Read Between the Lies: The Politicization of Science and the Curse of Modern Medicine

Updated: Jan 20

By: A. W. Finnegan

As we move through 2021, we are witnessing the rise of an authoritarian brand of science and modern medicine being used as a tool to solidify political agendas imposing invasive measures on the people of the world, regardless of whether we consent to it or not.1 This draconian, immoral dogma hinges itself on the false idea that the unvaccinated are a danger to others and spreaders of disease, and that getting a vaccine protects everyone else, or that those with visible disease are the only source of contagion and the continuation of what the science and public health system considers vaccine preventable disease.2

However, this distorted concept is misleading at best and is now being reinforced as a political weapon with billions in state funding, as the White House revealed its appropriation of a billion-dollar campaign to fight vaccine hesitancy.3 This will include public relations campaigns to coerce others into accepting their policy of enforcement under the pretense of fighting vaccine hesitancy and distrust for public health, not through honesty but through reinforced propaganda hammered through every press and outlet of information like psychic driving to brainwash the people into compliance, while driving ruthless persecution against its non-believers and those who rebuke the reckless practices of science and modern medicine.4 Anyone in this grouping of non-believers became the heretics and scapegoats of science and anyone who was not comfortable or ok with getting the vaccine was shamed and belittled. Therefore, those questioning the safety of vaccines and those who distrusted the public health and pharmaceutical medical complex became the perfect candidate to scapegoat and blame as spreaders of disease and labelled as a danger to everyone else.5

The acknowledgement of asymptomatic transmission and the nature of asymptomatic shedding of active, virulent virus in Traub's early studies of LCM virus and persistence of viral infection despite no clinical symptoms formed the basis of immunological tolerance, and clearly demonstrates that germs are able to spread freely despite vaccine status or symptoms of any kind.6 It is only the vaccine recipient who tolerizes him or herself to the antigenic stimuli of the virus or infectious agent. This would be great if not for the fact that it is replaced with serious rebound effects that leave permanent damage and strain on the body, brain, and immune system.7

In other articles, I have covered the double-edged sword of vaccine-induced tolerance and the chronic immunosuppression that results from compulsory vaccine practices. It merely replaces acute disease with slow, chronic disease, with secondary effects on mental health. Unfortunately, the science of immune tolerance and slow-virus disease discovered by the late Dr. Erich Traub in Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis virus was obscured and purposefully buried in 1960.8 Its acknowledgement and inclusion into the science during that time would have opened up an entirely new spectrum of immunology and the science of disease.

The decision to bury the pathology of immune tolerance as it related to infectious disease and instead only attribute immune tolerance to the same condition seen in organ transplant recipients had political motivations, first because of the nature of Traub's background, but more importantly for the fact that if they were to include these advances into the science, it would have drawn attention to major flaws in modern immunology and vaccine-induced immunity based on antibody response and lack of inflammation.9

It did not sit well with the science of vaccination nor the Western system's conventional diagnostics used to confirm the presence of an infectious agent through antibody response.10 Instead of reconfiguring the approach to vaccines and diagnostic testing to fit in line with a more complete science, the Western science and public health decided, along with their partners in the pharmaceutical firms, they would conveniently shape science to bend to their inconsistencies and flaws instead of reconfiguring their approach to reflect the science,11 and with this decision, chronic disease was hidden under unnecessary controversy, and one half of the disease spectrum was ignored for many decades, and still today it has been redesigned under syndromes, disorders, mental illness, and disabilities with no apparent cause.

If they had included the science of Traub's findings, they would have had to admit that antibody response is not always the biomarker of immunity, and that some diseases can be present without any detectable inflammation.12 These two components held up a misleading understanding of disease for decades and this is still true today. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the lie that states only the unvaccinated can spread germs and the vaccinated are germ-free.13

The science of what had been discovered by Traub worked in opposition to vaccines and the Western paradigm concluding that antibody response and lack of inflammation were the biomarkers of immunity was inconsistent and misleading. To remedy this correctly would have cut into major profit and the ego of the scientific community in the West. Vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical firms would have had to reconfigure their entire understanding of immunity and the nature of disease. This thorn in their side obliterated much of how the Western public health and science community understood disease expression and immunology. Instead of including the science of Traub's discoveries on immune tolerance to shape immunology and infectious disease more accurately, it was downsized and attributed only to the same condition seen in organ transplant recipients, and the Nobel Prize was incorrectly awarded to two scientists who were never even nominated together by anyone, Macfarlane Burnet and Peter Medawar.14

Although the two scientists made important contributions to the fields in their own line of respective work, it was discovered and explained decades earlier by Erich Traub while he was at the Rockefeller Institute.15 Immune tolerance in relation to immunity and infectious disease should have stood as one of the pillars of Western immunology and could have opened the doors to understanding chronic disease from a very early time.16 The decision to obscure these origins would effectively remove one half of the entire spectrum of disease from the early foundation of science and public health, as it stands today.17

