The headaches and pressure in my face and eyes became the most pronounced aspect of it, because they are permanent, and never dissipate. They are with me day in, day out, and it gets hard to live this way. You can't fall asleep easy, sometimes there will be bouts of insomnia, sometimes bouts of sleepiness where you can sleep for days. Nothing is ever predictable, and does not work around your schedule, it makes you work around its schedule.

The symptoms are impossible to describe to someone who is healthy or not dealing with the problem. It is much worse than it sounds, because it is a protean, systemic, multi-system disease that affects everything in the body. You may look fine on the outside, but you can feel your entire body breaking down and nothing working right on the inside. Your joints ache like you've been beaten with a baseball bat every day you get out of bed, you feel nauseated and sick to your stomach throughout the days, and everything in between. I tried going to all the modern medical doctors early on, who had nothing to offer, no solutions, no answers, and most of the time these people were arrogant pricks who said "nothing is wrong with you." These people are about as smart as the rocks in my driveway.

In the first few years starting out, I was naive enough to think that all of this could be taken care of with alternative health treatments the natural cures and such. I fully believed in it, because I knew how incompetent the modern medical system was. So, I went down the list of all sorts of natural cures and bought into all the alternative health ideas thinking it was no problem, one of these would pan out and cure me of this terrible curse. I tried all the different diets, supplements, unconventional treatments, and whatever else. Sometimes it seemed like things were having an effect, other times not. But even when they appeared to, the effect was only an apparent one, because the disease has a relapsing and remitting nature even without treatments.

Even still, every time I did all the different natural cures and finished them, the result was never a satisfactory one. Without fail, the disease would always either not die or if there was any noticeable improvement, the disease would return with a vengeance, sometimes even more severe than before after trying these many touted cures. After a while. you get real tired of people telling you excuses for why this or that supposed cure didn't work at all the way it was said to. After a while, you got tired of hearing people blame you for these so-called solutions not working. You get tired of listening to all these great theories on how health really works, until you finally come to the conclusion that most if not all of these people have no idea what they're talking about, they don't know shit about health when it comes to someone who's health has been compromised like this.

Neither side- Modern medicine or alternative health - understands health and the diseases ravaging us. I say this with certainty because I have never seen any of them talk about the ones who made the weapons targeting our health to cause the effects they do. It gets to a point where you want to scream every time you hear someone telling you what you need to do to cure your problems, how to strengthen your immune system (which is off-grid and not working, so it does nothing to try and strengthen ineffective cells.) It comes down to the fact that we all like to think we know how the world and our bodies work, we are all so smart after all, but then the Great Mystery shows us that actually we have a lot to learn, and we know far less than we thought. It all seems to work work quite well and make a lot of sense, until you get some of the diseases yourself and find them to be much more resistant to treatment than the theory goes.

I am aware of what these health problems are at this point, but this was never clear to me until I had done years and years of research to uncover the research and its nature. The unfortunate part is, that it is not so easily cured, if at all. People need to understand that in the making of weapons, microbiology has been one of the favored channels for weapons, and they aimed to make weapons that are as incurable as possible. That's the cold hard reality here. Just because we can't see how extensive the damage is, doesn't mean it's easily fixable. Would you tell someone who lost a limb that they could grow a limb back by eating organic food and taking some natural cure? The same may be the case here, we only have one body, some damage is more extensive and harder to repair. It all comes down to the fact that we may have to learn how to live with some of our limitations, just as those without limbs learn to live with their limitations.

All of the origins on these weapons and the science of how they work were found in the most obscure of places, in many languages. The incapacitating agents cause attacks on the immune system, which brings on a systemic viral syndrome, resulting from an attack on the immune system itself, where part of the immune system is taken off-grid by para-infectious material effectively sabotaging the B-cells, causing Epstein-Barr Virus and other viruses to immortalize the B-cells, turning your immune cells into zombies and virus factories, throwing the body into disarray.

It is a condition called immune tolerance. It can happen from many causes, but the causes are typically para-infectious in nature. What makes this more complicated, is that immune tolerance will find a different expression in each person, so that no two are the same, an infinite variation results. You must think of the disease like the name implies, immune tolerance, it is the body being tolerized to harmful, toxic microbes and antigen, by suppressing the immune function to such an extent that it doesn't act to detoxify itself in the presence of these invaders. Also, there is a secondary effect on the central nervous system (CNS) called neurotropism, and many viruses reactivated in the condition of immune tolerance are neurotropic and attack the brain and nerves. Autism is one unfortunate form of neurotropism. Multiple sclerosis and ALS are others.

Immune Tolerance, the Greatest Imitator, by A. W. Finnegan

Furthermore, I have yet to find even one person; whether a doctor or scientist, who understands the history of this science or this war. I've come to find that much of our understanding of immunology and disease is backwards, upside down, or sideways, and I say this is true for the modern medical systems or science, as well as the alternative health. Also, the war is fought through intelligence channels, infiltration and sabotage, [1] so science can be tweaked in many ways by many interests, to make science appear one way, when it is another.

