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Weaving the Work of the Warrior's Web: Symbolism, Archetypal Invocation & the Fabric of Potentiality

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #Symbolism #Archetypes #DivineInspiration #InnerFire #Scorpion

Alchemical Symbols of the Great Work
Scorpion symbol by A. W. Finnegan

In weaving the web of physical reality we may appear to be functioning in the role of the conscious mind only, however, things are not always as they seem. The subconscious mind plays a passive but core, fundamental role in the active matrix of physical reality. It is constantly at work communicating with the conscious mind, and the conscious and subconscious minds of others. The subconscious mind is like a spiritual, esoteric liaison between the Most High and the profane, exoteric Self. It speaks a language of symbolism and archetypal realities, core components, corresponding by analogy and allegory through essential qualities. This can include shapes, colors, objects, plants, insects, animals, to more complex arrangements like myths, legends, and beyond. These forms act as symbols and archetypal realities of corresponding, essential qualities. Many of our interactions with the Divine and its operative role in the physical reality come to us in the form of symbols. Symbolism is the language of the Divine and through the interpretation by analogy, exerts its influence on this reality and the inspiration it brings forth.

The understanding and acceptance of archetypal realities and symbolic reference does not necessarily imply an ideology of atheistic belief. On the contrary, it supports a very real spiritual, Divine Presence that can be accepted as a more cohesive reality, interactive with the physical realm and its inhabitants using the tools of symbolic imagery and archetypal significance. It is perhaps the manifestation of the non-physical, Divine Spirit taking form and communication through this symbolic language. The use of symbolism is an art of analogy and correspondences. When the symbolic language is understood, we have the ability to draw influence and vital energy from it to cause change in the physical domain, in the form of inspiration, ambition, or drive.

Symbolic language has been with us since the beginning of time. All cultures and societies in recorded history have employed the use of symbols to communicate aesthetic or influential ideas. Symbols exert a direct influence on the conscious and subconcious minds. Even the use of letters to form words, sentences, and paragraphs, are but the arrangement of symbols to form systematic reference points to other ideas from life experience and understanding, and the subconscious mind is at work here too.

When there is an intention to use symbols or archetypes for effects in the physical reality, this system can be used for various purposes. Symbols and Archetypes combined with intention or Will, can be a source of active influence or coding to the subconscious mind, to declare your intentions to the Higher Self, through the subconscious mind to process and implement, to influence and accomplish change in accordance with the Heart or Will, and it is in this light that we can draw vital energy from the Divine for an active effect in the real world. It demands an intention, focus, and finally, forgetting, to allow the subconscious mind to process and effect the aspects in which there is no direct control or ability to affect change in the active, physical sense.

It is in the ignorance of understanding an intentional communication of symbols against those whose conscious mind is unaware of and unable to interpret this applied effort of symbolism, having been used in such a way as to manipulate and exploit them. When this is done, it is like a joke that "goes over one's head," but in specific ways can influence them to be more favorable to the ways in which they are manipulated. This does not make symbols and their use evil, in and of themselves, they are just a tool for the intentions we seek to make reality, and this is a power that can be misused.

As I mentioned in a prior article, Electric Archetypes: The Symbolic Charge of Revitalization in the Age of Chaos & Discord, it is important to recharge and draw vital energy from that which you feel aligned with or inspired by, driven to the fight of the Great Work, to be a force of great power, strength, agility, intelligence, and Will-power. While this article was focus on taking time for oneself and recharging, this current article builds and expands on this concept to incorporate those symbols into the active battles we fight in life. Find the symbolic or archetypal energies that inspire or fill you with spiritual strength, and these energies will be like the figurative armor and drive for the spiritual battles in which we are engaged. Knowing the language of symbolism is an integral, valuable set of knowledge to incorporate into the warrior's path of Truth, Freedom, and Natural Law.

The world's civilization has been in steady decline for a long while, and if there is to be any restoration of balance, freedom, and peace on planet Earth, the Divine Intelligence needs to manifest itself in great numbers, which can only come from within each of us, channeled into the Great Work, and willing to do the Work of preserving Truth and countering the forces of darkness that envelope the world in very dark and threatening ways. It can be a source in which you build yourself to be the indomitable human spirit manifest within us all, a warrior who integrates the spiritual realm into the mental and active physical domain, filled with the glory of Divine Presence and the Wrath and Fiery Passion of Motivation. The spiritual realms exist to be incorporated into the active physical reality, rather than an escape to avoid dealing with this one.

A Tale of Archetypal Invocation: The Symbolism of the Emperor Scorpion

To explain how symbols can be used to affect the physical domain I will use an example of symbolic influence that has come into my life when I started the Garden of Great Work. It came to me in a dream, and the dream was that I got up from my bed and walked over to my desk and on my desk I saw what looked like a big funnel web, and something black moving about within it. At first, I thought it was a big black spider, but then it surfaced and came out, and I realized it was a big black emperor scorpion, I was somewhat afraid but also in awe of its magnificence, and suddenly it jumped up in the air as though it was being catapulted from an explosion, and I turned to run and I felt it land on the bottom of my spine on my back, but it did not sting me, but just as soon as this happened, I suddenly woke up. I made a mental note to myself to look into the symbolism of the emperor scorpion when I awoke later, because I went back to sleep shortly thereafter. 

