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The Gallery of Eternal Truth: Through Art & Creative Expression, the Soul takes its Immortal Form

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #Art #Creativity #Immortality

Goddess of the Great Work
Nightshade Tarot Tower Card by A. W. Finnegan

The physical body in this physical existence, comes and goes, we are born into this temporary body, for a temporary stay, to the time of our death, and with it we will go. Our consciousness transcends to whatever awaits thereafter. While we cannot be given the secrets in the mystery of death, we can look more closely at the side of us that remains beyond our body. That is, the works we create and express from within ourselves in this realm while we were here that remain long after we are gone.

The creative channels like art, music, writing, and so many additional mediums can leave our mark and reach long into the future, without us having to be present, remaining long after our time here is done. We leave our memory in the works we do. We leave our lasting impressions in the many imprints of creativity we expressed. We can leave some of the impressions from our journey in so many ways, in so many forms to express the things we felt and experienced along the way. From graphic art, to poetry, to music and beyond, we have so many channels to use to reach out to the five senses of those who come into contact with our work.

Expression is an important part of our physical existence. In its most essential form, what other reason do we come into these bodies and experience this realm if not to create things and express ourselves? Expression is a principle vehicle of our time on this planet, in which we conjure up all the influence our soul can offer and we put into expression. In doing this, we release the charge of emotion, sometimes negative emotion and feeling, put into something productive, which helps others too. Sometimes a sad or angry song, meme, a work of art or poetry is all someone needs to help them through, to be able to identify with others, knowing they aren't alone in the way they feel. But more, the creative channels can also exert an influence in which offer them strength to overcome, and this can relate to both the inner and outer wars we are forced to fight through the struggle of life.

Indeed, the effect is twofold. It helps the person going through life's experiences, when they express themselves in art or the medium of their choice. Next, the person who comes into contact with the work done by another, identifies with or feels the influence that reaches out to them through that work, and if they are also going through that same or similar essential struggle, the work will resonate within them, the original emotion and wavelength expressed in the work, and in turn they don't feel so alone in their feelings, they can relate, identify, knowing someone else feels the way they do. Like I said before, we can't always be happy and peachy-kin about things, sometimes we need to be sad or depressed, angry, whatever it is we are feeling, and we have to identify it and deal with it the right way. Tucking it deep within and not finding an outlet for it is self-destructive, and it causes the person so many unforeseen and unnecessary problems.

Some of us have one medium of art or expression we are particularly good at, some of us have many mediums to work with. As for myself, my creative outlets have included things such as graphic art (drawing and designing images by hand and from scratch), music, poetry, writing, graphic design, memes, and many things in between. I am a deep person, with many abilities, so I try to use them whenever and wherever I can. For example, much of the artwork presented on the cover photos for each of my articles is my own, aside from a few. My writing these articles is also a creative expression, to relay what I know in helping others, which I learned through a lot of hardships and suffering. I have also involved myself with the art of music. I have done creative underground hip hop music, as well as playing drums in hardcore metal bands.

The Trials and Tribulations of the Great Work
Dark Reaches of the Heart by A. W. Finnegan

This post, as you can see, also ties into channeling your darkness and low energies into something productive, rather than letting it eat you alive. These powers can be of great potential if used properly, but can be destructive if not put into productive outlets. Art and creative expression gives these energies form and channels it into something useful to release the charge, because it is much like electricity. It is not a bad thing if this comes out dark, angry, or negative in its context, since it is conveying what is felt within, for better or worse, it needs to be grounded and released from within. Angry heavy metal music is much the same, it is not unhealthy, but perfectly healthy to channel this inner energy into a productive end. Just as venting is necessary to release angry or unpleasant emotions, art serves as an even more useful channel in this regard. Indeed, it can even bring healing qualities.  

If we can utilize art or creative energy to spread the message of Truth, Care, and the expression of essential qualities we need to overcome the forces in the world which attempt to impose the vice of corruption and contempt for life on us without their right to do so, we can see that our use of art and creativity to influence others against this, this is part of what we call the Great Work. That is, re-channeling the message of Truth and Care to inspire others, in our own creative, original way, we can understand more thoroughly what is meant by the Great Work, as a transmutation of base energies to Spiritual Gold which can be of tremendous value, much more than a literal, precious metal.  

The realities of this world, much like Mother Nature, can be cold, harsh, brutal to the unprepared. That includes those who are operating out of context with the Universe and the mechanics of its Laws. For example, the idea that we are to live in the state of Peace and Love only, as the New Age and 60's drug cultures would have it, is a delusional idea, because in the midst of entrenched power acting against regular people in the world and its inhabitants, a very serious, dark force of imbalance that is operating against the well-being of the world, this will not be overcome by passive acceptance and love, but active participation. Maintaining a mind state of passivity while hostile forces are actively in motion against us, will eventually get you killed, if not pushed back by the intelligence of those who counter it.

Awareness is a key to survival, and while it is pleasant to have peace and love, we have to understand that the Law of Polarity shows us we also have other forces to contend with, forces that are not so nice, but sometimes brutal and blood-thirsty, as history has shown us. The metaphor of of our fallen nature is highlighted throughout history. If we are to survive and find any chance of overcoming the treachery at work in the world, we need to understand this and get with the program. The creative works we undertake can reflect these energies to properly put man in line with his true nature, in its full spectrum, inclusive of those forces that bring us the true form of Love in the Universe, the Agape and Care of Truth and Natural Law, to impart to others what they need to survive, through the art and creative expression we put forward.

We are only here for so long, and then we are gone forever, so why not leave our mark and express that which we have to offer? Even some of these dark areas of expression, such as anger, despair, or frustration can help others in such immense ways, who are going through these, or find inspiration from them to begin the Path of Truth and Care. As I’ve said before, sometimes people just need someone or something they can relate to, to get them through their inner-struggle. There are many artists, musicians, and creative minds that I can already think of, who have passed away and left extremely valuable and inspiring works of art behind them. It is these works which immortalize them, and it is in this light, that we can remember their contributions and life, the essential qualities they left behind... 

Herbal Alchemy & the Goddess of the Great Work
Segment of the Nightshade Tarot Sun Card by A. W. Finnegan


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