At this point, the way I feel about alternative health, is pretty damn close to how I feel about the New Age. In fact, they have a very similar naivete. The Alternative health movements don't understand how the body works, just like the New Age don't understand how the mind or Natural Law works. We are told that if we just eat all organic food and do these natural things to nourish our mutated genes and multiple-drug resistant viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal, and parasitic infections, our health will return. It all comes down to something called causality, and in the body these can be voluminous. Some effects of the cause are not so easily repaired.

Alternative health practitioners tell us that we should be pumping our bodies with probiotics, so-called good bacteria. However, I've found this idea of "good bacteria" to be a misnomer, and when you have a malfunctioned immune system, the so-called "good-bacteria" can be quite the opposite. You start pumping your body full of bacilli with a bad immune system, good luck when that turns against you. Indeed, I have come across many cases of septicemia from probiotic strains of Bacillus subtilis. [2] What makes it worse, is that Bacillus strains are able to turn into spores when they are under attack, much like anthrax, so if it ever turns on you, good luck getting rid of that problem. Furthermore, most if not all the probiotic strains of bacteria are genetically-modified, recombinant microorganisms, probably synthesized in a lab. [3]

Its the darnedest thing, because if you go down the organic food isles in food stores, you'll find a whole lot of them are full of added probiotics, synthesized, genetically-modified strains of probiotics. That's right, the so-called organic food is covered in strains of recombinant bacteria and microbes. Furthermore, how do we know that the so-called good gut bacteria is actually good at all, and not the result of bad practices gone horribly wrong.

Let me explain, starting in the late 1940s and early 1950s, we covered our entire country in layers of what we thought were harmless microbes in open-air tests. They were drills to simulate bioterror attacks, called simulant tests, and we thought these strains were harmless and do no harm to spray all over the place. What did we use? We used the bacteria that are often found in probiotics, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, and so on. It was called OPERATION LAC (Large Area Coverage), and there were many sub-projects within it. [4] Some people died and many more were hospitalized in the weeks following the spraying of these microbes in and around the areas of San Francisco, [5] but it is likely that many more cases or deaths went unacknowledged, since the Project SHAD investigation found that many of these probiotic-like strains of bacteria cause human infections, especially in the immunocompromised, [6] which many cases of immunodeficiency are never diagnosed as such. So how can we be sure that these microbes weren't the result of exposures rather than what should be naturally living in our body?

So, much later it was found these microbes were not so harmless, they can cause immune tolerance, just like many of the arthropod diseases can. What else can cause immune tolerance? Vaccines. [7] [8] In fact, I'd say that vaccines are the leading cause of immune tolerance. That is because the vaccines aren't imparting immunity to us, they are effectively burning out our immune systems so that the immune system just doesn't respond to harmful invaders, but instead of having an acute disease, you trade off to be plagued by slow, chronic health problems and cancers instead. Not only that, but many commercial lots of vaccines are contaminated by mycoplasma and carcinogenic Type C viruses, which cause cancer. [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] Nice trade off.

More complex, is it that in any given situation, however real or perceived, the special interest groups will find ways to implement their agendas in the face of any problem. For instance, I'm not for this mask-wearing law bullshit regardless of what threat we're faced with. Threats are everywhere, but if we are that worried, we should all be able to be responsible for ourselves, prepare or not prepare however we decide. Once you put that in the hands of state, of course it will be abused, and the kind of people running the state tells you all you need to know about what that will look like. People do want to actively harm you but people also want to spin any given crisis for their own benefit, so expect all truths to be obscured in the process.

Back to my diatribe against the current state of modern medicine and alternative health. We are not seeing the true scope of the situation. There are three major enemies of the body that can cause severe toxicity and permanent damage. Chemicals, radiation, and biological agents. All three have been a favored channel for weapons. There are many in the alternative health who focus only on the effects of chemicals and radiation, but fail to see that unkillable monsters in the room called weaponized microbes. These are vicious forms of life that survive in the most toxic of environments, and whatever you can throw at it is usually no match for it. They can do considerable damage to our genes and biological makeup, especially the immune system. The body is not always able to heal itself of these invaders. Spirochetes alone, can survive longer than 5 years in a tick without being fed anything. [14] It can survive in environments of arsenic and mercury, which is much more toxic to it than anything we can put into our body. [15] Very little reliable information on the actions of these kinds of infections and immune-damaging antigen exist, aside from a small few. [16]

"Microbes that can survive mercury and arsenic", by: A. W. Finnegan

The war against life on planet Earth is much more sinister than many can understand, and I can attest to this, because I live it every day. Some damage may be done to us that is beyond repair. But even then, we have no choice but to keep going, find ways around our limitations. I like solutions, but some problems are much more complicated than the solutions being put forward as is. The quicker we realize this, the quicker we can up our game, and the better approaches we can begin to put forward, and perhaps better solutions will some day make themselves known, but to live in a delusional reality will do far more severe damage than the sad realities we are now faced with.

[my interview with former-Pfizer biochemist and Lyme Disease activist, Kathleen Dickson]:

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