In doing an interpretation of symbols or animals one encounters in a dream, one should setup some time to research and understand it for oneself. The problem with quick dream interpretation using internet search engines is that first, its not always accurate information, and secondly, dream interpretation is not a one-size fits all, and for different people the message can be of a different nature. It can have varying degrees of context and meaning, based on the personality of the person. The best way to interpret the symbolic meaning is to draw from your intuition and use that as a guide in your research of the symbol, and when gathering the meaning of its symbolism, gather information from a wide net of different sources and amass them in one place. Next, using the intuition from your dream or life occurrence, attempt to weave the interpretation together, take time to reflect and let it come to you. 

In my case, I found that while many sites indicate the black emperor scorpion in a dream is a bad omen, I did not have this feeling about my own. It was a magnificent creature, even though I’ve had a fear of scorpions my whole life, I felt a sense of awe and respect for it. I came to the conclusion that not only was it not a bad omen, but rather a very important, benevolent, and Divine Omen from the immutable Laws of Truth and Natural Law.

For one, scorpions have remained unchanged for millions of years, because it has what it needs to sustain itself from its inception, so it uses this established tradition, and this brings an association with timeless wisdom and immutable Truth, having lived a simple traditional life for millions of years. 

The emperor scorpion is a nocturnal creature, but not an aggressive predator, it eats insect pests, which is beneficial to the environment, but it does not need a hefty diet, it can eat every few days or several times a week, and this symbolizes discipline and balance, and does the least amount of harm it needs to survive, which brings an association with Natural Law in diet. Overall, the emperor scorpion is gentle and non-threatening, unless provoked and threatened by nocturnal predators, so there is an association with kindness, but also self-defense, standing up for oneself. The hard exoskeleton that envelopes its body is also representative of wearing the armor of self-preservation and protection. The emperor scorpion moves gracefully and with precision using its senses, representing grace and sharp mental focus. It has poor eyesight, so uses its hairs and claws to feel and sense its environment, this brings an association with intuition and Heart.  

Because it is mainly a solitary creature, it has rulership over and governs itself, which represents Anarchy, or Self-ownership, but when a mother emperor scorpion has babies she will take them on her back and vigorously protect them against any threat, she feeds them part of her meals, and it is this factor that represents the protection of the young and vulnerable against the vicious predators and harsh elements of a cold, dark world. 

The emperor scorpion can go a year without food in some cases, and has been known to fast, bringing with it a reference to an aesthetic life. It can also regulate and greatly alter its metabolism and body to withstand either extreme heat or extreme cold. This represents adaptability and ability to withstand adversity. Its nocturnal nature, to traverse the dark amidst many predatory threats with a sense of calm and composure represents the ability to be fearless in the face of darkness and adversity. 

The emperor scorpion sheds its exoskeleton many times over throughout its lifetime, it is a stressful and vulnerable process, but each time it molts a new, more durable exoskeleton. This symbolically represents the journey of Truth, having to reshape our worldview and understanding of the world many times over, and like the shedding of the scorpion’s exoskeleton, it is a painful, vulnerable process, but we persevere and live on with tougher skin and mentally stronger. 

There was also another strange thing that occurred from the inspiration this archetypal symbol or creature was having in my life, as it began to grow, my fear of them became less and less pronounced, to the point of considering that I might raise and care for an emperor scorpion as a pet someday. I had actually seen this many years ago, when I was a young adult. I was with a friend and we went to some girl's house, and she had a pet emperor scorpion, she held it on her hand and let it crawl up and down her arm, and it was so calm and gentle as it peacefully crawled up and down her arm and hand, it seemed so calm and non-threatening. Recently, I watched a handful of videos on emperor scorpions by pet owners who handled them. I spent time observing its nature and came to understand them as kind, gentle creatures. It brought up an important Truth, that these little creatures were not the monsters I had feared them to be. There was a very literal aspect of facing my own fears within this spontaneous influence I had come across.

The scorpion’s two claws and tail are like the hands of a clock, with the two main hands as the two claws and the long third hand that moves the seconds as the scorpion’s tail, representing time or the Saturn energy, which represents the hands of Karma. It reminds us that what we put our time and energy into is what we will ultimately see manifest. If it is aimless and lacks effort, the vice will play itself out accordingly. There is also an association with the Hindu Goddess Kali, for the number of legs and arms the scorpion has, and its association to Time and Saturn.

I wear a scorpion necklace and draw inspiration from the symbolism of the emperor scorpion, because it serves as a link to all of these listed qualities or associations in one symbol. When I use the symbol in graphics or wear it as a pendant, I invoke these powers within me, to be a source of internal strength in a dark world full of predatory threats, yet remaining fearless to traverse the landscape with grace and confidence.

The Fire of Symbolism: An Archetypal Armor in a Spiritual War

This is just one example of many within the archetypal realm of symbolism. One should build these associations based on the journey and what we are naturally drawn to or called to, not because someone else suggested it or uses it. Form your own associations to the inspirational realm of symbols and archetypes that you choose to work with, focus on them and allow them to become a part of you as a source of strength in your journey doing the Great Work. 

Understanding symbolism, how it can be used, misused, and its language of communication with the subconscious mind is an integral and highly useful skill set to have. We can then interpret and express ourselves on a deeper, more abstract level, and it is this channel of influence that allows us to draw influence from the spiritual realm to be used in the active physical reality. When we begin to understand the subconscious mind and its integration with our conscious reality, we become more than our physical body and mind. We begin to operate on a higher level, with a higher intelligence. We begin to understand our unlimited potential, that we are much more than we ever thought possible. We begin to level the playing field of occulted realities that have been used against us for far too long...

Scorpion Symbol of Truth and the Great Work of Natural Law

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