As science continued building its entire understanding of immunity and disease on a foundation with half of it missing, its deletion would affect all other systems above it from that point forward.18 It meant that if they wanted to effectively hide such discoveries, they would have to start covering for its contradictions with dishonesty, and this was a major turning point in the compromise of science and the public health system's descent into a policy of dishonesty and political motivations rather than what was best for our health and well-being.19 As the seeds of dishonesty began to take root and shape the future of both science and public health,20 the fruits of modern medicine and science would effectively poison the trust of the people it vowed to serve, and its fruits grew more poisonous and bitter with each layer of dishonesty it attempted to feed the public and with its misleading, politically-motivated science.21

The public health system favored the pharmaceutical firms before the people, it favored money and politics before health and well-being, it favored state secrets and coverups over the safety of its people against the effects of stealth bioterrorism. Corporate pharmaceutical firms took control of the public health system through their lobbying efforts and lucrative defense contracts,22 and when they needed reinforcement they turned to the NGOs, foundations, and universities to serve as their public relations arm to shape public opinion and train their physicians, health officials, and scientists,23 to learn and take orders modeled to serve their consensus of an authoritative public health doctrine and dogma of science,24 and their politically-motivated and self-styled evidence-based medicine.25 In reality, evidence-based medicine was just a reinvented term denoting the politically compromised, incomplete paradigm of Western science and public health with all the stealth infections and immunosuppressive diseases they caused to be conveniently wiped from the books using conventional diagnostics and inconsistent with any definable disease within such systems.26

Structuring the entire public health system and science of disease around antibody response and inflammation would mean that many who had very legitimate, oftentimes painful and slow chronic diseases that lacked inflammation and lacked robust antibody response would be effectively silenced, ignored, left to fend for themselves.27 If they continued seeking treatment for their non-existent disease through their system of evidence-based medicine, they would be slandered, accused of somatoform, and referred to psychiatry for the treatment of a potential psychiatric disorder.28

This state of chronic immunosuppression had another dark side to it to complicate the picture even further.29 The immunosuppression steadily gaining traction over the course of many decades in the population came with secondary effects on the brain and central nervous system,30 and neurological and psychological manifestations accompanied immune tolerance.31 The initial state of the immune system having been compromised caused latent viruses to reactivate and many times these were neurotropic,32 destroying parts of the brain and central nervous system as the immune system was silenced and tolerized to otherwise harmful antigen it was trained to keep out.33 That means if mental illness has infectious or immunological origins, they could have been looking for a cure for mental illness from the very beginning, but not only was that never attempted, they never even bothered attempting to discover what the cause of mental illness ever was, despite its explosion in Western societies.34

It was perhaps an unintended admission that they were not concerned about what the cause was, the pharmaceutical firms and science community probably already knew it was relevant to deeper immune-mediated complexes and neurotropic disease caused by stealthy infections they were hoping to ignore,35 along with the post-vaccinal encephalitis and injury to the brain as a long-term consequence of compulsory vaccination.36 There is considerable evidence to prove the connection between mental illness and neurotropic infections and post-vaccinal injury that caused neurodegeneration and psychiatric abnormalities, and this too, would not sit well with the current paradigms of immunity and compulsory vaccine practices of the West.37 The truth was that the compulsory vaccination was fanning the flames of a complex picture of immune tolerance in a population exploding with incapacitating chronic disease and mental illness, and this was a hallmark of immune tolerance being fueled by public health policy and its excessive, compulsory vaccine practices.38

As more vaccines were stacked on each subsequent generation, who would first inherit some of the immunological burdens of the parents and grandparents,39 their immune systems would have considerably more burden to keep up with as more vaccines were given, and this would have major neurotropic effects on the central nervous system and brain in early years of crucial neurodevelopment. Infections of the brain were already part of early psychology in Germany before the Second World War.40 Spirochetal infections, for example, were studied and treated by the psychology department.41 These interrelationships were known back then but failed to be included in later years for Western paradigms of science and mental illness as a symptom of neurotropic disease resulting from para-infectious and viral etiologies.42, 43, 44

Many of these early decisions to build the foundation of Western public health and the science of disease on dishonesty were done for political motivations and the profit-driven partnerships with the pharmaceutical giants, instead of what was best for the health of its people.45, 46 Profit, prestige, ego, state secrets, national security, and political correctness all played a part in early decisions for the public health system and scientific establishment to be dishonest with the many millions who trusted them and depended on them for maintaining health.47

As the number of people who developed unusual and unique presentations of chronic disease lacking both antibody response and detectable inflammation increased, more and more people would be turned away and told there was nothing wrong with them, that it was all in their head.48 They were now psychiatric cases.49 Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, low-grade meningo-encephalomyelitis, chronic Lyme disease, were some of the manifestations of this continual state of immune deficiency that was ignored by the public health system for decades and classed with psychiatric disorders.50, 51

