The Windows of Medical Mayhem and Science Dystopia

Updated: Jan 20

The Current Age of Weaponized Health Systems in a Society Blinded by Ignorance & Deception

By: A. W. Finnegan

The current age of science and medicine in Western countries and the greater world has seen a rapid acceleration and consolidation of its power in the hopes to control the health decisions of all people across the globe, superimposing its authority and control to be the authoritative decision-maker on health choices for every human being on the planet. [1] Such consolidation of control is already implying the use of force to impose its agenda to enforce how we are to maintain our health and well-being regardless of our concerns and objections. [2]

The World Health Organization (WHO) global health initiative that seeks to impose its totalitarian medical authority on the world already has unquestioning compliance by state and federal governments. [3] This is not surprising, since its partners in the corporate pharmaceutical firms operating as monopolistic enterprises and corporate combines have thoroughly merged with state and federal public health systems and secured contracts for biodefense programs in nearly every nation state and government. [3] [4] These monopolies have continued to wield a position of dominance in every facet of the science, medical, and academic communities across the globe, with the ability to steer and direct the discussion, setting the trends and taboos on what is acceptable and what is not in the medical and scientific landscape of today. [5] Many legitimate forms of harm are able to be ridiculed and ignored based on false tenets of science that refuse to address the multitudes of harm and injury its own system and technologies can produce. [6] It is a political correctness bias that favors politics and profit instead of health and well-being, even going so far to admit its own political correctness if it fosters an approach to inventions that bring a higher profit margin. [7]

The political climate of today's science and medicine is rooted in the unrestricted rise of corporate monopolies concerned with profit, [8] while their counterparts in government or global health organizations are driven by political endpoints. [9] Between the two one can find an entanglement of state secrets, scandals, and intelligence wars between governments that overlap at least a century or more of biological research and severely affect the health and well-being of entire populations. [10] In the process of fighting these wars, governments have turned to the NGOs and corporate world to perpetuate concealment and conduct clandestine operations, bringing with it an atmosphere ripe for blackmail and deceit. [11] [12]

A system of such vast authority as the World Health Organization (WHO) and its pharmaceutical partnerships has built today's science and medicine on the two pillars of profit and politics to supersede basic human rights as a dangerous empire feigning humanitarianism but work in direct opposition to health and well-being. [13] The definition of human rights within these systems has been cleverly redefined to exclude consideration for personal health decisions and only the right to access healthcare services by the public health monopoly who claims to be the arbitor of truth in science, medicine, health, and well-being, while the word accountability is frequently used to shame and ridicule those who do not want medical treatments or vaccines from these medical dictators before being declared threats and labeled as irresponsible people. [14]

The tragedies of man's history and the rulership by corporate empires and governments in the past have brought mankind some very hard lessons to learn about the nature of power and its threat to the well-being of any society. [15] The value of freedom and the knowledge of our inherent natural rights are principles we can never lose sight of. Our inherent natural rights and their maintenance are core principles we are to live by and guard with our lives if they are to be kept, as Benjamin Franklin once said, "A Republic, if you can keep it." [16]

Core principles serve as a solid foundation that all other values are then built upon. Attempts by large corporate bodies and political organizations to usurp these basic human rights is a red flag that cannot be ignored if our natural inherent rights are to be maintained. [17] Although the past century in Western countries has been more uneventful than most other times and kingdoms in mankind's long and bloody history, the landscape of our current reality is changing quickly and abruptly as its freedom is being usurped by global authorities that answer to none higher, they investigate the claims of their own misconduct and also act as its presiding special prosecutor and judge. [18]

Imagine a global authority whose personnel is given impunity to any punishment and answers to no one when misconduct arises from their internal disregard for human rights and moral responsibility. [19] Consequences and the subsequent events that arise from such negligence for human rights is going to come as a hard lesson to the complacent, arrogant minds that thought it could never happen to America or Western societies. [20]

