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The Nature of Control & the Power Differential: An Occult Science in Social Dominance

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan. #DivineLaw #PowerDifferential.

Reasons to continue the Great Work

The state of world affairs in the Modern Age is becoming increasingly chaotic and unstable. Governments and their corporate partnerships are becoming more powerful and oppressive in Western countries once considered "free." [1] All civilizations across the world are feeling the effects of the dominant force inherent in consolidated systems and the world chaos so apparent in 2020 is not so hard to predict. [2] Indeed, the corporate sector has expanded so rapidly, and its monopolies have become so powerful, they have in many respects transcended the Nation States and wield a formidable influence to manipulate and control it, and many subcontracts have seen a major secretive rise in powerful yet unseen players in between corporations and government that followed the rise of the Security State with the passing of the the Patriot Act.[3] Big tech and censorship has taken a remarkable turn for the worst by 2020, [4]

Trade deals like NAFTA, TPP, and the most recent USMCA under the Trump Administration, are examples in which the Nation State is merging with or groveling to corporate monopolies.[5] Many who thought Trump's renegotiation of NAFTA was going to turn out favorable would be sadly mistaken. [6]  Many agendas within the corporate sector are able to supersede or find loopholes around the laws of a nation.[7] Corporations are happily feeding like parasites, oftentimes with government contracts to run and embed their operatives into the system in a systematic fashion.[8] Oversight has dwindled so incredibly, and threats to its internal security may be so compromised, regardless of political party in office, that the point of no return may have already passed many years ago.[9] Scientific communities working with pharmaceutical companies through government agencies like BARDA have allowed for laws in place to allow unprecedented research and testing activities, termed 'medical countermeasures,' [10] carried out on the public without consent or liability under Project Bioshield. [11]

The appetite of power is of such a vicious, relentless nature, while the passive majorities are moving in the complete opposite direction.[12] The hunger of power has seen the rise of corporations with wealth so unimaginable, and competition so fierce among the top players,[13] it has put a grand canyon of a gap between those in the upper echelons of society and the rest of the world.[14] The financial districts have operated under a ruthless, amoral nature.[15] The middle class is dwindling into the lower class,[16] the rich and powerful are a global caste that have no allegiance to any one nation, but rather to more power and money.[17] Those at the top of the power structure have material wealth the average person cannot comprehend.[18] Some of these individuals view themselves with such grandiose, that they see themselves comparable to 'Gods.' One man in the upper echelons of the global society, George Soros, said in one article:

“I fancied myself as some kind of god ...”

“If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”

“I am kind of a nut who wants to have an impact,”

“I do not accept the rules imposed by others.... And in periods of regime change, the normal rules don’t apply.”

"It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out."

“Next to my fantasies about being God, I also have very strong fantasies of being mad,”

“In fact, my grandfather was actually paranoid. I have a lot of madness in my family. So far I have escaped it.” [19]

It is not my intention here to take political sides, only to look at the nature of power, and the responsibilities of the healthy, sound members of society in response to those who may be mentally ill, yet wield an unimaginable influence in the systems built around many billions of people. Can we place the blame on individuals like Soros, who clearly is unstable and a risk to society, after admitting to being mentally ill while we do nothing and allow it to continue? How can we justify allowing such a man to direct American foreign policy, in light of the psychological profile revealed by the man himself?

In light of the quotes considered, it would be a mistake to say that Soros is solely to blame for any of the destruction or chaos he is able to bring upon the world as a result of his unhealthy fantasies. Rather, it is we who are to blame for allowing unprecedented destabilization through his influence, when he admits to being mentally ill and exhibiting behavior that in any other individual would qualify under 'psychosis,' especially when he reveals that mental illness also ran in his family. What Soros has done here is come out and admit he is mentally ill, from a family with a history of mental illness. The karma now falls under our watch. We are voting in politicians, who are directing foreign policy under individuals with clear mental illnesses.

Another such example under the Republican party's watch is former-National Security Advisor to President Trump, John Bolton.

From the President himself,

“The only thing I liked about Bolton was that everybody thought he was crazy. And frankly, when you walk into the room with him, you’re in a good negotiating position. Because they figure you’re going to war if John Bolton was there.”

