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Tainted Immunity: Post-Vaccinal Encephalitis & the Chronic Plague of Societal Degeneration

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #Vaccines #Cancer #ChronicDisease #Contaminants

Vaccines: Enemies of the Great Work
"Tainted Immunity" by A. W. Finnegan

This article has been needed for far too long, critical information that I will present within this article, backed by extensive medical and scientific literature and evidence. It is not the research of alternative doctors or any dubious sources I present. I put nothing forward that is not established research from the academic or science establishment, or found in American intelligence reports, nothing that those who oppose the argument can claim as false or notwithstanding. My understanding of the immunology is on point, I studied the work of many of the pioneers in virology, immunology, and bacteriology, and the reality has been there all along. But what I present is the research from the established science itself.

The many neurological disorders following vaccination, which are numerous, range from autism to cognitive and behavioral health problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, to paralytic disease and beyond, can all be linked to the complications following vaccination, and it was all classed under one umbrella term long before the term autism came into effect, it was called post-vaccinal encephalitis. One 1969 paper from British researchers, Para-Infectious and Post-Vaccinal Encephalomyelitis, states:

Similarly, although the encephalitis following vaccination against smallpox (post-vaccinal encephalitis) is the typical example of encephalitis as a sequel to prophylactic inoculations, the term post-vaccinal should be used for the range of neurological disorders following vaccinations of all kinds (deVries,1960). [1]

There were books written on the subject, [2] another notable paper was Neurological Complications of Immunization, here is a passage from that article, written in 1982:

Most American children receive prophylactic immunizations three times during the first year and five times by age 4 years (Table 1). Although case reports are legion, few epidemiological studies have compared the incidence of neurological syndromes between recently immunized and nonimmunized populations. Complications most often come to attention when a large population is immunized in a short period of time. A good example is the increased incidence of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) associated with the 1976 swine influenza immunization program in the United States; many millions of people had to be immunized before the increased risk of GBS became apparent. [3]

All one has to do is get on PubMed and search the term "post-vaccinal encephalitis" and you will begin to see the term implies neurological complications following vaccinations of all kinds that span the entire history of vaccination. [4] That means they've known about these vaccine complications like autism, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and all the rest, since the very beginning, but failed to address it for political reasons and profiteering. However, less is said about the neurotropic effects when the toxicity of vaccination causes reactivation of latent herpesvirus and the oncoming mental illness and neurotropism imparted from it. [5] However, I will show some of the researchers out of Germany who did cover it.

Furthermore, the truth about vaccine safety goes far deeper than the metal adjuvants, which are not put in there so much for the adjuvant properties, but rather to attempt to kill off or inactivate the biological contaminants found in them, which accompany the vaccine in some form or another, often if not always. Any adjuvant properties are secondary to the true purpose of them being put in there; to kill off the contaminants, as stated in a New York Times article, Vaccine Rule is Said to Hurt Health Efforts, known since the 1930s:

"But a proposal that the ban include thimerosal, which has been used since the 1930s to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination in multidose vials of vaccines, has drawn strong criticism from pediatricians." [6]

Mycoplasma is probably one of the most common, serious contaminants found in commercial vaccines, [7] it was in earlier days referred to as pleuropneumonia-like organisms (PPLO). [8] The nature of Mycoplasma is immunosuppressive, it jams up and blunts the immune response, [9] as well as causing some of the autoimmune reactions plaguing the population. [10] However, there are a multitude of other contaminants that range from fungal, bacterial, viral, and parasitic microorganisms.

In fact, an Italian company, Corvelva, tested the Infanrix Hexa 6-way vaccine which was supposed to be an immunization against 6 diseases (diphtheria toxoids, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, haemophylus influenzae B, Poliomyelitis 1-2-3), and according to the study, none of the antigenic material of any of these 6 diseases were found. The results were published in Vaccinegate: Study on the chemical composition profile of Infanrix Hexa, and found a multitude of dangerous contaminants. The results stated:

When we started these analysis, from the metagenomics to the chemical ones, we had a lot of questions and we were only looking for answers…

After these first results, more questions have arisen and so did the concerns!