The nature of such a dominant authority superimposing its political agenda founded on pillars of profiteering and politics work in opposition to health and well-being, [21] while untold harm has already been playing out for decades despite its pretentious claim to protect health and well-being of all people. Such dominant authority will follow with exponentially more unrestricted abuses of power and systemic human rights violations. [22] Left to its own device, the corruption and excess of power and control will devastate human life, culminating in mass events of tragedy and crimes against humanity on a magnitude perhaps multitudes higher than the Jewish Holocaust. [23] There will be no checks and balances to stop global powers now usurping the rights of every human being across the Western nations and greater world as it tramples human rights and freedom in favor of a global authority with absolute impunity from punishment or penalty for any harm caused in the process. [24]

Using the declared global pandemic that brought us COVID-19, World powers acting through global health organizations and corporate monopolistic enterprises of science and medicine are working alongside state governments in public health systems to fast-track draconian public health measures and vaccine mandates that effectively seize the rights of each individual to make informed health choices in the face of superimposed measures that come at considerable risk of harm and death. [25] [26] These usurping powers are quickly overriding our most basic fundamental rights and personal decision-making abilities on our own health and well-being, a right that is of the most personal and basic of individual rights imparted to us at birth. Such rights are the most basic, essential and fundamental human rights inherently given to us in life, and its violation is defined in the Nuremberg Code, [27] among other international laws that safeguard humans from forced treatments, vaccines, and experimentation against their will and without informed consent. [28]

However, beyond merely the libertarian aspects, some of the proposed health measures cited to protect everyone else can also cause considerable harm or even death to the individual, [29] and with a public health system that has decided to use fraud and dishonesty for decades to silence chronic disease and post-vaccinal injury, there is serious and warranted cause for distrust of the system claiming it only wants to protect health and well-being of all. [30]

These proposed draconian measures citing health concerns as its primary motivation functions on an erroneous paradigm of immunology that suggests only those who are visibly sick and unvaccinated can transmit disease, while vaccine recipients are considered germ-free. This was disproven by the life work of Erich Traub who demonstrably proved that antibody response is not a reliable marker of immunity or the absence of disease. [31]

This faulty paradigm has been used for political and profit-driven agendas that falsely declare that we all have an unquestionable obligation to get vaccinated to protect everyone else from perceived threats of disease, using fear and ridicule to bully society into total compliance. [32] It suggests vaccine-induced antibodies are the only acceptable solution while also ignoring naturally-acquired antibody response in which the vaccines are attempting to simulate. [33]

Many Americans and people in Western populations are physically over-burdened and disabled by chronic diseases and neurological problems, [34] and it is risky and contraindicative to give vaccines to those with underlying health problems and immunosuppression. [35] Vaccines containing toxic para-infectious material and chemicals that strain and already strained biology can be detrimental to health and well-being, they come with substantial risks not admitted by the public health monopoly. [36] When death and permanent injury are realistic possibilities, the use of force and lack of informed consent to coerce people into compliance with mandatory vaccinations is a crime against humanity defined in the Nuremberg Code and a violation of human rights. [37]

This author can attest to hearing overwhelming personal testimonies that show the COVID-19 vaccine, among others, are causing an unfathomable amount of harm and injury not reported by the public health bureaucracy. The Open VAERS project and its data clearly show there is something very disturbing happening in Western society from within its public health system. [38]

The current paradigms of establishment science for Western immunology conveniently bends truth and reality to favor the global health authority agenda and their partnerships with the pharmaceutical empires by citing a misleading understanding of immunology and the transmission of disease. The science and public health system uses this faulty paradigm to bolster policies that depend on risky vaccines that fan the flames of a complex picture of immune tolerance, chronic disease, mental illness, harm, and death. [39] [40] Their entire approach is based on a faulty paradigm of immunology that claims antibody response is a definitive biomarker of immunity and visible inflammation is the only biomarker of disease, a faulty paradigm that was used to foster a policy of dishonesty and fraud that have already affected the chronically ill for decades. [41]

