The Constant Plague of COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events: Immunosuppression & the Slow-Virus Disease

Updated: Jan 20

By: A. W. Finnegan

There is substantial evidence and indication that a subtle yet profound rise in debilitating chronic health problems are resulting from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines training the cells of individuals to make an immunosuppressive spike protein antigen,1 along with the viral-vectored vaccines expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike, resulting in slow, incapacitating chronic diseases that wear out and destroy the immune system, vitality, and health, in the same manner as bacterial lipoproteins such as that found on Borrelia burgdorferi.2, 3 Waning immunity will be the inevitable result and will only make the current situation much worse,4 as we are now seeing with surges in highly vaccinated countries.5 It will be akin to attempting to thrash one's way out of quicksand, the faster and harder one thrashes, the faster one submerges.

These types of antigen or spike proteins can be found with little variation on a wide range of other pathogens expressing this class of antigen,6 sometimes referred to as fusion proteins.7, 8 This class of antigen have a long history of inducing immunosuppression or immune tolerance, an AIDS-like immunosuppressive condition, and these complex mechanisms serve as the basis of chronic disease and produces an infinite variation of disease outcomes marked by chronic immunosuppression,9 causing a slow degeneration of the central nervous system and protean manifestations affecting nearly all other systems within the body.10

The exposure of antigen to the immune system is merely the same whether a vaccine was made with the spike protein itself or training the cells to produce it through a para-infectious process. The toxicity is high with this class of antigen but produces a distinctly different outcome than the acute sepsis seen with bacterial endotoxin such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS).11, 12, 13 The effect of these antigens will be more immunosuppressive and harder to spot, with more complex outcomes.14

Spike proteins with these immunosuppressive qualities are going to cause permanent chronic health problems in many recipients that will unravel differently in each person affected.15 Anything that impairs the immune system to the degree which these spike protein antigens can,16 will reactivate latent oncogenic herpesviruses,17 invite secondary opportunistic infections,18, 19 resulting in mixed infections like that seen in infectious respiratory catarrh,20, 21 making complicated conditions play out in endless variation. That is to say, those affected will all be affected in their own unique way and see a unique course of disease that results from the same common denominator, though many will have general similarities in common.22

Unusual presentations of disease will be showing up more often,23, 24 yet the conditions will lack a common definitive box for medical doctors to classify them into, even if they all originate from the same triggering mechanism, the spike protein.25

The common theme between cases will be a systemic array of non-specific symptoms like headache, joint pain, fatigue, malaise, while the neurotropic effects will include psychiatric manifestations that affect the cognitive and psychological processes of the individual.26, 27

Many adverse events are playing out in large numbers but due to the way the passive monitoring systems are set up to look only for specific clinical entities in very large numbers,28 on top of a severely lacking understanding of immunosuppressive diseases and their lack of specific definitions by the medical establishment to classify these health effects, its delayed responses and the non-specific nature of symptoms that accompanies it, it goes largely unacknowledged and unaddressed.29

This is further complicated by political and corporate motivations,30 very few will understand the common source of new chronic health problems now plaguing the West as emergency rooms overflow with sick patients not sick with COVID-19 but the effects of the antigen produced by the COVID-19 vaccine in the body.31 Heart attacks, myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, blood clots (including stroke and aneurysm), seem to be the more common acute and short-term adverse reaction to the vaccine when they occur.32

The majority of adverse reactions, however, will be more likely to fall in the range of immunosuppressive chronic diseases and neurological damage, that is, damage to the immune system and the central nervous system.33 This outcome is made more challenging by the fact that oftentimes these forms of disease elucidated through an adverse reaction to the vaccine begin with an initial flu-like illness to develop into a slow, progressive chronic neurodegenerative disease. This would be indistinguishable from the strong reaction that the public health authorities are claiming as normal reactions to the vaccine.34