The quali-quantitative analysis of organic compound is of great importance in the pharmacological field, as potential safety problems arise from the new production processes of biological drugs and from the complex structural and biological characteristics of these products.

In Infanrix Hexa we found:

● chemical contamination from the manufacturing process or cross-contamination with other manufacturing lines;

● chemical toxins;

● bacterial peptide toxins;

● insoluble and indigestible macromolecule that reacts to the protein assay, but cannot be recognized by any protein databases.

We have not found:

● Protein antigens of diphtheria toxoids, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, haemophylus influenzae B, Poliomyelitis 1-2-3;

● Formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, phenoxyethanol, antibiotic residues indicated in the composition; [11]

According to Dr. Garth Nicolson, Ph. D., former professor at the University of Texas School of Medicine, a mycoplasma researcher and author of PROJECT DAY LILY, has spoken at length on this problem, including one lecture he gave, where he discussed the problem of autistic spectrum disorders, contaminants in vaccines, and talked about a time he was on a flight and found himself sitting next to a vaccine manufacturer who had just gotten bumped out of first class:

“We haven't really, I think, reached any conclusion in the case of children with autistic Spectrum disorders but my guess is it will be related to the multiple vaccines that they received, either because of immunosuppression of these young patients who don't have fully developed immune systems anyway, or to contaminants in the vaccines. Now one of the papers that I use, often cite- is the fact that when commercial vaccines are checked for contaminants, one of the contaminants, that’s found quite often in commercial vaccines, is mycoplasma, [crowd participant: “In the vaccines?”] the vaccines.

Now you might say ‘well, why don’t they do something about this?’ Well, I just happened to, by chance, take a flight somewhere, I forgot where I was going, to fly back to Washington for one reason or another, and I happen to be with a, sitting next to, a vaccine manufacturer who was really mad because he got bumped out of first class. So he was riding back there with the rest of us and complaining, a Blue Streak and everything, and I started asking him where he was going and he was going to the FDA for someone, so we actually started talking and I started telling him what we had found, and he started getting more and more nervous, as time went on until finally, I flat-out asked him I said “well I know that you know about this problem and I want to flat out ask you why don't you test these vaccines for mycoplasma because I think this is a potential problem” and his immediate knee- jerk response was “what are you trying to do drive us out of business?

I said ‘What do you mean try to drive you out of business I think it’s a matter of safety,’ then he started hemming and hawing, and making up excuses, and so on and so forth, and the fact of the matter is they don’t wanna test for these types of things because its EXPENSIVE to test for these types of infections, and quite frankly I think they’re afraid of what they might find. ...So, this was part of the whole problem of convincing authorities, convincing people that we need to look into these things, uh, much more seriously.” [12]

As far back as the 1950's American intelligence reports from the declassified files at the Central Intelligence Agency show Soviet biological experiments attempting to grow contaminant microorganisms from sterilized vaccines. Indeed, they were successful. They explained that microbes could be successfully grown from these so-called sterile vaccines, the report states:

In connection with this work, it was established that microorganisms exhibit a much higher resistance to powerful chemical and physical influences than that which was ascribed to them hitherto. Thus, Bosh'yan was able to isolate living cultures from nutritive media which had been boiled and autoclaved repeatedly Having this high resistance, microorganisms do not perish either in the host organism or outside of it as easily as had been assumed. Notwithstanding the prevalent view that a sterile vaccine contains only dead microorganisms, cultures of living microbes could be successfully grown from many formalinized vaccines and also some so-called chemical vaccines. [13]

In a 1990 New York Times article, AIDS Epidemic Puts An Unusual Microbe Under New Scrutiny, the contamination of biological material like cell cultures are a problem even in the most sterile laboratory conditions:

''Few microbes have that degree of homing instinct, and it is worth finding out what is in the arteries in the brains and joints that does the damage,'' Dr. Thomas said. [But] Mycoplasmas are notorious for contaminating samples in other laboratory experiments. ''It is the worst pain in the neck,'' said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, who heads the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md.” [14]

