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This Road Less Traveled…

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan

With the gift of Free Will, comes the ability to choose. Either we blaze our own path and follow our own Will to the life we choose, or, like the vast majority, we sign ourselves over to a system that decides the art for us. While it is true that there is really nothing new under the Sun, the intricate art of weaving the pieces of life together in our own individual way becomes the work of our Destiny. If we are to live this life as the work of art it truly is, do we paint original pieces, or do we emulate and copy a style already well-known and accepted as safe? Do we write our own lines and arrangement of ideas, or do we memorize it from someone else to be regurgitated as our own?

The trials & tribulations of the Great Work
Broken hearts, by: A. W. Finnegan

To walk on our own means that what we do may or may not be accepted or understood. We may struggle greatly. We may be scorned, we may be praised, there are no guarantees. Risk is the razor-blade that cuts the weak and fearful away from the brave and courageous. The Modern Age is a polarization of dividing lines, splitting the masses to the left or to the right. The contrast of our cultures appear to present a world in black and white. Either you are on one side, or its polar opposite. Thesis vs. Antithesis. This is the slow destruction to the path of individualism and the division of its larger whole.

Most people fail to see that there is a third way, and it consists of the individual to utilize elements on both sides to weave a unique pattern to express that which is at the Heart of our being, to walk the path we decided was ours when we took control of that Fate. If we are to live and find expression in this Universe in the likeness of our Creator, it would be our rightful obligation to think for ourselves. It would be our rightful inheritance to utilize that freedom of choice.

While we must think for ourselves and act according to our own path, we will still find ourselves bound by the spiritual gravity of Natural Law, or Cause and Effect. Morality is not relative and the choice to act in its opposition will always bring the equal opposite reaction to its action. It does not matter if you think it is evil or not when you make destructive choices, but you will invariably find a reaction that makes life more difficult when you act on harmful tendencies.

What goes up must come down. To swim against this current is a battle fought in vain. You cannot escape Natural Law, that is, the spiritual laws of the Universe, no matter how Satanic or unbound by the Creator you think you are, you are still bound to the laws of this Universe, which is in its essence, some call God, Goddess, or the ultimate reality and life-giving drive underlying all things.

In the same sense, to deny the darkness , the absence of light, also brings a reaction which leads to delusion and suffering. This existence has both light and dark energies in its creation and they all have a purpose, but its how those energies are channeled which inherit the terms “good” and “evil.” Anger can be a very good thing when used properly, to motivate and better oneself. The dark energies have a place here, no matter how much the New Age narratives tell you otherwise. They serve a purpose and many times this is a purpose of survival and overcoming obstacles.

The restriction to function within the confines of Natural Law only serves to keep everyone accountable for the choices they make. Be yourself, but do no harm. You are a balance of light and dark energies, use them wisely. Express your thoughts and ideas, but do not try to force your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas on others. Aside from self defense, do not act with to harm or injure, or you will pay a price one way or another.

To accept only your own way of doing this only or to claim your individual path as the only truth for everyone else is the soil in which a cultural poison takes root. Let others go their own way, whether you think they are right or wrong. Put out your message or work and allow it to resonate and inspire others who find it. Every individual path will be different, and no two the same. Each will find a time to flourish, rejoice and reunion. each will find decay, falter and stray. But what if this is supposed to be a part of the process? Many are the roads that lead to the Heavens. Some are much more painful than others, and it is in this light that we do the Great Work, to help influence the world to choose the path of Truth, so it is much less painful and out of balance.

Don't change who you are for anybody, or you do not respect yourself. You can learn from many, and change those things that you wish to change or make progress in, but don’t let anybody tell you how you’re supposed to be as an individual. Don’t compromise who you are to appease someone else, especially in relationships, or they will be the chains that forever weigh you down. Learn to cut away those threads that connect you to people who don’t appreciate or accept you for who you are, and this is where letting go of the ego comes in handy. Become like water, formless and able to adapt to new scenery, even those that lack everything you held to be sacred. This is where darkness can be the catalyst to push you off the cliff of co-dependencies and old ways of coping with life.