Antibody response is not necessarily a biomarker of immunity, [42] but it is a biomarker of an exposure to biotoxins and biochemical antigens vectored into our body by pathogens or by vaccines. [43] Though not always present in the case of immune tolerance, they are biomarkers of an exposure to biochemical poisons which the immune system works so hard to keep out of the body, bloodstream, organs, brain, and central nervous system. [44]

Repeated exposures to vaccine antigen and the newer experimental mRNA vaccines programming our cells to secrete such poisons impart, among other things, a state of tolerance, to tolerate otherwise harmful poisons which then fosters the preconditions for chronic disease and neurotropic degeneration of the central nervous system. [45] Inflammation is usually associated with acute disease, while immunosuppression is associated with chronic disease, a state of immune tolerance that often lacks detectable inflammation, it is dominated by neurological disease, mental health problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, and all adverse health effects that land in the spectrum of chronic disease and neurodegeneration. [46]

There are grave consequences awaiting the future of mankind in a world where individuals are stripped of their most basic intrinsic human freedom given to each individual in any given culture or society. There is great danger in allowing a monopolistic system of corporate bodies and global political organizations driven by profit, prestige, and politics, to cede control of personal health choices and superimpose its authority over our most basic, fundamental human rights as the maintenance of our health and well-being. The potential for severe human rights violations on a global scale by large corporate bodies driven by profit and their partnerships with global political organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) is an open invitation to history repeating itself and culminating in mass violation of human rights, tragedies, injuries, and death. [47]

As I have covered in a previous article, Read Between the Lies: The Politicization of Science and the Curse of Modern Medicine, the current political climate of science and medicine has been turned into a sociopolitical offensive rooted with elements of fraud, dishonesty, gross mismanagement and disregard for actual health and well-being of the people it claims to serve. [48] The clear attempt by the Western public health system, science community, and national biodefense in 1960 to silence and bury the science of immune tolerance and chronic disease as it related to infectious disease stands as proof of their current agenda built on a major pillar of dishonesty and scientific fraud holding up today's public health response in science and medicine's understanding of disease and immunity. [49] [50]

The establishment of such a system based on major flaws of understanding deliberately silenced through the use of fraud and manipulated data establishes for the record, the lack of priority on health and well-being. [51] It presents faulty policies already inherent in the system that is now attempting to take total control of health choices and cross all moral boundaries by stripping the rights of the individual on the most basic level of respect and human dignity. [52] This should serve as a prophetic warning to the future of humanity that their freedom, health, and basic individual liberties and rights as human beings are about to be removed completely and its replacement will be a tyrannical machine of political and corporate enterprises motivated by power, profit, and politics, a far cry from the genuine concern for true health and well-being of anyone. [53]

The system itself is setup to enable excessive corruption, total disregard for moral consideration, and profiteering at the cost of life and health. [54] Such an authority given allows an atmosphere that fosters the prioritization of political agendas through peer-pressure and herd mentality. [55] Very few dare to speak up about inherent weaknesses or shortcomings within the community of science and medicine in such an atmosphere, and all too often issues relative to safety and health are silenced and ignored because no one dares call attention to problems that would upset the hierarchical structure and the prestige of science and medicine. [56]

Unfortunately, the patients and general public pays the price with their livelihood and health when unsafe biopharmaceuticals, treatments, or conditions are created and the data is manipulated to allow it to appear safe and effective when in fact it is not, [57] but the art of manipulating data to speak to a desired end is something all-too common in bringing otherwise dangerous products to the market at the cost of safety. This has been turned into an art over the years and is common practice in pharmaceutical markets. Those aware of the problem keep silent oftentimes because the subject becomes a political controversy or taboo subject that no one dares to call any attention to, lest they be publicly ostracized or scientifically crucified by their peers for pointing out what everyone else may already know but are too afraid to say. [58]