However, the fungal, microbial, and pleuropneumonia-like organisms (PPLO) contamination is not the only contaminant involved. The reality goes even deeper. Viral contaminants are also present, and they simply cannot remove them adequately. [15] Worse, is that these viral contaminants, even harder to spot, are usually of the Type C Viruses, classed as oncogenes; or carcinogens. [16] The National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute ran a decades-long program on this problem, called the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP). [17] The program was carried out by hospitals and academic universities nationwide for decades starting in the 1960s. [18]

The Herpesvirus family of viruses makeup a portion of these Type C viruses, that includes viruses such as Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6), Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV, also called chickenpox), Herpes-Simplex Virus (HSV-1), among others. [19] However, the number of Type C viruses also extend into other domains and viruses of animals, such the Simian Virus 40 (SV40), Avian Leukosis Virus, Equine Infectious Anemia Virus (EIA), Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCM), and many others. These are common viruses contaminating commercial lots of vaccines, as such contaminants are nearly impossible to exclude from the manufacturing process and final product. [20]

The most well-known case of large-scale contamination occurred in the 1950's after the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) was shown to be contaminated for a full five years before they even discovered it, but it did not end there. [21] The virus continued to plague commercial lots of vaccines well after the discovery of contamination, and they found them again in Albert B. Sabin's oral polio vaccine (OPV). [22] The fact of the matter is that the vaccines simply cannot be made without them, and they refuse to acknowledge or deal with this problem. To adequately do so, would probably mean halting the manufacturing of vaccines altogether with no viable solution for the foreseeable future, so instead the people getting vaccinated pay with their livelihood, or their children's livelihood. They do not want you to know about this, so they send in key people to lead the anti-vaccine movement astray by keeping everyone focused on the metals.

The case in point being the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV), produced by the author of Survival of the Wisest, Jonas Salk, contaminated for five years before its discovery, but was not just contaminated with SV40, there were likely to be other nasty, Type C polyoma viruses like the John Cunningham Virus (JCV) and BK Virus (BKV). At any rate, the details of the SV40 tragedy can be seen in paper, Human Exposure to SV40: Review & Comment:

In the early 1960's, when the papovavirus SV40 was discovered (I), there was much concern about its pathogenicity for man. This concern arose from two sources: 1) The virus produced a latent infection of rhesus kidneys and was a common and unrecognized contaminant of viral vaccines which were prepared from virus pools grown in simian kidney cultures and administered to millions of people in the 1950's. 2) SV40 has an oncogenic potential as initially indicated by its ability to produce tumors following injection into neonatal hamsters (2-4). Shortly after its discovery, it was shown that SV40 could transform human cells in vitro (5-7) and that transformed autologous cells could produce subcutaneous nodules in human subjects (8). [23]

Here are the statistics on the incident, taken from the same paper:

Highly reliable information is available on the numbers and age distribution of the population immunized with inactivated poliovirus vaccines. These data were collected in yearly national household sample surveys conducted by the Bureau of the Census, in collaboration with the Communicable Disease Center (64). A summary of their report for the September, 1961 survey (51) is given in table 2. Over 98 million people, or 62 per cent of the population, had received one or more doses of the vaccine during the period when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with SV40. In 1961, potentially contaminated vaccine had been administered to almost 90 per cent of individuals under 20 years, 60 per cent of those 20-39 years old and 19 per cent of those 40-59 years old. [24]

Here is the sinister aspect we may want to consider, that the congenital infections passing through the generations are bringing higher incidents of cancer and malignancies as the infections gain momentum and become more vicious passing down the generations:

Heinonen et al. (74) have recently reported a higher incidence of malignancies in children born to mothers who received inactivated poliovirus vaccine during pregnancy. In a prospective study of over 50,000 pregnant women between 1959 and 1965 (Collaborative Perinatal Project of the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness), 24 malignancies in their newborns were detected in the first 4 years of life. The rate of malignancy was about two-fold greater in children born to mothers immunized during pregnancy. [25]

