The Golden Bough - A Study in Magic and Religion. Study Course 00. Introductory Remarks & Overview

by: A. W. Finnegan

Section 00 - Introductory Remarks and Overview

This is the first of a long series of videos I will be doing on the material and content discussed in the classic literary work, The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion, by Sir James G. Frazer, first published in 1890, and continues to be an important text today on the obscure rituals found within and outside of classical antiquity. It continues to influence the knowledge-base of those in the occult arts as well as from a historical perspective. Frazer was not a religious man or an occult practitioner, and his views are limited to a philanthropic framework, but nonetheless the work holds much relevance for the minds of all sides of the equation, from occultist to historian and beyond. This is the first video of many to come, an introductory video to give my introductory remarks and the general overview of the many videos to come on this study with my commentary.

The Sacred Grove of Diana at Lake Nemi, the site of a strange ritual with obscure origins outside of classical antiquity. This unusual ritual serves as the basis for the larger survey on magic and religion from a historical perspective in this work of literature. This ancient fertility cult of Diana: Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, chastity, fertility, and the Moon, was at the heart of this Priesthood under the title 'Rex Nemorensis', the priest known as the 'King of the Wood' where the tragedies occurred. **Note: The book serves as a wealth of information for further insight into ancient rites, religions, cults, and so on, but the opinions of the author regarding the significance of his findings do not necessarily reflect my own.

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