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Weight of the World: Hauling the Entropy of Moral Decay in a World of Darkness & Flawed Existence

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #Honesty #WillPower #NaturalLaw #TheGreatWork

Scorpion - A Symbol of Eternal Truth

If you've been treading on the long and arduous path of truth for considerable time, making sense of the world and all of its self-destructive magnitude, trying to teach and educate others, its a good chance you are feeling the unbearable frustration with life and the way things are going in the world at the end of 2020. Things are not well. I'm not talking about politics, as I'm not for statism or government, because both sides, Democrat and Republican, are equally working in opposition to human freedom and well-being. Entrenched power only grows one way, and that is to achieve more power and control over others. At any rate, the atmosphere of life at the close of 202o, for those trying to do the Great Work, the work of trying to inform, educate, and bring the world back into balance, has become a very real and tangible challenge in the face of entropy, stress, chaos, and disruption, weighing us down like bricks as we tread through the uphill battles of this long war.

The forces of good in this world are few and far between, it's definitely an uphill battle, and those few taking on the Work are holding up a lot of weight, taking a lot of personal sacrifice in attempt to benefit others. It is this commitment, with the personal struggles and sacrifices made, that truly make the Great Work, Great indeed. Furthermore, most people have such little care or concern for the truth, if it doesn't fit in their box of how the world should be like and the paradigms they are operating within. In fact, most of those that fit in this category will go well out of their way to trample the truth and attempt to stomp it out of the picture completely. This happens to be a large majority, unfortunately, and the ways of this world have become so ingrained into the minds of most, with the root of it all- money. status, ego, personal entertainment, moral relativism. This has become a way of life for most people.

This would be fine if not for the effect and toll it takes on society, the planet, and each individual. Living out of alignment with Truth and its tradition of Law, approaching life with amoral or immoral philosophies, lacking Care and respect for Natural Law, the way we keep this existence balanced in some level of peace and harmony. The abuse of Natural Law, used to manipulate and disrupt others, may give the appearance that the Laws of the universe operate on the side of evil, but it is only an illusion, a paradox, where the contradictions are not yet apparent. Time has not played itself out and fully atoned for the way in which it was misused by those responsible. This positional arrangement can be one of extreme frustration and stress for those trying to level the playing fields, but make no mistake, the forces of good are swimming against an unbelievable current of tides coming from a very dark ocean. It would be unrealistic to expect that this weight and struggle would not take its toll on the servants of Truth and Light, as there is an unbearable force of darkness that has enveloped the world this is all too apparent.

symbol of Direction in a world of Moral Decay
The Cardinal reminds us of our principal direction

Even those of us who know Natural Law, who understand the moral obligations we hold and strive for in all we do, at the end of the day, we are all still human and prone to its shortcomings. Through our Will, we strive for the ideals we preach, we do our best to practice everything we preach, but part of being a servant of Truth means being honest, and it can be said with all honesty that we occasionally get sidelined, lose our shit, feel hopeless and want to give up, get pulled under the water, so to speak. These are things that can and should be expected by any of those wishing to be a servant of Truth. Our Will is geared to the higher ideal and Work, which we refer to as the Great Work. We are not perfect and anyone who functions under that idea is delusional in their approach. That being said, the better we understand this stuff the better we can deal with it when it comes, the more smoothly we can run an imperfect existence. We have many obstacles in the physical realm that make doing the Great Work difficult.

Take myself, for example, I am chronically ill, I have chronic meningo-encephalitis, which is marked by constant, severe headaches that never dissipate. I have arthritis and joint pain all over, I am fatigued, I vomit frequently, I generally feel like shit every single day and I am in pain all of the time. There is also an added effect on my brain function and mood, because of the neurotropic nature of the disease. It can make me a short fuse and cause all sorts of psychological issues, where my frustration gets the best of me. This has been a major obstacle for me in doing the Great Work, but my Higher Self, my Will, has been a force that carries me through and I contribute to the Great Work however and whenever I am able to, because it is my ideal, my higher goal. Doing articles, videos, interviews, and things of that nature, are mediums I am able to use and produce content pretty easily, which is not too much for me to handle, whereas doing physical work in a typical dead-end job is too much on me. I've got my limits, I am human, and my health has been an obstacle for me for a good while now. The bright side is that I've become an avid reader and researcher over the years and I am able to do excellent work in the areas that I cover. I am lucky to have reached the point where the reality of what is going on in the world is not too overwhelming for me, even though I find it detestable.

