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Thorns of Compensation: When Evil Bleeds the Hearts of the Overly Compassionate

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #DivineLaw #Occult #Philosophy #Discernment #Discipline

Protection Charms for the Great Work

This article is necessary to explain the harsh reality of consequence underlying excessive compassion in today's society. I do not write this out of contempt or ridicule of compassionate people, but rather out of Care for them. Consider this "Tough Love," first, because sometimes we need to take firm positions to break through to some people living in a blinded reality, and second, because knowing this and accepting its premise will indeed make you tougher.  We all have improvements to make, I am no exception, so there is no need to feel singled out or take this overly personal. With that said, I am certainly not saying that traits like compassion or kindness are bad traits, they are wonderful traits, but when they run amok in excess and unchecked as often as they appear to be today, they can lead us to some very unhealthy places. It stands to reason that anything in excess is unhealthy, balance is a necessary part of our existence.

I do this to help those who are way too kind to everyone, because their excessive kindness ends up being taken for granted and seen as a weakness by others who unfortunately seek to manipulate or exploit them. The manipulators do this for selfish gratification and with oftentimes deceptive or outright cruel ulterior motives. Someone has to stand up for these folks, since it seems that those stuck in this belief system would not dare to venture beyond it without a clear and present active influence. It is clear that certain belief systems have pulled the wool over many eyes in endlessly promoting this clever deception as an exclusive path to salvation.

Take a look at the world, it is not getting any nicer, but so many live by this New Age construct that everyone needs only kindness, to put out excessive compassion and avoid any dark undertones or "negative" energies. New Age systems are more popular today than ever, and the excessive promotion of loving, overcompassionate belief systems and its respective demeanor, in theory, should be making this world a better place, right? Yet, the opposite seems to be a more accurate reflection. The New Age has expanded to such a degree, along with drug cultures that promote destruction of the ego as a way to cultivate more compassion for our fellow humans, without realizing that a select handful find them as an easy target and actively scheme to use this to their advantage, against the victims who blindly follow it. The problem in standing up to evil is hardly about compassion, but about courage and active force against it.

It does not mean one needs to kill their compassion, it just needs to be used selectively, disciplined and adapted for those whose excessive kindness ends up attracting so many manipulative and psychopathic individuals who seek to take advantage of and manipulate the overcompassionate hearts in ways that cause the overly compassionate needless suffering and, indeed, harsh lessons to learn.

Therefore, we can continue to practice kindness and compassion to those who are respectful to us, but what I am saying here is that we need to learn to craft ourselves in a way that we can identify and stand up to those who seek to dominate us by taking advantage of our kindness as a weakness they can exploit. It is the very reason why such overly compassionate people tend to draw unhealthy, manipulative people to them, who seek to exploit those who cultivate a purification or concentration of kindness, compassion, and innocence.

As I've stated in previous articles/videos, such as  Inner Darkness & the Power it Holds: The Truth About Anger, Ego, and "Negative" Energies,  the "negative" forces within us have a definitive purpose. We need them for our very survival. We need anger, ego, and low energies for certain aspects and life situations, but we need to learn how to master them as to avoid the pitfalls of letting them cross into aspects of our life where it causes us destruction or harm. In other words, we need to practice discernment as to when we need to employ such energies. Like anything, it is a discipline that takes some practice. These lower forms are a shadowy side of us, they can cause our lives and personal relationships great destruction if we are not in control of them, but when mastered and held in check, such energies can shape us for the better and be a source of great strength and empowerment.

If we look at these ideas in an honest manner, we will soon find that being overly compassionate in every situation can not only hurt ourselves, but the other party. That is to say, it is not always the manipulative people out there that use our overly compassionate traits for unhealthy ends, but also those who use it as a crutch to avoid standing up and doing what needs to be done.

Trials and Tribulations of the Great Work

Here is an example, let's say two people are in a relationship, both are unhappy, but one is overly compassionate and the other is too insecure to venture off on their own, and uses the other as a crutch to avoid their insecurities, even when remaining in the relationship causes their life stagnancy and a general lack of progress or growth, and this also holds true for both parties involved. They remain miserable because they perceive venturing off as too threatening or fearful. Likewise, the overly compassionate person in the relationship, stays with the other person out of overcompassion and "feeling sorry" for the other individual.  In the process, the overly compassionate person enables the other individual to continue using them as a crutch and therefore both do not move beyond the confines of this unhealthy prison. The overly compassionate factors involved do not heal or help either one of the parties involved, but actually make things progressively worse for both. It eventually leads to the imminent destruction for both when all is said and done. This will always hold true.

