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The Garden of Life: Seeds of Thought and the Fruits they Produce

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan

Sacred numerology of the Great Work
Datura stramonium blooming at night

I like to think of seeds as potentials of life. Potentials of a journey that is yet to unfold. It has potential to be a great healthy life-form and capable of all the possibilities within its limitations and level of consciousness. The seed is the complex genetic code in its most simple form. All of its potentiality is determined by the energy given to it from the moment it springs forth to life.

We might compare the mechanics of the mind to a garden. A garden full of potential plants we could grow to bring forth their respective flowers and fruits. Each aspect of our life would be like one plant in garden of many. Each thought we hold can be comparable to one seed that could be sown into the soil and brought forth to grow into one abundant plant.

We care for this garden throughout our life. We decide the plants we wish to grow. We decide how well they grow by the way we care for them and the nutrients we feed them. We can decide what’s not suitable in this garden and weed them out accordingly. It is in this light that the human existence can learn a thing or two from the plant kingdom, and by analogy, apply it to our own life. We are the harvesters of what we sow, so plant with Care and tend to them with Heart. The fruits they produce will either nourish you with Truth, or poison you with Lies.

These ideas are foundational concepts on the occult processes and inner-mechanics of the human mind. “Occult” here does not imply mystical or supernatural powers. It simply means “hidden,” but more specifically, “hidden from sight” or mechanics “not visibly apparent or easily recognized on its face.” These concepts are basic principles in what some term “Natural Law,” “Spiritual Law” and some have called it “Timeless Wisdom.” It is the inner mechanics of the mind, character, and the desires or aspirations of human consciousness in its journey through life and the work it produces. These are some of the blueprints of psychological processes that effect change in the real world, with emphasis on character and how its developed and used.

It is my intention to attempt to help teach and inform those struggling to cope with life, some of these basic principles which can be very useful tools in overcoming many obstacles, but most of all, inner conflict and struggle. Many occult schools and organizations teach it. It is not exclusive to any one organization but taught far and wide. It is a prerequisite for living in the likeness of Truth and the path of initiation.

I began to learn these concepts many years ago when I was incarcerated and looking to live a better life. At the time, I studied for several years with the Theosophical Society in America through written correspondence and I was required to study material, reflect deeply, and write detailed essays for each lesson. It would be sent in and a mentor was assigned to me to guide me and offer feedback. As this was underway, I began to read with intensity on topics far and wide, because part of the journey of truth means understanding the world around me as best I could.

I did not become a member of the Theosophical Society, but I do appreciate some of the people in it who helped me in learning Natural Law principles. Once the basics are learned, it can be realized and applied in many areas of life. One can take the tools imparted to them wherever they go. It is these principles which form the foundation of occult science or esoteric knowledge. It is knowledge of the self and how the mind works in relation to its larger whole, and the Truth underlying all things, based in principle rather than semantics.

As I said before, the mind and life experience is like a garden. Each thought is like a seed. Each seed grows into a plant, which is the action. Eventually it brings forth buds and finally flowers and fruits. Its fruits are the circumstances or situations that become of it. It grows according to how its nurtured and brought forth. The Holy Trinity in Christian theology has some allegorical similarity here as well. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit has more than one allegorical meaning. But in the life processes, it can represent Love, Truth, Freedom. Thought, action, circumstance. Soul, mind, body. Thoughts are put into action, actions turn to circumstances.

These principles applied are then turned to character. The building or neglecting of character is determined by these factors. Our mind carries many thoughts, both desirable and undesirable, but they are only made into form by the way we nurture and act on them. When we act on them, they bring effects in their respective likeness. In good thoughts, come good actions and circumstances. In bad thoughts, come bad actions and circumstances, that is, when they are brought forth to action. Bad thoughts and actions do not produce good results. Good thoughts and actions do not produce bad results.