A recent MedPage article, Fired COVID Whistleblower: Profit Motive Isn't Working in Healthcare — Ming Lin, MD, blasts corporate influence, highlights need for due process, demonstrates a realistic view of the science and medical industrial complex, through the windows of establishment science and medicine, and the fired doctor correctly stated that corporate motivations outperform the concern for health and well-being. While this article has less to do with the more controversial topics within today's highly politicized science and medicine, it brings out an underlying truth inherent to every branch of science and medicine, such as vaccine safety and the underlying motivations driving their push to be mandated and forced on entire populations without moral consideration, at great risk, and without any level of due process to contest the need or validity of such unethical and immoral measures. [59]

To suggest such mandatory measures are driven by "facts" or "following the science" and therefore justified would be a grave mistake running on pure ignorance. The inherent flaws in current paradigms of Western immunology are seriously misconstrued and the entire science of chronic disease had been buried decades prior to conceal flaws in our immunology that would have forced us to rethink the entire paradigm of the antibody theory and inflammation being the cause of all disease. [60]

Instead of reconfiguring the science to be factual despite its effect on profit, a policy of dishonesty was employed as the chosen solution to keep business running smoothly to favor profit margin and the prestige of science and medicine. The problem with this option, however, was that in order to continue in this direction despite substantial evidence that spoke in contrast to this flawed picture of immunology, they had to resort to dishonesty and in resorting to dishonesty, a complex web of lies would be initiated that would later become nearly impossible to keep in place. Resorting to dishonesty again and again also created a new monster that made deceptive practices a habitual pattern of behavior that has now become like second nature to this system. [61]

The subject of vaccines has become perhaps the most well-known example of a politically controversial topic which many in the communities of science and medicine will not dare to speak out against because they don't want to be labeled an anti-vaxxer, and in remaining silent, much of the public ends up sustaining permanent injuries and deaths without anyone daring to address it, and with the implementation of the most-recent experimental mRNA vaccines being rushed onto the market in less than a year, the vaccine is causing unprecedented numbers of adverse events and deaths which are being ignored by the media. All adverse events are being left out of the data through the misrepresentation of how adverse events play out in each individual. Reports of death and severe adverse events are completely overwhelming the VAERS reporting systems at levels unseen in any previous year. [62]

The press is reinforcing these bad practices and manipulation of data to convince the world looking on that the vaccine is entirely safe with no injuries caused by the vaccine, when the truth is in stark contrast to this. [63] The patchwork of programs relied on for vaccine adverse event reporting systems to monitor and identify potential health concerns has been rendered completely incompetent because of the nature in which adverse reactions will unfold in infinite variation, that is, no two will be the same. Setting up the monitoring systems only to look for the same adverse event in unusually large numbers is not a reliable means to assess the potential safety breeches between a vaccine and how it is causing harm in a population. [64]

Especially so with immunosuppressive antigens like that found on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the adverse reactions could play out in infinite variation with no two looking the same, while some looking entirely different even when sharing the same triggering mechanisms. [65] This is because of the nature of immunosuppression and our unique biological makeup, the combinations of latent viruses we carry, our HLA type and genetic susceptibilities, and so many other factors. [66] [67] It would be more likely that each adverse event starting from the same triggering point by the vaccine would look so various and unique as to seem unconnected, but they would all be some form of neurotropic effect on the brain and central nervous system that could play out in diverse ways and follow distinct patterns and courses of disease progression. [68] [69]

Taking an honest look at the situation and holding any vaccine up to the most rigorous standards of safety is not possible with the system of today in place. On the contrary, it enables and ensures that dangerous vaccines are able to reach the market while the VAERS system silences the reported adverse events out by proxy. [70] The entire public health system itself is the problem, the atmosphere in which it has taken root is not compatible with or concerned for health in any honest manner. Profiteering and sociopolitical offensives are the foundation which the current public health system and modern science and medicine is built upon. It is not concerned with the well-being of its people, it only portrays itself to be concerned with public health to wield its power and influence, but in reality, it is concerned with the profit and political motivations that make it the monopoly it is today. [71]