He wanted to go to war with everybody. He never saw a war he didn’t like.[20]

Again, politics is not my focus here, it is instead the fact that unhealthy, dangerous individuals are able to fill positions in high places that would otherwise be seen as unfit for such positions if a psychologist were to diagnose them under the same guidelines they do for the average Joe. It brings up an important point about the nature of people who are able to rise to the top and direct the many below them, in prominent positions while potentially putting everyone else in danger. The significance was discovered in earlier discussions on philanthropy.

Books for the Great Work

There is a known phenomenon among early zoologists and geneticists who studied in both animals and in humans, that 1 in 20 people had dominance traits, which allowed them to dominate and become leader of any group. I first read about this in Colin Wilson's book about cults and the nature of self-proclaimed messiahs titled Rogue Messiahs: Tales of Self-Proclaimed Saviors, where he stated in the introduction:

Before we go on, it needs to be explained that five percent of any animal group is dominant. I first learned about this from the writer Robert Ardrey, who told me that one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Korean war was there were no escapes of American prisoners. The reason emerged after the war. Instead of keeping the Americans all together in one prison camp, the Chinese observed them closely, then selected all those who seemed to have any kind of drive or enterprise, and confined them in a separate compound. The Chinese quickly noticed that these dominant prisoners were precisely five percent of the total, or one in twenty. When these had been confined separately, the other ninety-five percent became passive and made no attempt to escape.

It seemed that this had actually been known for a long time. Zoologists had always recognized that five percent of all animals are dominant. And when Bernard Shaw asked the explorer H.M. Stanley in 1900 how many men could take over leadership of his expedition if he fell ill, Stanley replied "one in twenty." In fact, Stanley himself belonged to a very small percentage of humans zoologists call "king rats— people so dominant that they automatically become leaders of every group. They are probably five percent of the dominant five percent. Most rogue messiahs belong to this group.

It would be a mistake to assume that all the dominant five percent are potential great men or men of genius. They include every foreman in a factory, every sergeant in the Army, every member of a professional football team. Great men or men of genius are a far smaller number, perhaps five one-hundredths of one percent.

When we examine this five one-hundredths of a percent, we discover something that distinguishes many of them from the rest of the dominant five percent. Nearly all dominant people require other people to acknowledge and express their dominance. The sergeant needs his platoon, the actor his audience, the politician his electorate. But the five one-hundredths of a percent seem far less dependent on people. It is true that a Plato, Beethoven, or Einstein wishes his achievement to be recognized by his fellow humans. But he still cares more about the creativeness itself than about fame. Similarly, a St. Francis or St. Theresa seems to care more about God than about other people.

Such men and women are obviously the most interesting part of the dominant five percent. They are in fact, the most interesting members of our species. The rest of the dominant five percent are obsessed by their personality, and the impact it makes on other people. You might say that, on the other hand, the five one-hundredths of one percent are trying to escape from personality; they seem to have a curious craving for the impersonal.

I suspect that some of the messiahs in this book have had their glimpses of impersonality, such as Paul Brunton, "Brother Twelve," Aleister Crowley, perhaps even Asahara, who claimed that he had experienced enlightenment in India. But, as we shall see, the problems of being a guru tend to drag them down into the realm of personality and the craving for control. [21]

To reiterate, this 5 percent dominance ratio states that the dominant individual depended upon the feedback or response of the rest of the group. In other words, they needed the rest of the group to feed their ego-driven leadership. Beyond this dominant 5 percent, there was an even more dominant and rare type of individual, that had all the dominant traits to be leader, but did not depend upon the feedback of the rest of the group. They were oftentimes exceedingly intelligent, and over-achievers in life. They were however, indifferent to their fellow humans. [22] As Wilson stated, some of these aspects of dominance in zoology had been laid out in Robert Ardrey's works. [23] [24] This, I believe is where Bolton and especially Soros would be classed into, this group that made up about five-one-hundredths of one percent.

In light of this, we might say, that if we were to view the world as a whole, those we consider the dominant, five-one-hundreths of one percent, would be the same ratio of those at the very top of the global power structure, versus the rest of the population. It would be very interesting to see what the psychological profile of all of those at the very top is, because scientifically, this ratio would suggest that is the case, and if so, then we might consider the unsettling fact that we are being ruled by psychopaths with psychotic elements yet highly functional. These types of individuals are the most dangerous, especially when it involves such grandiosity that they take on a 'God complex' view of themselves, while the rest of us play into it. Perhaps it is not very nice Gods they fancy themselves as, but those who like to wage wars and print money for your service of worship. If it is the case, are they to blame if we play into their fantasies? Do we not also share responsibility? Has History at all indicated that indeed this is the case? Look at all the rulers who have come and gone, and how many millions of deaths were done to man at the hands of State, even since the 1900s, it reveals a sobering reality. [25].