However, the condition is exacerbated with each additional shot after the first. The second shot has been known to make people very ill with the onset of a septicemic reaction that is merely a few degrees behind an acute septicemia that requires hospitalization.35 Therefore, a common after-effect of the vaccine reaction will mirror the post-sepsis syndromes seen in those who survive acute sepsis, being plagued by chronic health problems indefinitely for the remainder of life.36

The monitoring systems were not setup correctly and will dismiss, by proxy, all of these cases from being considered vaccine-related health effects even if they are caused by the vaccine.37 The effects of these antigens on the immune system are a triggering mechanism bringing on new chronic health problems that mirror the post-sepsis syndromes,38 and the failure to meet the needs of these patients will strain the medical system to the point of collapse.39

The medical system is incompetent to deal with these problems in any reliable way and will fail in meeting the needs of sick patients across the board. This is already happening as Emergency Rooms are being flooded with very sick people that do not have COVID-19.40 Many of these are vaccine injuries and will be further complicating the myriad of health problems already plaguing Western populations before the COVID-19 situation arrived.41

As the public health system has done for decades prior to this, today's medical systems will give very little consideration to those who develop these chronic diseases that are oftentimes very complex and hard to define or class into a specific disease definition, so they attempt to deny the diseases as forms of somatization.42 This is due to the lack of definable inflammation and lack of antibody response that follows immunosuppressive systemic health problems with protean manifestations affecting the entire body with infinite variation of disease expression.43

The disturbing reality is that the public health system wants to be an active decision maker in all personal health choices for the general public and having everyone stay up-to-date with all routine vaccinations, but when a vaccine destroys the health of a vaccine recipient and the person is left with complex, chronic health problems as a result, the medical and public health system wants nothing to do with the mess of complications left in its wake, and the person is then expected to carry that burden indefinitely.44

The same public health system shoving the vaccine agenda down everyone's throats and imposing their will on everyone else will not be there to carry anyone or offer relief in any way when the vaccine destroys the health of a recipient, and once that is done, it will be nearly impossible to prove a causal relationship to the vaccine since the damage is done indirectly to the immune system.45 This results in a complex network of adverse health effects and hard-to-define chronic diseases that typically result from vaccine adverse reactions.46, 47

There were working groups meeting at the beginning of the vaccine development for the COVID-19 vaccines regarding what they termed vaccine-associated enhanced disease that clearly demonstrate the reality of what is discussed in this article.48 The public relations campaigns and public figures from the public health system never informed the public of the possible risks and realities of this during the vaccine rollout, downplaying all negative aspects of the vaccine in favor of sociopolitical offensives and an official state policy of fighting vaccine hesitancy.49

This author has personally experienced the reality of ignored adverse reactions with a hepatitis B vaccine and attempting to address this through reporting systems and the public health system was not only a lengthy process but futile and fruitless, despite very real and lasting adverse effects within a few degrees of those listed as known adverse reactions of the Hepatitis B vaccine.50 None of it is adequately assessed and therefore the majority of those cases like mine are by and large left out of the data.51 There is now an ocean of people with vaccine injuries left to carry their own burdens, many whom this author has met and befriended, but these cases are typically ignored and never factored back into the data that is supposed to mirror its safety and effectiveness when in fact it does not.52

The reporting systems currently in place have an effective mechanism for silencing nearly all vaccine injuries and not taking them into account and having it reflected in the data.53 It is working in favor of corporate and political motivations with little consideration for safety.54 Many of these illnesses are being labelled as figments of the imagination, classed under the term somatoform.55 People are left with tremendous burdens they are expected to carry themselves without any recognition of their own disease.56, 57

It is hidden purposefully, not necessarily for conspiracy's sake, but indirectly it manifests due to a complexity of factors which point out major flaws and inconsistencies that the public health system does not want to address.58 Therefore, the failure to address the flaws inherent in today's medical and science community are, at least in part, weak points familiar to human nature, ignored for the sake of ego and prestige, for the sake of profit, and even for the sake of convenience.