These adventitious or hidden viral contaminants are classed as carcinogenic, especially when reactivated from latent to active infection. Even after the problem was discovered, they were not able to rid the vaccines of these contaminants, as Konstantin Chumakov et al., stated in a paper, Some oral poliovirus vaccines were contaminated with infectious SV40 after 1961:

Inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) and live oral poliovirus vaccines (OPV) were prepared in primary cell cultures derived from rhesus monkey kidneys. Studies of these vaccines led to the discovery of a new virus called SV40 in 1959. This DNA virus caused vacuolization of green monkey cell cultures and was found to be highly oncogenic in hamsters (reviewed in refs. 1, 2). It was found that SV40 was endemic in rhesus monkeys. For this reason, the rhesus kidney cell cultures used to manufacture poliovirus vaccines as well as some seed stocks of poliovirus contained infectious SV40. (2–5). Therefore, the early batches of OPV contained infectious SV40 (3–5). Because formaldehyde treatment used to prepare IPV failed to completely inactivate SV40, some batches of IPV contained infectious SV40 (2, 4). As a result, it has been estimated that > 100 million people in the United States and many more worldwide received potentially contaminated vaccines prepared during the years 1954 to 1961 (2). [26]

In fact, there were congressional hearings in 2003 discussing the exposure as a "tragedy," which was revealed in Preventing Another SV40 Tragedy: Are Today's Vaccine Safety Protocol's Effective? [27] They simply would not call this a tragedy if was a benign exposure. Read between the lines my friends.

As we may recall in my book review on Jonas Salk's The Survival of the Wisest, he had been discussing, rather arrogantly, the use of similar viruses to mutate genes and cause degeneration in human populations, since the entire book was dedicated to moral relativism and depopulation measures, we shall review his comment once more:

"Biologists have discovered many ways in Nature of acquiring such information and of producing new combinations. For example, sexual reproduction, which results in new mixtures of inheritable information, may be seen as a producer of "mutations" in the sense implied above. "Mutations," as here defined, would also be produced by the introduction, either naturally or experimentally, of a virus into a sperm or egg cell, the genetic information of which would then be incorporated in either the DNA or the RNA and transmitted. Such new information might be advantageous or disadvantages. Nevertheless, it would be transmitted hereditarily, having become part of the organism, whose survival value would then be tested in the process of natural selection." [28]

This problem is still plaguing the manufacture of commercial vaccines, with inadequate testing, or contamination that occurs later in the vaccine material. Many papers have been written in recent years discussing this dilemma. Furthermore, many of these animal virus contaminants are oncogenic, carcinogenic viruses or immunosuppressive retroviruses like avian leukosis virus, discussed in Evidence of avian leukosis virus subgroup E and endogenous avian virus in measles and mumps vaccines derived from chicken cells: investigation of transmission to vaccine recipients:

Reverse transcriptase (RT) activity has been detected recently in all chicken cell-derived measles and mumps vaccines. A study of a vaccine manufactured in Europe indicated that the RT is associated with particles containing endogenous avian retrovirus (EAV-0) RNA and originates from the chicken embryonic fibroblasts (CEF) used as a substrate for propagation of the vaccine. We investigated the origin of RT in measles and mumps vaccines from a U.S. manufacturer and confirm the presence of RT and EAV RNA. Additionally, we provide new evidence for the presence of avian leukosis virus (ALV) in both CEF supernatants and vaccines. [29]

In Viral Nucleic Acids in Live-Attenuated Vaccines: Detection of Minority Variants and an Adventitious Virus, the process is admitted, yet rather downplayed in its extent, where viral material within a vaccine can recombine and turn pathogenic:

In very rare instances, one attenuated viral vaccine, the oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV), can accumulate mutations as well as recombine with other coinfecting enteroviruses and revert to a pathogenic state. (18, 24). Attenuated live vaccines also carry a potential risk of contamination with adventitious viruses introduced during the attenuation process, from the cell lines used, and/or from the animal sera or other biologics often used in cell cultures. Very early Theiler’s yellow fever attenuated virus was once “stabilized” with human plasma thought to contain hepatitis B virus, resulting in many cases of hepatitis (5, 28). Some early Sabin poliovirus vaccines were contaminated with the simian virus 40 (SV40) polyomavirus from the monkey cells used to amplify polioviruses. [30]