Ego Gremlins - Enemies of the Great Work

The current day and age is ruled by a consensus of ignorance, not just of this, but almost any topic. Most people could care less about knowledge of the world and what is taking place around us. Even many who do care, are not able to use discernment enough to filter out true information from misinformation, and oftentimes this results in the research being of such low quality that it only serves further harm. [26] The education systems are not turning out critical thinkers, but herd mentality and 'yes men.' [27] Those in positions to speak up or find wrong-doing, usually do nothing because of fear of ridicule or retribution. [28]

Those in power, those controlling money and the network of global organizations are able to advance agendas that are not in the interest of the world, but self-serving agendas which deceive and take advantage of our inability to see through the deceptions and Machiavellian tactics used against us.  This forms a power differential between the majority of the population versus a very minuscule percentage of it, able to control most of the system the rest of us operate within. [29] Indeed, the playbook had been discussed extensively in a historical context in academic works like Carrol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time and Zbigniew Brzezinski's Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era. [30] [31] The setup of secretive organizations, many of which with occult overtones, may reflect less the mystical or supernatural power within it, but rather a system of control using superstition and fear of a transcendent or dark supernatural power, working to cloak its leadership around an aura of mystery while instilling the subconscious fear of the unknown. [32] The effect is twofold, as mystery is often a magnet to draw attention of those with curiosity and interest, while putting them in a position of subordinance through the fear of the unknown and supernatural. [33]

Enemies of the Great Work

Theoretically, a cloak of satanism as the symbolic archetype then serves to shape its group within this manner.  After a long study in this realm, listening to testimony of many alleged victims, talking to people I know personally with first-hand experiences, in addition to books, declassified files, and all in between, I find it to be true there are groups of occult societies in the global communities practicing dark forms of occultism, some might consider this Satanism or Luciferiansim, but to see this in the fashion of Hollywood's version of Satanism would be entirely a mistake. [34] These are high-functioning members of society, businessmen, CEOs, bankers, police, intelligence agencies, etc. They may dress up on selective ritual occasions using ceremonial robes, macabre or violent themes, and dark symbolism, but this would take place in secret and in the confines of private property, and the reason for doing so is not as far-fetched as it seems when you realize its purpose. 99% of the time they would blend in with their respective field of work (i.e. lawyer, doctor, director, banker, etc.). The ritual setting would contain dark occult themes to program and traumatize the subconscious mind with a psychodrama element, making those who participate feel like they belong to something mystical and important, while embedding the subconscious with fear. [35] In the era of the CIA's MKULTRA program, there was an interesting program in association with it called MKOFTEN that focused specifically on occult practices. [36]  Former U.S. Military Intelligence officer, Michael A. Aquino was a high-ranking member of the Church of Satan in its early days, and later founded the Temple of Set, which based its cosmology on earlier Egyptian systems and the Egyptian God, Set, rather than Satan as an archetype. [37]

Many have attested to activities within occult organizations being involved in bizarre rituals and sexual perversions, one can read about some of these activities in one work by Stephen Flowers, Ph. D., on the German Brotherhood of Saturn, Fire & Ice - The History, Structure, and Rituals of Germany's Most Influential Modern Magical Order: The Brotherhood of Saturn:

The [Master of the Chair] steps into the circle and grasps the knife. Then he positions himself at the head of the copulating pair. He has a living black rooster (or hen). holds the fluttering animal over the copulating [priest & priestess] and cuts the animal's head off with a single stroke. The blood must pour over the copulating [priest & priestess]

All [chant] (more and more ecstatically and loudly): "Jyallah!"

