The Razor's Edge: Finding Truth and Balance in a Maze of Confusion, Chaos & Disinformation

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

By: A. W. Finnegan #Truth #Deception #Disinformation #InnerWork #NaturalLaw #KnowThySelf

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"Know Thyself" & "Truth Will Set You Free" by A. W. Finnegan

This article brings attention back to what is perhaps the most critical area for anyone on the search for Truth and understanding reality, to first ground themselves in line with the timeless wisdom of Natural Law, so that there is a foundation set before embarking on the outward journey, because there is very much an internal process involved in the processing of external information. One must live by a Code or a Way of Life in line with balance, discipline, and discernment. None of us are perfect, but when we know thy own self, we can realize the direction we need to take, we can step back and observe our own behavior, with a moral compass and code of conduct to hold ourselves up to the Highest Standards of Divine Aspiration on the journey forward.

The shocking nature of reality today is bringing people to the sobering realization that much of the paradigm they have been functioning in, is in many instances built on falsehoods, and this sudden realization often brings forth a rapidly changing landscape. Many who reach these stages do not have much support or guidance in arriving at a logical, sane path forward. They dive into the outer world of information on the internet or YouTube, seeking answers, but unless one has been able to work out their inner foundation of first principles and how to process knowledge in a logical format, it is quite easy if not inevitable to be pulled into the undertow of falsehoods and into the vast ocean of disinformation used to obscure and ultimately obliterate the truth.

It is for this reason that I am continuously bringing up the need to set these inner foundations first, and it is my hope to establish some kind of correspondence course at some time if this turns out to be a feasible task. However, it is the kind of thing where the work and ambition can come from no outside source but the person seeking the answers and Truth themselves, and considerable work on the Self needs to follow. This is why real, genuine Truth is so often discarded and trampled over, to be exchanged for a vast thrill-seeking in external information. It is easy to get sidetracked with what really happened in this or that event in world history, who's controlling the world, and so on. But the reality is that whoever is controlling it, is only able to do so because so many have decided to stop being a source of their own power, and in order to attain this empowerment, it means one has to work out their inner weaknesses, which is not some picnic. It is much like working out to get in excellent physical shape, it is hard work, but the end result pays off. The same analogy fits, you are shaping your mind to be more sharp, agile in intellectual abilities, and not caught up in aimless nonsense that serves no purpose. Your mind needs to be in certain shape to traverse these landscapes. This involves persistence and Will-power, without these traits, one falls to the vice of aimlessness and degeneration.

One good example of this vice is social media, it is a waste of time to spend a considerable portion of our time on social media, socializing aimlessly or ranting about things. It does nothing for anyone and there is no useful end-product that becomes of it. We were not meant to rant and rave about every single thing that comes to mind without restraint because without restraints on our character we tend to descend into a lower state of mind. Practicing of discipline and a code of conduct helps us to be the best we can be. We can start to hold ourselves to a higher standard, which social media has worked in opposition to. Unless used for very limited and specific things, social media becomes nothing more than a vice for aimlessness. It is not adding to our life work, but rather taking away from it by bringing aimlessness into our life in a habitual manner.

I think back to my Theosophy course when I was learning some of the foundations of Natural Law, in a course called As A Man Thinketh, back when I studied with them for several years, in one of my essay questions, it asked me to explain the following 2 questions:

"1. In the opening paragraph of this lesson, the author says, "aimlessness is a vice." Why is a lack of direction and purpose in life considered to be a vice or sin?

2. Why is it foolish -even dangerous- for a person to go through life without any goals, plans, or sense of purpose?"

If you wish to understand the answer to these questions, perhaps you ought to spend time contemplating them and write your own essays on them. That is the best and most efficient way to learn such material.

Next, I want to point out that there is a big difference between actually researching for yourself- by reading material from a wide range of sources like books, documents, scientific literature, and all in between- compared to just watching YouTube videos that present all sorts of invalid information mixed with real information, oftentimes fooling you in clever ways and effectively obscuring the truth. You cannot gain yourself a disciplined, well-read or well-researched understanding of the world by watching handfuls of YouTube videos by accounts you've never heard of. That is not to say that there are not genuine researchers and valid points of information found on it, but it is easy to get caught up in the endless shit abyss of all the low-quality, concocted, misleading videos, and this again becomes like a vice of aimlessness. This is especially easy for those just coming to terms with new paradigms of life and breaking free from the world they thought they knew.

Its a good idea to start reading as a hobby, if one wants to get a better understanding of the world. If one doesn't have any clue where to start, there are people like myself who offer book reviews and can point to some books worth looking at, form a foundation to work from. Or perhaps I should suggest something even more basic, get used to doing work to get to the answers you seek. It has to come from within and become an inherent drive to know yourself, your place in this world, and the search to understand Truth in all beyond the Self. When it becomes an ambition and drive from the most inner core of your being, this is your Will coming into form and guiding you forward with Divine Inspiration. When we are guided by this force, we are able to start applying discipline to our lower nature, like a rider on a horse, directing and steering the horse, rather than the rider being dragged by the horse in aimless directions in a very painful, harmful way. This analogy works because in many ways our lower nature is like that of an animal or beast, but our higher nature can guide us in the right direction if we allow ourselves to function on that level.