The Division of Viral Products, Office of Vaccines Research and Review, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), admitted in a publication, Issues associated with residual cell-substrate DNA in viral vaccines, that the contamination with viral substrates of commercial lots of vaccines was inevitable, as well as being potential carcinogens:

The presence of some residual cellular DNA derived from the production-cell substrate in viral vaccines is inevitable. Whether this DNA represents a safety concern, particularly if the cell substrate is derived from a tumor or is tumorigenic, is unknown. DNA has two biological activities that need to be considered. First, DNA can be oncogenic; second, DNA can be infectious. As part of our studies to assess the risk of residual cell-substrate DNA in viral vaccines, we have established assays that can quantify the biological activities of DNA. From data obtained using these assays, we have estimated the risk of an oncogenic or an infectious event from DNA. [31]

My next point, is that a virus that produces a so-called latent infection is not necessarily a harmless infection, but since we operate in a flawed, incomplete paradigm of immunology, such infections are seen as such. However, chronic infections with tangible effects can also be seen in cases of established active infection without measurable antibodies, passed congenitally, failing to produce abnormal bloodwork. This can be seen, for example, in the elusive infection with infections of Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCM):

Mice infected in utero with LCM virus carry large amounts of active virus in their blood and organs for many months and discharge considerable quantities of the agent with their secretions and excretions (11). This observation indicates continuous multiplication of the virus in the organs of such animals, which look like normal individuals in spite of their chronic infection. Intrauterine infection leads to a stable equilibrium between virus and body. It was also observed that mice infected in utero would develop practically no specific antibodies, while the sera of mature mice infected experimentally or by contact at least gave positive complement-fixation (CF) tests (9, 14).

Attempts to demonstrate neutralizing antibodies in the sera of such animals using customary techniques gave essentially negative results (for references see 13). More sensitive methods, however, have made the demonstration of such antibodies possible (7). Recent experiments have shown that their titer is relatively low and their antiviral action exceptionally slow (13). The failure to recognize this fact no doubt accounts for the negative results obtained earlier by different investigators. For several reasons it is still doubtful whether these antibodies represent the immunity factor of prime importance in mice recovered from experimental infection (10, 7, 13). The solid immunity of mice infected in utero is obviously not due to antibodies, since none could be demonstrated with sensitive methods even after repeated inoculations of virus (12, 13) and since life-long persistence of large amounts of active virus in the body would hardly be compatible with the antibody theory. [32]

This is echoed once again here:

It was reported in 1941 (17) that lymphomatosis frequently occurs in mice infected in utero or neonatally with the virus of lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM). Such animals are tolerant towards LCM virus. Their cells do not show a defensive reaction against this agent (22) and specific antibodies are not demonstrable in their blood and organs (24, 7, 19). Consequently, infectious virus persists in the organs of such mice for life and continues to multiply in their susceptible cells at about the same rate as in the embryonic stage (16, 21) without causing symptoms suggestive of a viral infection.

In the experiments to be presented in this paper an attempt was made to study the conditions under which lymphomatosis arises in such animals and to answer the question whether it is caused by the chronic LCM infection or by a latent leukemia agent present in many stocks of white mice. [33]

There are such infections that seem apparently harmless and subclinical, but the reality is not so harmless, it is establishing what is termed a slow-virus disease, which is an infection that acts incrementally over time, throughout the lifetime of an individual. [34] These can be acquired from the mother congenitally or picked up in the lifetime of the individual. [35] Much has already been written on the nature of such diseases, but it is largely ignored when it comes to vaccination because the science is not compatible with its market or technology. They eventually show signs of late onset disease and cancers.

Herein lies the secret of the vaccine-dilemma, some infections do not generate significant antibodies, and more so, antibodies are not necessarily the sole determinant of an immunity to active infection. Furthermore, since they are not assessing the immune system of those being vaccinated, it cannot be ascertained in any accurate manner, who is dealing with either immunosuppression or an active infection before the vaccine is administered.