Likewise, many of us who are not dealing with a chronic illness, still have a lot of stress to take on in this fight. For instance, some of us in the community of Natural Law are trying to expand and take on more responsibilities by running operations and new networks that reach larger audiences and give considerable more content at their disposal. There is a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes to make this happen. There is a lot of coordinating that takes place, and this can get stressful, things happen, things go wrong, not everyone sees eye to eye on every detail. This can get complicated and frustrating. We may find conflicts and differences with our teammates, we will have good and bad days. Its the way human beings work, we still have flaws, and we still struggle to keep everything running as smoothly as possible in the best interest of doing the Great Work. Even the spiritual initiate is still human. They are still affected by the same laws of human existence and behavior that make its nature what it is.

Occult organizations are certainly an example of this, as the hierarchy and structure of rank and status starts to give individuals responsibilities in maintaining the organization. This puts them in positions of power, and when this occurs, it feeds the ego, and while they may have been taught about the ego and how it can do this, it still happens where people get too caught up in it and are not as in control of it as they'd like to be. One may see the drama that goes on within them and think they may not be as spiritually and morally perfected as they thought, but this is so because they are still human, and still prone to falling to its effects. They are usually able to function at a higher level than the typical group of people who are unaware of Natural Law and and who do not study its practice, but they are still human and fall to some its shortcomings. This can be exceptionally the case with those who study and understand it but use it for power and manipulation.

What Natural Law does, is that it teaches us the inner mechanics of these behaviors and processes, so that, while we can't expect to be perfect, we can strive to do our best in all we do, we can try to make the process smoother, to have more control over our reactions or how we handle things, we can find healthier ways of dealing with the bad. We can nurture our Will to be more strong and powerful against the forces of entropy and darkness that are immersing the planet. Maintaining that animalistic will, while serving in the interest of the Higher Will, is what Natural Law helps to understand and teach us. The Will is an incredible force, it teaches us the need for those lower energies and how we can use them for productivity and honing into that war-like energy we need to go up against the tidal waves of darkness and entrenched power that enslave rather than empower its fellow humans.

As I stated in my prior article, This Means War: The Mysterious, Aggressive, Powerful Force of Heavy Metal Music, these lower energies are certainly with us for a reason, and music can be an excellent tool to tune into those lower energies and use it for ambition in your work, whatever your work may be. For example, when I write my posts or anything that doesn't involve me on camera where I have to speak and be heard clearly, I will have heavy metal music playing on my stereo. There is a definite need for this war-like energy, to give us the vitality to go up against the evils we're facing in the world. In that sense, we actually use that low, dark energy, but its what we use it for that makes it 'good' or 'evil.' I would here define evil as a perversion of Natural Law, it would be those lower, dark energies used to hurt others, manipulate, and consolidate control, that I consider "evil".

Anyway, back to the main point of the article, it is to show that just because we have or are going through the process of spiritual, esoteric, and occult initiation, it does not mean we will be this New Age idea of Ascended Masters who have no imperfections. We are and will still be human after learning Natural Law, as it is also something that has to be nurtured and practiced continuously, and at the end of the day, we can only do our best.

We'll still have our quirks, we'll still have our flaws, our good days and bad days, our short tempers, our health problems, and so on. We may get pulled under the water at times, we may fall off somewhat, but the Will we put into the Great Work, if strong and persistent enough, will continue and keep you on track each time, it will become your larger goal, your bigger picture, and ideal at all times, it will be the work that transcends your personal existence. It is not about how we end up before we perish, how we leave this planet, the ways we fucked up or fell off the tracks here or there, had conflicts or fights with others, it is truly about the work we put in and what we contributed while we were here, and especially that which we leave behind to be immortalized.

"It matters not how or why or when we leave this life, but the work we put in and left behind will define the breadth of who you and why you came here. We cannot escape the decay of life, but we can leave behind the immutable truth of who we are." - The Scorpion

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