The current system of science and medicine has become so diverted from the interests of health that many have stopped seeking their help entirely. Those that still believe it has the health of the public as its priority are in a severe and dangerous form of denial and in seeing authority as truth instead of the objective truth inherent in reality as an authority, it is going to come with dire consequences. All too many are bombarded with state propaganda 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like psychic driving to reinforce their lies as an authoritative truth and to dissuade minds from realizing the sobering reality that we are once again fast approaching the dark reaches of human history and mass events of tragedy. [72]

To make matters even more complicated, intelligence wars have overlapped the entire history of the biological sciences and disease as a weapon of war. Unbeknownst to most, much of the landscape of science and medicine is rife with intelligence wars in the germ weapons race between many countries and a hot war has been playing out for more than a century, and at least a third of modern history and biological science has been classified. [73] The infiltration of public health systems and academia became a top priority for the dominant players of this long and ugly war. [74] [75] Soviet Russia led by Joseph Stalin was at the forefront of the biological weapons race after ceding the top researchers from Nazi Germany and taking the lead with Britain. [76] Alexander Kouzminov, a former KGB agent, in his memoir Biological Espionage: Special Operations of the Soviet and Russian Foreign Intelligence Services in the West discusses the blueprint of its infiltration program targeting academic universities, vaccine manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, agricultural facilities, and so on, which speaks to a much more complicated picture than most can even wrap their minds around:

But as for us in Department 12, officially we 'assisted the government in carrying out the state agricultural and medical programmes by obtaining from overseas new fertilisers, modern medicines and biological products for medical, pharmacological and microbiological industries of the country'. But in fact we were supposed to obtain from the West the intelligence information which would help to produce and perfect Soviet (later Russian) biological weapons in many possible varieties. The list of the espionage targets [...] included Western government departments and state commissions, intelligence services, ministries of defense, agriculture, health, environment, civil defence and emergency, secret military medical and biological laboratories - in fact anything connected with research in the field of genetic engineering and the most dangerous human and animal pathogens. The department gathered intelligence information about plans for and means of protection against the potential application of biological weapons in target countries.

Apart from that, we were also interested in which academic and, at first glance, unthreatening conventional research experiments with recombinant molecules and biological toxins could be applied to create new types of biological and toxic weapons. Our department was also interested in which laboratories, institutes, centres and private biotechnological companies were secretly involved in programmes to protect against bacteriological and toxin weapons. We had to investigate any possible security weaknesses associated with those organisations, and penetrate them.

The other task of our department was to obtain new strains of modified pathogenic agents, samples of other novel biological materials from the West's secret military medical laboratories, and secretly deliver them to Russian clandestine laboratories which developed and perfected their own offensive biological weapons...

People were another of Department 12's prime interests: professionals in biological and medical fields, especially those who were involved in experiments with recombinant molecules, toxins, and pathogens of dangerous human and animal diseases, which could be used for the development of a new generation of biological and toxin weapons. We were also interested in government and army personnel, and officials of intelligence services who had direct or indirect access to enemy biological weapons programs, as well as those who provided security for biological weapons laboratories and centres. Our goal was to recruit some of these people as special agents. We also recruited foreigners who could be used by the department as auxiliary agents. For example, those who could help to document and support the cover stories of our illegals, or even help with liaising them.

In the memorandum one continually met the phrases 'The Instance', 'Day X', and 'direct actions'. By The Instance' was meant the Politburo the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. After disintegration of the Soviet Union, 'The Instance' came to mean the 'President of Russia and his Presidential Council'. The formula 'Day X' meant the beginning of a large-scale war against the West. 'Direct actions' implied acts of biological sabotage and terrorism against the civilians, the army, and the economy of a potential enemy. 'The potential strike targets' meant civil targets, including public drinking-water supplies, food stores, and processing plants; water-purification systems, vaccine, drug, and toxin repositories; and pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants. [77]

Vaccines became a favored target of this war and what w