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Self-Saviorship: Either We Save Ourselves or be a Slave to the "Savior"

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: A.W. Finnegan #NaturalLaw #Discipline #Accountability

Birds of the Great Work
Falcon by A. W. Finnegan

The road to salvation in finding our way back in harmony with life and the Universe we live in is not going to find us through the work of some perceived savior or lead figure, whether political, religious, or any other form. There is no elite group of white hats putting the chains of justice on the corrupt forces in the universe who have been at work for hundreds of years to overtake and impose their rulership and oppressive control over others. Any attempt to shape public opinion in this way is the work of  PSYOP, it is the work of wishful thinking, it is a mental illness built on pure fantasy.  It is an imagination without any restraints of reason or logic, and does not mirror any of what is happening in the real world. The reality is that corruption and criminal influence in the world of matter is accelerating, rather than being restrained. Immorality is becoming the rule of law in the minds of many living on a disease-ravaged planet.

The truth and freedom movements have been hijacked and overthrown to such a great extent, starting long ago. We could not have expected any less, and it is apparent that the ability of the average researcher to differentiate the true from false is weakening rather than strengthening, while the level of misinformation and PSYOP is accelerating to epic proportions. Events and the truth behind so many things in the world are being obscured, and even the best researchers may get tripped up, indeed, expect it.

This is why it all comes back to that inner work of first principles and essential qualities that make Truth the timeless wisdom it will remain for all eternity. Externalizing our inner struggle in some perceived savior or figure ventures far beyond what should be an internalized struggle to build the Self in the light of moral stability and self-accountability. This morality includes the work of much responsibility and discipline, and not just "being nice to people." Treat others how you want to be treated, of course, but when someone is expressing unhealthy or destructive behaviors, over-compassion can enable it further and be just as damaging and destructive as the original behavior itself. The idea of Tough-Love becomes very relevant here, but it is the true form of Love, if one really puts some thought into it.

First-principles are those immutable laws or principles you hold, that do not compromise to be broken or violated. That means that in your character, as well as any field you specialize in, there should be a set of principles or code that you live by. To venture beyond this is breaking the code, and represents the start of personal imbalance. For example, if one is to be a respectable, genuine, and thorough researcher, it may not be in your best interest to make anonymous sources the basis of your research, if at all. There are reasons for this. It opens the doors to carelessness and being easily misled. I know many out there are just starting out, just beginning to take the path of truth and researching to understand the world. That is why I am doing what I can to help, based on what I've learned along the way, consider it tough-love, so that you can do this effectively and hold yourself to the highest standard. We have to learn to put our egos aside and allow ourselves to admit when we make mistakes, so that we can use that to push us forward and transform our abilities to worse to better.

It needs to be understood, once more, that although the realities we are now faced with are quite sad and of a dire forecast, living in a delusional reality will be far more damaging and consequential than any of the sad realities we are now faced with. The world will be as low and chaotic as our lack of self-responsibilities allow. Once we take responsibility for the world, starting by taking responsibility for ourselves, we will see the world start to level itself out, but not one single millisecond before that time. As far as you rely on some politician or figure to take those responsibilities for us, expect things to keep descending into a world of chaos, corruption, and imposed control.

SmartChip ID: Enemy of the Great Work
Graphic Design Image by A. W. Finnegan

In case it isn't blatantly obvious what I'm referring to, two examples specifically can spell it out for you: the cases in point are QAnon and President Trump. There were massive numbers of people getting way too caught up in this engineered, artificial intelligence program and PSYOP known as QAnon, and the idea that the world is being rescued and saved by President Trump. It is not so, and not only is it not so, it is working out to be the exact opposite, and that really is what has been occurring in the real world. The so-called "Storm" is not being directed at the ones in control, it is being directed at regular people, against regular people, the Storm is an attack on regular people, instead of a global elite. The level of scientific research and experimentation on civilians has accelerated to such an extent, that very few are seeing it because they are too pre-occupied with this false narrative being used to bait people into some imaginary land of pure fantasy. But these are just microcosms of the larger macrocosms for the blueprint of fooling your ass. One thing one may notice if you read the right books and study how the operators think, is that they all follow specific playbooks.