This also ties into the vaccine technology itself, as they are jumping to the conclusion that the generation of some antibodies through immunizations translates to concrete proof that someone will be immune to a virus or infectious agent being immunized against. Paradoxically, the generation of antibodies is also used to determine active infections, to say someone has a said disease.

However, back to my point on the issue of not being able to assess the patient's immune system or state of health before the administering of vaccines. Many cases of permanent injury or death can follow the administering of immunizations in the immunodeficient. [36] It was discussed in a paper by some of the researchers at John Hopkins University, in Altered Virulence of Vaccine Strains of Measles After Prolonged Replication in Human Tissue. It states:

However, fatal infections have been documented in immunodeficient children vaccinated with these strains (1, 12, 14, 15). The symptoms of infection occur many months after immunization, and the viruses isolated are similar to the original LA vaccine (1, 15), suggesting that in the absence of an effective host immune response, persistent infection with the vaccine strain can lead to fatal disease. Viruses isolated from these children could potentially represent virulent revertants of the original LA vaccine. [37]

Because this can happen many months after the vaccine is administered, the chance of it being diagnosed as an adverse event to vaccination is highly unlikely, and the vaccine manufacturers get away with manslaughter every time this happens, because they know its likelihood to occur, but do nothing to warn us, rather they are moving to mandate them at alarming rates. In this case, they happened to recover the vaccine strains from the thymus and brain tissue of infants who had died, and this is from the same kinds of folks who downplay it in the public discussion. [38] They take advantage of public ignorance, but openly discuss it in their scientific research, because they don't expect many of us to be intelligent enough to find it, read through it, and understand it. They dress up their language with vaguery and semantics, just as I state in my article Depth-Perception: The Substance of Core Principles Versus Vaguery and Semantics.

However, this goes much further. The effects are not just producing those cases of death and acute injury. The antigen in many vaccines, which are often similar to the antigens of s0me bacterial lipoproteins, have a tendency to accumulate in the brain and nerves of the vaccine recipient, as discussed in publication Bacterial lipoproteins can disseminate from the periphery to inflame the brain. [39] The Hepatitis B vaccine antigen, known as the Australia Antigen, is homologous to that of Leprosy, [40] both of which can produce an AIDS-related complex in humans. [41] in other words, the class of lipoproteins they express are of the same biologic makeup and produce a similar presentation of disease. Now we are getting into the realm of neurotropism and long-term, chronic injuries of the brain and central nervous system, which ties into mental illness. Neurotropism is the degradation and destruction of the brain to infectious material accumulating in it and destroying it. Vaccine antigen can also do this, regardless of whether or not it is considered infectious in nature.

The herpesvirus family can be highly neurotropic and greatly contribute to the neurological disorders commonly seen today, as laid out in a publication, Herpesvirus Infections of the Nervous System, by two researchers of neurological diseases in human beings:

RECENT FINDINGS: As more patients are becoming therapeutically immunosuppressed, human herpesvirus infections are increasingly common. Historically, infections with human herpesviruses were described as temporal lobe encephalitis caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 or type 2. More recently, however, additional pathogens, such as varicella-zoster virus, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, and human herpesvirus 6 have been identified to cause serious neurologic infections. As literature emerges, clinical presentations of herpesvirus infections have taken on many new forms, becoming heterogeneous and involving nearly every location along the neuraxis. Advanced diagnostic methods are now available for each specific pathogen in the herpesvirus family. As data emerge on viral resistance to conventional therapies, newer antiviral medications must be considered.