That being said, some things may seem unjust, despite good thoughts and actions. It is because, in our everyday life and where we’re all at, it’s not so simple as, “think this way, and do this, and all things will fall into place accordingly.” Our life and the reality surrounding it have so many things in motion from so many different causal factors that intersect with our current position that obstacles, limitations, and many additional factors can and will be present. It has be be remembered that the only thing we can control to effect the future is the here and now. What has been put into motion cannot be undone, but how we shape it or direct our energy in the here and now and from here on out may determine in which way we can alter or change its course. So, good thoughts and actions can only work in your favor, but it may take a while for it to produce results, based on how deep the problem or situation goes.

There is a term that states “man is made or unmade by himself.” It means that you can build yourself or destroy yourself. It is all in your control. That being said, it needs to be clearly understood that this does not mean he can make life do whatever he wants or doesn’t want. It means he is able to build himself or undo himself based on how he approaches it and applies himself. He has to work with what he has, he cannot work with that which is beyond his realm to effect. If he lost his leg in a war, he won’t be able to think himself a new one. He has to work around that. The same goes for life situations that have been deeply rooted or unchangeable. It may be akin to trying to rip a redwood tree out of the ground by hand, it is futile. However, the character one builds is very changeable and fluid depending on the person’s willingness to change and work on oneself.

Character is built by thought, applied to action. When we build character, righteous and honorable character, we live Truth. Care and Love brings forth Truth and when we live Truth we find Freedom and salvation. It is being able to control the ego and live accordingly. It is able to use the ego to direct itself in the direction of Truth, instead of being at the mercy of the ego. Ego is not evil, it is actually a vital part of this existence and the journey to Truth, but it has to be tamed and directed properly or the beast will take you for a wild, bumpy ride.

With that said, these are the basics and beginning concepts for the spiritual neophyte who wishes to make the best of him or herself in the service of Love and Truth. These will start your journey for alignment with Truth and a more harmonious life. Life may bring you many obstacles and learning these principles is not meant to make you wealthy or famous, but rather these principles will allow you something very few, even the wealthy and famous cannot accomplish, and that is to be at peace with who they are. To have no inner conflict with being yourself and being able to work through your problems. To be able to look at yourself in the mirror and accept who you are, to enrich your heart so that you can live life without fear. To be able to sit with yourself, even if you find yourself lonely and isolated. The mastering of these principles has very little to do with money or status. It has to do with inner peace, which money and status cannot buy.

After all, if you look at some of the wealthiest, successful people, you may find some very bitter, rotten hearts and minds. These people may have material wealth and worldly status, but what good is it to them if they are poisoned and at war with themselves and the world around them? That does not mean that you will not be able to build your life or find success with these principles, they can be very useful in this area too, but generally the main focus in these concepts are meant to help you build who you are in character and deed, and help you overcome inner-conflict and the destructive energies that may be holding you in chains. Anyone who wishes to learn these principles is welcome to contact me and I would be happy to send you the lessons I did, review your assignments, and offer any feedback. you may contact me by email here:

The only one preventing you from flying free is yourself…

Nightshade Tarot and the Great Work
The Tower card of the Nightshade Deck by: A. W. Finnegan

Outro music: Death — Symbolic

Many thanks to my true friends, few as they are. To my family, and my extended family. Many thanks to those who took their time to work with me, artists, musicians, my mentors in Natural Law, fitness, and life in general. Special thanks to Guru Vashish ji, for his kindness and selfless assistance in taking the time to help me in my studies and respect to the care of the Great Mother Kali Maa. Blessings to my friends no longer with me who have passed on. Many thanks to heavy metal music for getting me through some of the toughest times: Dissection, At the Gates, Dark Tranquility, Death, Sepultura, and the many others. Many thanks to those doing the Great Work to inform a dire world about the principles of Natural Law and spiritual freedom. Finally, I want to thank those who never had faith in me, don’t believe in me, accept me, or appreciate me, it is the fuel that drives me forward…

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