However, there is also a considerable National Security side to the problem, through intelligence and espionage overlapping the realm of biodefense and bioterrorism.59, 60 However, this is almost never admitted due to the blanket of secrecy that surrounds issues that are considered relevant to National Security. Anyone who suggests or makes an inquiry to its activity is slandered with the term conspiracy theorist, by proxy, as an official tactic to discredit the attention and cloak activities relevant to biosecurity, to deter anyone from suggesting any outbreaks or disease plaguing populations could link to biological weapons or covert acts of bioterrorism, even though billions of dollars are poured into State-funded projects and contracts on biodefense to protect against just that.61 It is coming at a price to the public and there is a scandalous past surrounding biodefense, especially as it relates to major blunders in the earlier days of the Cold War and Operation Paperclip. This author has made an in-depth study and inquiry relevant to this subject documented in over 1100 pages of sourced and referenced material compiled over many years and will be the most authoritative study on this subject.62

As a result of these complex layers overlapping each other, no one in the public health system, the academic, or science community, wants to address the giant elephant in the room called chronic disease and immunosuppressive vaccine injuries producing complex diseases that are hard to define, address, and treat.63 It would show just how incompetent the system really is, but now that chronic disease and its accompanying neurotropic effect, manifesting as mental illness,64 is exploding to unprecedented numbers,65, 66 it is getting harder to keep the lid on the box, and the COVID-19 situation has been shining an inconvenient light on all these factors they've wanted to ignore.67, 68

No one wants to address the problem of immune tolerance that stands as the basis of chronic disease,69 because it would stand conventional medicine on its head and its history revealed would bring out some skeletons in the closet of public health that the State Department and the pharmaceutical giants do not want known.70

The public health system wants all the benefits of its political power and its control over health choices, but yet they want nothing to do with these complex diseases resulting from the complications of vaccine adverse events that leave a myriad of complicated conditions that they can't address or deal with.71

It is much like a man who wants to sleep with a particular woman and have all the benefits of a romantic relationship with her, but then decides to abandon the woman when she finds herself expecting a baby that he doesn’t want the responsibility for. It is a very good analogy for the comparison.

The medical and public health systems and insurance companies don't want the responsibility for these complex mystery diseases elucidated by vaccines, especially compulsory vaccine practices, because they induce immune tolerance and this starts a very complex network of chronic health problems which they don’t want to pay for or accept responsibility for, because it is very expensive, progressive, works in opposition to their model of immunology, and generally these conditions are irreversible, so they dump all the burden on the individual affected.72

This has been the case for parents with vaccine-damaged children for decades, and those who receive compensation are a very rare exception rather than the rule.73 Those rare cases who do meet the criteria for compensation are paid for by tax dollars through the federal government's National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) started in 1986.74 The pharmaceutical firms then don't have to pay a single penny to the vaccine-damaged and thus safety is not something they have any incentive to serve. They now have complete immunity from any liability that results from any adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, and already have a history of criminal fraud under their belt. 75

Once a vaccine is administered, there is no reversing the process that is initiated. Despite the popularity in alternative health circles of detoxification of toxins as a pathway to health, vaccines and the effects they have on the body will be largely irreversible. There is no detoxing a vaccine out of the body or reversing its effect on the immune system.76 The immune system will attempt to repair itself and improvements can happen over the course of many years, but often the effects will be permanent and irreversible. Vaccine injuries are often permanent and far-reaching.77 Once the vaccine is administered and the immune system is engaged, it will follow a chain of events that affect permanent change in the recipient's biological makeup.78

The process will play out in slow progression for most of the cases as the immune tolerant state is oftentimes fueled by the onset of a slow-virus disease like those seen in Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM) virus.79, 80 The first shot will be less noticeable than subsequent shots and boosters, but every subsequent shot after the first will be more destructive than the first.81 Often the permanent chronic health problems are brought online after the second shot.82 They will notice a severe reaction to that second shot and as it dies back down, they may notice a slight to severe joint pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, and malaise, that seems to linger on, following a relapsing and remitting course, but never fully goes away.83 That is the immunosuppressive outcome that is generally irreversible and follows a slow progression to a full-blown disabling chronic disease which can take up to several years to progress to its fully disabling state.84 This is certainly not taken into consideration in the surveillance on vaccine safety.