Just before ejaculation the officiating [priest & priestess] removes his penis from the vagina. The [Priestess] grips him and with her hands puts some blood [or other fluid] on his penis. Then she puts her left hand on the root (base) chakra of the man, with her right hand she grasps his penis and by means of vigorous strokes brings him to orgasm. Just before orgasm, and accompanied by an ecstatic cry, she thrusts a finger deep into his anus. The [Priest], for his part, brings the [Priestess] to orgasm by manipulating the clitoris at approximately the same time as she brings him to orgasm. [38]

The psychodrama effect in this ritual setting works on the subconscious mind to program the character of the initiates with certain psychological qualities and immoral values which the initiates may attribute to demonic or archetypal entities rather than the human controller of the group. The disturbing and highly immoral things done within these circles does not necessarily serve a devil or any supernatural, demonic entities, but sets up a network for immoral programming and blackmail, in which the controller of the group is given an advantage over its initiates by way of leverage. The association with blackmail was mentioned briefly by Theosophical initiate, C. W. Leadbeater, in his publication, Some Glimpses of Occultism: Ancient and Modern, in 1903: 

It is not difficult to see that this is a power that may be misused. The additional information about others which it puts in the hands of its possessor may be employed, and unfortunately is sometimes employed, for personal gain, for the gratification of curiosity and even for the levying of blackmail. We see from this how essentially necessary it is that the clairvoyant should possess the characteristic of a gentleman, and when he belongs to the class which in Theosophy we call the first class pitri this is of course the case. [39]

The controller then routinely programs them morally into committing heinous, depraved, and oftentimes sexual perversions, embarrassing acts, illegal activity, they are caught on tape, which is used as leverage to manipulate them into submission. Occult or religiously-based systems serve to nourish the part of the human brain that needs a spiritual element, which history has shown to cultivate a deep loyalty, and this effect can be enhanced with the use of drugs and ritual magic as psychodrama, [40] [41] One example of selective drugging as psychodrama in religious devotion was the early history of the Islamic Order of Assassins of the Nizari Isma'ili state. [42] These devotees were given hashish in ritual settings that included sexual orgies, to later commit acts of terrorism to serve their ruler, Hassan-i Sabbah, with hash being derived from this ruler's name, and later served as the as the origin for the word 'assassin':

When a Devoted One was selected to commit murder, he was first stupefied with hasheesh, and while in this state was brought into the magnificent gardens of the sheikh. All the sensual and stimulating pleasures of the erotic Orient surrounded the excited youth, and exalted by the delicious opiate he had taken, the hot-blooded fanatic felt that the gates of heaven were already ajar, and heard them swing open on their golden hinges. When the effect of the drug disappeared and the Devoted One was reduced to his normal condition, he was informed that through the generosity of his superior he had been permitted to foretaste the delights of paradise. The Devoted One believed this readily enough—disciples are always credulous— and therefore was eager to die or to kill at a word from his master. From these hasheesh-eaters, the Arabian name of which is hashshashin, was derived the term "assassin." [43]

It is also my understanding that intelligence networks have used the drug cultures and occult channel to further internal agendas and spy networks. For Instance, one of the most well-known occultists, Aleister Crowley, was profiled by Richard Spence in Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence, and the Occult, where Crowley was found to have very likely been an intelligence agent or asset for Britain, and it is revealed in the beginning of Spence's work, that Crowley had taken trips to Moscow, Russia during his early years. [44] According to a source of mine, Russian Intelligence had already fully penetrated British Intelligence from an early time, and began to set up large spy networks in Western countries. [45]

Drawing back to intelligence activities, Russian occult and espionage connections were also made with Grigori Rasputin, [47] and his activities allegedly involved a bioterrorism plot to release plague-infected rats into the streets of Petrograd, revealed in a memoir by British Secret Service Agent and close associate to Rasputin, Dorian Blair's Russian Hazard: The Adventures of a British Secret Service Agent in Russia. [48]

In light of some of the other areas I have studied, it appears that many intelligence agencies, foreign and domestic, have been integrated into these spiritualism and occult channels, likely serving as several rows in the intricate pyramid of world power. Banking systems and their philanthropic associates seem to make up some of the upper layers of this figurative pyramid. [49] [50] [51] Who is at the very top we cannot say by name, but many of the banking families were intricately tied up in intelligence activities. Victor Rothschild from the Rothschild banking family, was a member of British Intelligence and was said to have also been supplying information to Moscow as a double agent. [52] [53] The Rockefeller banking family was also heavily tied up into the American government and military. [54] Bankers and corporate giants worked at many capacities and the web is solidified in intricate fashion.