SUMMARY: Infections from the herpesvirus family can have devastating neurologic outcomes without prompt and appropriate treatment. Clinical recognition of symptoms and appropriate advanced testing are necessary to correctly identify the infectious etiology. Knowledge of secondary neurologic complications of disease is equally important to prevent additional morbidity and mortality. This article discusses infections of the central and peripheral nervous systems caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2, varicella-zoster virus, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, and human herpesvirus 6. The pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical presentations of disease, diagnostic investigations, imaging characteristics, and treatment for each infectious etiology are discussed in detail. [42]

Vaccine revertants such as those described by Auwaerter et al., along with the reactivated herpesviruses are generally of the neurotropic class, and highly variable. The action of systemic viral infections with a predilection for brain and nerve tissue has a profound effect on psychological process. Mental illness would be the inevitable expression of these viral infections and antigen accumulating in the brain, as German researcher Karl Bechter pointed out in his 2013 paper, Virus Infection as a Cause of Inflammation in Psychiatric Disorders, infections that produce a low-level neuroinflammation that are missed in the diagnostics and scans:

Many neurotropic viruses exist and may cause classical inflammation but also low-level neuroinflammation. However, viruses may be dormant within the CNS and become active later. The role of neurotropic virus infections in the causation of psychiatric disorders may be underestimated, because the diagnostic approach to the CNS is difficult and to dormant infections in general, but especially within the CNS. Evidence is increasing that infections increase the risk of psychiatric disorders, not only prenatal infections but also infections during the lifetime. The question how low level neuroinflammation may be involved in severe psychiatric disorders like affective and schizophrenic spectrum disorders is intriguing but remains to be studied. Experimental data clearly show that low-level neuroinflammation can be induced by viruses, but the definitions of inflammation and low level neuroinflammation appear to be blurred and apparently the previous classical definition of inflammation has to be widened. Virus infection itself or virus-related products or virus-induced autoimmunity may play a role in disease pathogenesis. More sensitive diagnostic approaches from neuroimaging and CSF investigations may hold the key to a better understanding and definition of CNS viral infections as an etiopathogenetic sub-group of severe psychiatric disorders. [43]

Rudolf Rott, published MRI in psychiatric patients with serum antibodies against Borna disease virus regarding the findings of Borna Disease Virus antibodies in psychiatric patients, as evidence of infection among the mentally ill, but not in the healthy controls:

Investigations in the FRG and the USA revealed the presence of serum antibodies against the [Borna Disease (BD)] virus in psychiatric patients with affective psychoses, but not in healthy controls. We demonstrated the occurrence of BD virus-specific antibodies in sera of about 7% of the psychiatric inpatients at our hospital, not only in patients with affective psychoses but also in those with other psychiatric disorders. By comparison, in surgical patients from an endemic region, only 3% were found to be seropositive, some of whom had psychiatric or neurological disturbances. The question was whether the BD virus-positive seroreaction was a coincidental and harmless finding or whether it could represent the cause of psychiatric disorders. [44]

These conditions and neurological degeneration and its process would also be increasingly more complex as vaccinations were stacked on top of those already dealing with one or several chronic viral infections congenitally transmitted from mother to newborn, with no outward signs of disease upon birth, tolerized to virus, yet the effect of infection in the lifetime of that individual would be cumulative,[45] with early and late onset disease,[46] while the increasing number of vaccines given in the schedule adds infinitely more burden to an already confused and exhausted immune system, [47] it is akin to trying to put a fire out with gasoline.

Many people today can think of several families with autistic or mentally ill children, and the effect on a nation, if such angles were used as sabotage geared for strategic, long-term attacks, a target country would be plagued by chronic health problems and mental illness, with failure to detect infection, and simply labelled ‘somatoform’ or ‘mentally ill’ with no infectious disease, [48] yet was very likely dealing with one or several infections.

The course of disease by the immune tolerance complex would present only general similarities between subjects, with different courses and outcomes for each. [49] The result could be so various that the condition is grouped into many separate conditions between physical and mental health, leaving health practitioners and public health systems little to no understanding of the causal factors of immune tolerance and neurotropism.