Changes to the mood and mental health of the person can be more or less pronounced and concurrent with the chronic health problems in the aftermath of vaccine adverse effects. This is because with chronic diseases marked by immunosuppression and immune deficiencies, they are often accompanied by reactivation of latent viruses. Typically this will include viruses of the herpesvirus family adding to the immunosuppression,85 causing severe neurologic disease, that is to say, they cause severe neurologic disease and destruction of the brain and central nervous system.86 Many additional neurotropic viruses inadvertently harbored by the individual may find additional activation or acceleration.87

Unfortunately, conditions in this spectrum are often complex, hard to assess, and surrounded in controversy and stigma. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the areas of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome immunodeficiency disorder (ME/CFSID), Lyme disease, and so on. Unnecessary political controversy has destroyed trust between many of the chronically ill and the public health systems.88

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccines in general have been so politically charged to paint anyone who questions or takes caution in the practice of vaccination as conspiracy theorists pushing outlandish ideas, it uses ridicule and bullying to silence its opposition, even though post-vaccinal encephalitis and neurological diseases have been documented to occur throughout the entire history of vaccination.89 With a greatly accelerated push to stomp out opposition to vaccination, billion-dollar sociopolitical offensives by the State Department to fight vaccine hesitancy were implemented at the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, effectively downplaying and ignoring many possible injuries and adverse effects in favor of politics, and this has already been the case for decades with other vaccines, but this is much more troubling since its being rolled out in so many millions of people at once with ineffective monitoring systems.90 These monitoring systems were not designed to account for the complex disease outcomes and how they play out differently in each person,91 and so therefore they are all factored out by proxy, because monitoring systems are only set up to look for the same adverse reaction in large numbers, and since only insignificant numbers will meet the criteria to fit in these boxes of specifically-defined disease, which is unlikely to happen.92

What should have been an aggressive standard for safety was politicized to promote the vaccine and crush opposition to it, becoming a barrier to the political vaccine agenda.93 The public health system was less concerned about safety, they were solely concerned with the political agenda of the vaccine rollout, and more than that, they were concerned with waging a political war called fighting vaccine hesitancy.94

In the short-term, VAERS reports have demonstrated enough evidence to warrant a serious inquiry as to why the high number of deaths that clearly mirror vaccine injuries like thrombocytopenia and cardiac manifestations leading to death were simply dismissed and claimed to have no causal relationship to the vaccine.95 Many other possible adverse events of a more chronic nature have been selectively reported across PubMed.96 Even if triggering damage to the immune system and indirectly activating other complex disease manifestations, the vaccine could operate as a triggering mechanism causing the indirect damage, injury, or death to occur in the first place like that seen in post-sepsis immunosuppression,97 but through semantics it is used for political motivations to serve the safe & effective model, despite evidence suggesting otherwise.98, 99

This is again, mirroring the position that the academic science community and public health systems have taken against chronic diseases and immunosuppressive outcomes that cannot be easily measured or determined with conventional diagnostics. It has turned its back on the chronically ill long ago, specifically in 1960, when the science of immune tolerance was attributed only to organ transplants,100 while being dismissed and ignored in relation to the infectious etiologies discovered by Erich Traub in 1936 with Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM) virus.101

There was considerable science and documented evidence from that time to demonstrate the reality of immunosuppressive chronic diseases resulting from infectious agents and antigen, known by other names like endotoxin tolerance,102 immune paralysis,103 post-sepsis syndrome,104 post-viral syndrome,105 among others. The explosion in chronic disease and mental illness makes this science more relevant now than ever before. We need to ask why it was, that a science that could have stood as the pillar of one-half of the sentire disease spectrum, chronic disease, was ignored and not included in the public sphere of science and only discussed in biodefense circles?106, 107, 108 It might be a doorway to many other inconvenient truths showing many darker State secrets and scandals that have been buried under the cloak of Issues of National Security for far too long…

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