The occult factor was being used as a way of psychologically programming and controlling populations and their behavior. There was certainly a heavy influence from ancient occult practices still being in effect today, such as ancient systems of Sumerian or Babylonian light and dark occultism, studied by many of Britain's early19th and 20th Century philanthropists like Sir James Frazer and Charles W. Hobley. [55] [56] To what extent has hidden knowledge been occulted from the world in some of the early libraries burned and destroyed, such as the Library at Alexandria, Egypt, is a question that one can only contemplate in wonder. [57] How much other information had been taken, hidden or sequestered away throughout history cannot be realized in definitive numbers.

I believe some of the information of ancient occult methodologies of societal control contained significant aspects not only to spirituality and  psychology, but also to microbiology and biological science, which may have explained ancient techniques of vaccination and biological warfare, [58] as a tool for advantage and effective social engineering. It is a little known fact that antigenic material used in vaccinations and adventitious virus can accumulate in the brain, causing mental illness, chronic disease, and cancer. [59] [60] [61] [62] [63] Most people today are entirely ignorant of the infectious etiology of mental illness by many neurotropic viral infections, and these are a major problem in contamination of standardized lots of commercial vaccines. [64] [65]. The implications of this in social control and manipulation of large numbers of people in societal structures is truly a sinister, sobering concept. [66]

Many of the organization systems of hierarchy, with emphasis on the controlled systems of medicine, vaccinology and pharmacology, were formulated in some of the earliest recorded periods of human history. [67] [68]  The two elements of spiritual and biological manipulation  appears to have been the primary means in which one could overcome or control others through occulted knowledge that impart understanding of the mind and biology of the human being. Spiritual necessity had been intricately interwoven between them. Aspects of control, that, when applied in techniques and technologies the rest were not privy to, could gain significant advantage and dominance over populations in any given culture. [69] It may be as simple as that.

In the modern age, there has been a heavy interest by globalized corporate special interest groups in hallucinogens given to the population for just about anything. [70] Given that they certainly do not have any wish to see us thrive, Its a very clear they are seeking ways to manipulate populations in the same reflection as the ancient systems in much earlier times. [71]  They began with the early 60s drug culture movement, and are now in the phases of bringing it to the masses. This methodology was also used and integrated into society when the ancient culture of the Mayans and Aztecs took control of their people by selective drugging, before brutal bloodbaths of human sacrifice were carried out in ancient times. [72] We like to think we are so much more evolved and educated today, that we could not possibly descend into such degradation, but the chaos of the world is only intensifying, ignorance has gained prominence in general populations and this could someday take place again, through controlled grassroots movements, which the average person would be entirely ignorant to. [73]

Its all about the communities they set up, whether in occult, psychedelic, banking, academic, or corporate realms. The artificial intelligence techniques and technologies used on the internet and a wide range of technological platforms were likely based on much earlier, primitive techniques of prediction and advantage via astrology and predictive psychology. [74] There is really nothing new under the Sun. [75]

That's the way they play this game and its all been done before. That's the causality of their methodology to turn you to their agenda, New Age and drug culture is a prime target because they realize people turn to it because they are looking for answers. [76] [77] They set up communities in this light because they know when people join communities and participate in its activities, they do it because they want to belong. So if they can control communities you belong to, that you establish emotional affinities with, they have you right where they want you. That's the way they get everyone under their umbrella in the power differential. [78]

Many will not like hearing this but the five-one-hundredths of one percent are over-achievers for a reason, they are much more clever and Machiavellian than you are, and they have definitive playbooks. [79] They are not compassionate people, they are dangerous people and they see your compassion as a weakness they know they can exploit. I think researchers like Jan Irvin have it correct when he concluded after many years involved with the drug culture and then began to question it after a series of connections he made when researching the deeper elements and players within it, finding the same dark agendas and mechanics of control at work, being pioneered by some of the early eugenicists like Aldous Huxley, Edward Bernays, R. Gordon Wasson, working with intelligence agencies and their many associates in the banking world. [80]

Tools of the Great Work
The Trivium Method Symbol

This is what I have come to understand regarding the nature of power and the hierarchy of power structures in a society. This is the conclusion I have drawn after many years of intensified research, reading, speaking to first-hand witnesses, with critical analysis using a Trivium Method approach, grammar, logic, rhetoric, to give you the most accurate and articulate picture of the situation resulting from my studies.

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