Immune Tolerance is defined as “a state of unresponsiveness to a specific antigen or group of antigens to which a person is normally responsive. Immune tolerance is achieved under conditions that suppress the immune reaction and is not just the absence of an immune response.” [50]

This is the true science of vaccination, the secret they don't want you to know: vaccines are not imparting immunity, but rather tolerizing your immune system to the antigen so that there is no immune response to it, and thus, no acute inflammation. This is why they buried it and only attributed it to the same condition seen after bad organ transplants. [51] So you may see less acute forms of the disease, but in return you get plagued by chronic health problems and this is the other side of the coin in the nature of disease. Some have brought this factor up, such as the 2011 publication Chronic Widespread Pain & Fibromyalgia: Could There Be Some Relationships with Infections and Vaccinations?” [52] As far as all my research has proven, chronic disease and neurological problems manifesting as mental illness will be the inevitable result of the compulsion and over-vaccination. [53] [54] Cancer will rise and see its eventual conclusion.

This is the reason why the West has the highest rates of chronic disease and mental illness, because they practice compulsory vaccination. The so-called non-infectious antigen, begins to accumulate in the brain and nerves, [55] its toxicity begins to suppress the immune system, this is followed by the reactivation of neurotropic viruses like those of the herpesvirus family (EBV, HHV-6, etc.), the result is chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and general mental illness. [56] To date, these are permanent injuries.

Ask yourself this: Why is the CDC reporting the statistics for random acts of gun violence and school shootings, as reported in CDC: US school mass shootings increasing? [57] What does the CDC have to do with that? It is because they know the neurotropic effect on the brain is exploding in Western populations, [58] and this was the start of the creation of the CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), which was started after the polio vaccine debacle, and continues to 'monitor,' among other epidemics, the adverse effects of vaccines on the population resulting in destruction of the brain and long-term chronic health problems. [59] That is neurotropism for you, in a nutshell. It causes severe damage to the central nervous system, mental problems, and thus psychosis, rage, violent and erratic behaviors.

In conclusion, I hope I have at least been able to demonstrate that the complications in public health are far more complex, yet far more common and systemic in our society, than we are ever told, and it is having disastrous effects on the coming generations, and unfortunately, it is they who are going to suffer in the most tragic ways, if this continues, because as it stands, they are stacking dozens of vaccines on children, without doing anything to assess the scope of the situation, they cannot tell who is dealing with subclinical infections from who is not. It is quite simply Russian roulette. They do not assess the immune function before administering vaccines, and even if they did, it would be ineffective, because their understanding of immunology and infectious disease is flat out incomplete and overall wrong.

Furthermore, Vaccines are manufactured without adequate safety measures and contain so many contaminants which they cannot rid them of, and the contaminants are no small matter, these are oftentimes immunosuppressive, cause autoimmune-like reactions, and are classed as carcinogens. Corvelva found handfuls of contaminants in their study testing the ingredients in the Infanrix Hexa vaccine. [60] This is not acceptable to continue these practices at the expense of our children, because of greedy drug firms who don't give two shits about our livelihood, because they won't be held liable, thanks to the legislation they influenced and passed long ago, so taxpayers are paying the tab for injuries through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. [61]

Other federal laws associated with the Patriot Act's Project Bioshield, BARDA authority have allowed for the testing of experimental vaccines on the field and in practice, in coordination with contracts to drug firms like GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). [62] [63] The National Emergency Powers allow them to nullify the law restricting non-consensual testing on populations to allow it as science research on civillians if they feel it is warranted, and we have been under some form of national emergency for decades. [63] The CDC was already caught testing out experimental measles vaccines on African Americans and Latinos in the 90's, which is equally unacceptable and disgraceful. [64] There is no good reason to trust or accept the services of these systems that have no concern for our safety or our childrens' future and well-being.

I will leave you with a quote that really spells it out, how little these people care about safety when it comes to making and manufacturing vaccines. Astrazeneca executive, Pascal Soriot, in recent months, using the fear generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, urged us not to think about safety, we just have to go for it:

“When you have something like this, with this pandemic and the tremendous impact it has on people, the economy, et cetera, you can’t second-guess what’s going to happen, you can’t spend your time figuring out if it will work or not work,” [...]“You just have to commit.” [65]

It is not surprising then to see it already going south in the human trials, causing severe diseases like transverse myelitis, which is permanent neurological damage to the central nervous system. [66]

It is just a glimpse of what the future holds if we dont stand up for ourselves and reject this evil running amok in our society...

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