This website holds many articles and accompanying videos to help educate what this inner work consists of. I will present them here as a list, which can give the reader a starting point. Noteworthy Inner-Work Articles on this site are as follows, and I tried to list them in somewhat of an order of importance, but realizing we all have variable differences in the areas of our strengths and weaknesses this is only a general placement:

The Garden of Life: Seeds of Thought and the Fruits they Produce

This article teaches the correlation between thought-action-circumstance, and the process of weeding out those thoughts that do not serve us; nurturing those that do. This then reflects on to our actions, and finally, circumstances.

Stairway to Heaven: The Seven Steps of Hermetic Intelligence and its Forgotten Eighth Principle

This article teaches the seven Hermetic Principles which allow one to understand the landscape they traverse and its Laws, with the key of Care to guide them.

Nature of the Beast: Taming the Primal Energies and Egoic Mind

This article teaches about the lower natures and ego, which we do need, but they must be tamed and kept in check, used for the right things, in the right way to be effective.

The Primordial Enemy: Fear, Silencer of Life, Harbinger of Death

This article explains the destructive nature of fear-based living, the way fear kills our dreams and abilities to take control and actually live in line with our Will.

The Trickster Self: Avoiding Our Truth By the Lies We Tell Ourselves

This article teaches the clever ways in which we use deception on ourselves to appease the lower natures of complacency, laziness, lack of effort, avoiding doing what we need to because it is challenging or difficult.

Lion-Hearted: How to Be A Man in a Culture of Immorality, Cowardice, and Lack of Guidance

This article was made to guide the males in society to be aligned with their Sacred masculine principle, to be used in a way that makes us better human beings, more effective in cleaning up ourselves and our world.

Self-Saviorship: Either We Save Ourselves or be a Slave to the "Savior"

This article explains the need for us to take control of our own destiny to change the course of humanity, rather than relying on some perceived "savior" or "politician."

Adversity is the Current in Which We Transform Life and Grow

This article explains that while life's adversity can be cruel and not at all fun, we have the ability to choose how that hardship shapes us, for better or worse.

The Alchemy of Failure: Life Transmutation of the Hard Lessons Learned

This article explains a similar message to the article on adversity, in that throughout life, we cannot help that on occasions we may fail at one or several things we aimed to accomplish, but that in the process of failure we are able to focus more aptly where we need work, to achieve a better result.

Shadows Between: The Discipline and Balance of the Emotional and Rational Mind

This article is about self-awareness, to know when we are functioning too much in the emotional state, or too much in the rational mind. It is a balancing act between these polar opposites to approach life in a disciplined, effective manner.

Depth Perception: The Substance of Core Principles Versus Vaguery and Semantics

This article teaches the ability to perceive the core substance in any given thing, and to be able to identify surface-dwelling, through vaguery and semantics. It allows us to be less easily folled when we have the ability to pull out the core substance in any given thing.

Words from a Sacred Seed: The Holy Flowers of Honesty, Integrity, and Trust

This article promotes the necessity for honesty, integrity, and trust, in presenting ourselves to the world, by shaping our character in this light. Keeping these moral obligations helps us to live in alignment with our higher, Divine Nature.

Inner Darkness and the Power It Holds: The Truth About Anger, Ego, and negative Energies

This article explains the need for the lower energies like anger, ego, and sometimes negative energies, which can be used to motivate us to put work into the areas that brought us there in the hopes of changing them in a productive rather than destructive manner.

Electric Archetypes: The Symbolic Charge of Revitalization in the Age of Chaos and Discord

This article reminds us about the need to recharge and draw influence from things in life that give us meaning and inspiration. This allows us to bring our vital energy back up and empower us to the future journey and battles we face.

Thorns of Compensation: When Evil Bleeds the Hearts of the Overly Compassionate

This article explains the pitfalls of being way too nice to everyone, being overly compassionate to people who do not respect us, or giving our time and energy into the wrong people, who just drain us and do not gain anything valuable from it.

If we don't take the time to strengthen our mind, intellect and gain control of our own inner natures first and foremost, we will be easily misguided, fooled, and taken down all the wrong paths of external information. I covered some of the basic ways in which researchers are sidelined by active influences to sabotage the understanding of public perception, for more on this see my article, The Dirty Tricks Department: 11 Keys to Psychological Deception and manipulation. This is the reason why I have said again and again, the inner work comes first, before understanding who controls the world and what has happened in each event in history or current events. That can come in time, but only when you have set yourself a foundation, or have it well-underway. The focus is on Self, getting our own house in order first, as a principle, and when we have a good foundation for ourselves, we can start to understand the world we live in.

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