Some situations call for us to be direct and not beat around the bush about things. That is to say, those who want to remain in this state of self-imposed delusion will take offense because they don't want to face the reality, but that is not a reason to pollute them with untruth and tell them what they want to hear. Our kindness can and does work against us in situations such as this. We don't want to offend those who want a sugar-coated view of reality, and when we give them such responses, they take it as reinforcement or justification of their unhealthy outlooks and behaviors.

One will oftentimes find that people who take quick offense or become "triggered" by those speaking an inconvenient truth, are oftentimes doing it because they inherently know they are avoiding a truth they don't want to face, finding the one who points it out as the perfect scapegoat in the matter. In contrast to this, those who know in their heart they are living Truth, are not easily "triggered" into conflict when others speak untruth because they aren't at war with themselves when they know it is the other party who has it wrong. They can agree to disagree, without having to jump on the opportunity to call the other party every name in the book.

However, when another party initiates relentless and oftentimes ruthless attacks on those speaking Truth, there comes a time when passivity and even agreeing to disagree has outlived its usefulness. When these deceptive and dirty tricks find continuous employment against defenders of Truth, those aligned with Truth are right to stand up and become brutally vicious to the lies and liars that seek to destroy Truth. It is a very simple notion of self defense. It would follow that someone who had no intention to employ violence, would have no other choice if the opposition decided to cease diplomatic approaches and enter into the realm of all-out-war, physically and mentally. In cases such as this, a protector of Truth has little to no option otherwise but to respond with equal opposite force, to act in Self-defense. 

Evil and lies can be a bold force to counter, but there indeed comes a time for the side of Good to become hardened against the side of evil. It remains to be said, that the side of Truth and Goodness would do itself a huge favor by tuning itself into the Dark Will, that is, the unceasing, fiery and intense focus of standing up for Good, with the same fiery intensity that evil and hatred has for Goodness. It is not to say we ought to start acting in deceptive ways or employ dirty tricks, lest we become the very evil we fight in the process, but that Goodness needs to have an edge to stand up against evil in ways that are impenetrable and fierce.

The imbalances of this chaotic world are quickly finding manifestation and action against the compassionate and kind hearts of the world. It is an unfortunate truth, and unless an equal opposite force acts in the service of Goodness, Goodness will be trampled and murdered with all its kindness and compassion, under the swift blade of deception and evil. When I speak of evil, I am talking about untruth, lies, cruel actions against innocence because of those who refuse to take accountability for their own problems and instead seek revenge against Goodness because of a self-imposed grudge against both innocence and those living Truth. The truly empowered do not need to seek revenge or blame, as revenge is most oftentimes sought from a place of inferiority. It is an obvious sign of weakness to act in this accord, but Truth must stand up and remain like an immovable stone in the face of lies and those holding contempt for Truth.

The time is now for good people to stand up, to come full-circle with who they are, to respect themselves enough to say no to those who seek to exploit their kindness as a weakness for gaining an advantage over them. They need to declare war on those who continuously disrespect and trample on their kindness. It is a tragedy to see all the kind souls of the world being stepped on, their innocence being overrun by the spiritually bankrupt manipulators, for the simple fact that the compassionate souls have sequestered away and suppressed their ego and self-worth, symbolized as the Sacred Masculine principle (for more on this, see my article, (Stairway to Heaven: The Seven Steps of Hermetic Intelligence and its Forgotten Eighth Principle). Good can only triumph over evil when it reclaims its empowerment and strength. Likewise, Good can certainly have an edge against evil and still be pure in spirit. Indeed, evermore powerful than the evils of Untruth. This can only happen, however, in the face of action. It has to be a choice, directed with the Will-Power to say, Truth is valuable enough to fight for, and act accordingly...

Stand up, awaken, attune yourself to your own inner darkness...

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