But meanwhile, lets look at what has been going on in the real world while QAnon telling everyone that all these great things are taking place. Just recently, 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes are set to be released in the environment around Florida and Texas. [1] These were already being released in 2017 and 2018, and possibly before this. [2] The mosquitoes are infected with a strain of bacteria called Wolbachia pipentis ZAP strain, which is supposed sterilize the mosquitoes. [3] However, the Wolbachia was enhanced with antigens from the Herpes-simplex virus, [4] which has been linked to male infertility in human beings. [5] [6] Is it any wonder why we're seeing a massive decrease in birth rates across the United States? [7]

Here are some more examples. DARPA's genetically-modified leaf hoppers infected with lab-engineered viruses said to protect plants were also planned to be released and let loose. [8] Genetically-engineered fungus (Metarhizium anisopliae) was brought into use as a biopesticide after it was shown to cause severe and sometimes fatal human infections. [9] [10] [11] Vaccine mandates have accelerated and actively being implemented in many states across the country. [12] [13] Cloud seeding has seen a significant rise in the last several years, integrated with synthesized bacteria as Pseudomonas syringiae, sprayed all over the environment with no care or concern for long-term health or environmental damage. [14] All of this shows that the powers that be treat us and the planet they live on like their personal laboratory for unrestricted experimentation with no liability, which the BARDA authority and National Emergency powers made into law. [15] [16]

Yet, people think that because a few people get arrested here or there, or because a few CEOs step down from leading a corporation, that it must mean that the corruption is being taken care of. Go back to 2010, [17] start there and check each year how many CEOs step down every year, even before the last presidential election, [18] and you'll see this is very common and has always been. People get arrested and find themselves in scandals every year too, but it has not slowed the vicious nature of corruption and power-hungry special interests in any significant way. It means nothing in the overall scheme of things. The perception being engineered is the result of artificial intelligence, and it was valuable software similar to that described by Danny Casolaro, noted by Jim Keith and Kenn Thomas in The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, as the software known as PROMIS, [19] also discussed in Michael C. Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. [20] Read these books and it may familiarize the reader a bit more with the earlier days of artificial intelligence software and what it can do. In the present day, many sinister aspects of Artificial intelligence are being used against us, it can fool you sideways, if you are not aware of what it is or what it is capable of. [21] It draws from all your data, and formulates ways to play on your emotions based on predictions of certain events, weaving it into a story line contrary to what is actually taking place.

This is why we must learn to live by first-principles. When we know ourselves and live by a code of conduct, we are able to stand up against lies and deceptions. It is when we don't know ourselves, lack these first principles, that we end up getting led astray, that we get conned into a system designed to subvert us rather than empower us. Make no mistake, following and expecting some savior, even if that so-called "savior" meant well, is not a viable option or solution. Any perceived realignment will only be an apparent one, and it leaves you wide open to vulnerabilities and carelessness. Not to mention, it is very unrealistic to expect one human being to carry the burden of many millions of others who fail to take any responsibility for themselves and their world. Nor is any more reasonable to expect some select group of perceived white-hats to do it for you either. This starts with you. You either learn to face your own reflection, or expect to have someone else impose theirs on yours.

Alchemical Herbs and the Great Work
Golden Henbane

It is as simple as that. Either you take the responsibility for yourself, or someone else will, and that someone else is not going to do it out of care for your best interest, it will be in the darkness of power-hungry control and ownership of others which will be stepping in to take the place of your lack of self-responsibility. As I've said before, the road to redemption and salvation starts within and radiates outward, not the reverse. It is as much a code of how the universe operates as the way a plant starts from a seed, first roots itself and begins to grow outward, with a strong foundation to support it. The analogy is much the same and part of the reason I named this site the Garden of Great Work, because a garden is a foundation in more ways than one, and naturally implies the order we must follow in caring or tending to it.


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