To become an individual you must think for yourself, be original, and also you must study life and learn from it. You should read books on topics far and wide, search to find the Mystery of Life for yourself. Read about history, occultism, psychology, ancient civilizations, wars, epidemiology, sociology, criminology, and all in between. It is like a tapestry you yourself must weave, with the individual gift of Free Will.

Do not take all your wisdom from one person or influential figure. This is the biggest mistake one can make in being an individual, because you end up regurgitating their ideas, more or less copying them, and you don’t have the beauty of learning through your own eyes and at your own discernment. Not to mention, many of these figures have ulterior motives and in this age of political agendas and misinformation, you will likely get taken for a long ride by clever lies and sneaky manipulation.

The polarization to align with one side or another is the beginning of the end for the individual. To draw divisions between everything or everyone, inevitably it leads to discrimination, disharmony and discord. To side with one or the other end of the spectrum, gives the illusion that there are only two sides. This is very clear in politics today, but it also infests almost any other movement or aspect of culture or religions. To side with one side and deny the other means you also lose all the potential tools the entire spectrum has to offer. The implication is that one can draw from both opposing forces to take control and go forward.

So many things in this world today have been politically weaponized. Information has become so twisted and intertwined with ulterior motives that many cannot tell which is true from false, because the mainstream media and the alternative media are usually both manipulating truth this way or that, it is called obfuscation and spin. They seek to obscure the truth by two false narratives. There are many differing agendas at work in today’s world, and they usually are not in your best interest.

I don't get caught up in the divisive narratives from news or politics, it only serves as data to my studies and research that is ongoing and draws from a wide net of sources and data to understand the world. Politics is nothing but a distraction and most of the mainstream and even alternative media puts out a misleading picture, which is why you must research for yourself, using the Trivium Method and understanding causality. In the causality of where we are at today, politics, bureaucracy, and governments are a major portion of the problem.

That being said, if we want to change the world, we need to have a foundation to start from, and that foundation must start and come from within. We are to practice self-awareness and being able to let go of ego when and where it suits us. This is what the study of Natural Law brings to an individual, the ability to operate from different aspects of Self. We can learn to admit when we make mistakes, we can be honest with ourselves, even when our ego wants to shut it out. I am not where I want to be yet and I have plenty of work to do to get to where I want to go, but I can be thankful that I have so many of the right tools for making the right decisions, even when they are very hard mentally. Through the study and practice of Natural Law, we learn to step out of the ego at those difficult times and make the most rational and right decisions, rather than the easier ones that feed an emotional need or desire but ultimately become destructive choices.

The goal is to build your dreams, to live a meaningful life, and do what you can to help others along the way. Sometimes the biggest help is just to give your insight into all the things you’ve learned along the way. In whatever field you enter and master, you can always give back just by conveying your experience and advice. Those listening can take what they like and leave what they don’t need. Also, we can devote our time to the Greater Good by promoting and teaching Natural Law and moral responsibility. We can show others where they are being deceived and always serve Truth, even when it is extremely unpopular. The promotion of Truth and doing our part to serve it in the larger context is what doing the Great Work is all about.

You must learn to nurture yourself and who you are as a person, or you will never be of much help to make a positive contribution to this world. You cannot make much of a difference in this world until you own your problems and learn the foundations and principles of self-awareness, self-responsibility, to learn the laws of your mind and how it works. Until that time you will forever struggle to and fro at the mercy of emotion, ego, and life’s chaotic angles.

Put the work in to get to what you want in life, to own your problems, mentally and emotionally. Learn your strengths and flaws. Yes I said flaws. How can you improve if you don’t accept or understand your own weak points? No one wants to admit when they screwed up or when they are wrong about something. But it is a fundamental principle in overcoming obstacles and bettering yourself. We are all human, we all make mistakes, so just own it and move forward. Once you overcome them, it is no longer part of you, see?

This is just one of many concepts within Natural Law. It is always hard at first, sometimes very hard, but the work pays off in unimaginable ways. It gives you the tools you need when your life comes to a fork in the road and you have to choose. One may be an easier path but ultimately destroy you, and the other may be a more difficult path, but eventually lift you up to the kingdom of triumph. The amount of work is the same, but one road pays off while the other drags you down. Most don’t want to put work in and get what they deserve. This is why I call it a Road Less Traveled….

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