Many people were also developing reactions to vaccines and the same conditions were playing out in parallel to those who contracted similar health problems from tick bites and other infectious diseases that took a slow, incapacitating course.52 Many of those who contracted arthropod-borne diseases were also being swept under the rug or turned away after a few weeks of antibiotics and given inadequate explanations for their health problems. When their symptoms persisted or continued despite the course of antibiotics, they were told it was all in their head and they were just imagining their complaints.53

The public health system took a similar approach to victims of vaccine adverse events that left them with crippling or systemic, permanent health problems after receiving a vaccine, science would attempt to reinforce it.54 These patients too, were told it wasn’t the vaccine and since the resulting effect was of an immunosuppressive nature lacking inflammation, they were effectively ignored and told it was tough luck.55 Many parents had concerns when their child developed a neurological disorder following a vaccine.56 Their intuition rightfully suspected that the vaccine brought on the condition,57 but again, they were treated with unsympathetic doctors telling them it was just tough luck and not related to the vaccine. Oftentimes humans can sense when they are being lied to or when they are met with some level of dishonesty, and this is especially true for mothers.

Many books had been written over the years by the chronically ill, telling of their stories trying to get to the bottom of their health problems, the bad treatment and neglect they received by the public health system, academic and science communities.58, 59 People also talk, word gets around, eventually everyone ends up knowing someone or has a family member or friend who has been affected by it. As the decades passed, many began to distrust the public health system, the pharmaceutical firms, and the science community, as they were being met with dishonesty time and time again. The divide would only grow stronger over the years, and the dishonesty would be harder to maintain.

Many people began to catch on and understand that something was very wrong and the public health system they depended on was dishonest and politically-motivated.60 The public health system was continuously treating them unfairly and with dishonesty, lacking any compassion or a desire to address their health problems. Even if the patients couldn't figure out exactly why this was being done, their intuition rightfully rang the alarm bell and the intimidation attempts to silence the chronically ill spoke volumes about the underlying dishonesty and state of compromise inherent in the public health system. When institutionalized science and medicine are then used to strengthen political motivations, it no longer functions as an objective science but a dogma to brainwash those among its ranks and in positions of authority that their blatant disregard for moral consideration and ethical responsibility is justified and supported by facts and following the science.

Eventually, a large enough number of people being affected to some degree put an irreversible gap of distrust between the people and their public health system. They hear the stories of their family member and then hear the public health system's explanation becoming more and more unconvincing. The public health system and science, wanting to maintain their pristine image, keep doubling down on their response and failure to

adequately explain and offer any help to so many has disastrous effects on its integrity as the years progress. They have no one to blame but themselves.

This gap would also be strengthened by the increasing number of parents with children with severe and debilitating neurological and behavioral health disorders.61 Not being satisfied with the response by public health, they naturally go seeking out the truth and find themselves becoming well-versed in the science and keeping up with the scientific literature.62 It would be greatly inaccurate to conclude that internet misinformation is the driving force behind this distrust.63 There is one primary factor far more intrinsic to the distrust among us, which is the policy of dishonesty given to so many millions affected.64

The conclusion that patients and parents end up arriving at is that their suspicions were certainly well-warranted, because oftentimes the literature will hold clues, answers, and demonstrate the exact opposite than what they were told or given as an explanation by their physicians or public health officials.65

The public health system and their partnerships with the corporate pharmaceutical firms found this growing distrust was severely affecting their stranglehold to control the health of its people and began to utilize academic and public health personnel in public relations operations to influence public opinion through media channels.66 Deep underneath, public health officials and their corporate partners in big pharma often knew they were being dishonest,67 but instead of being angry with themselves, they projected their insecurities back on the people for rightfully being distrustful, and tensions between the two begin to mount with increasing hostility and antagonism.68

To remedy these inconsistencies, instead of doing the right thing and reversing the course of this approach and replacing it with honesty, it was instead strongly reinforced and scientific think tanks began to assemble to figure out how to respond to this growing distrust.69 Many foundations and front organizations would form and coordinate with the drug firms, academia, and the public health system, acting as the public relations arm of the consensus for western science and public health system.70

Working groups could assemble and facilitate misleading studies that were often published to downplay or cover for the lies they were giving the public,71 and it was not long before someone could figure out how the science and data was being manipulated to show misleading conclusions to support the dishonesty they were feeding the people years after year.72 This kind of behavior would only grow bolder and eventually they began to use every channel of media and communications to disseminate their official position and the bureaucratic red tape they had over the truth.73 This approach was applied to every angle of discontent and distrust by the people they were supposed to be serving, from AIDS to vaccines to chronic disease and beyond, political wars against the public health and its people followed every controversy they created with their policy of dishonesty by proxy.74

Declassified email communications between public health officials, NGOs, academicians, and men of science and medicine admitting their intent to mount socio-political

offensives to counter the growing distrust and disillusionment of public opinion:

The battle cannot be won on a scientific front. We need to mount a socio-political offensive, but we are outnumbered and outgunned. We need reinforcements from outside our field.75

The current situation that started in 2019 was a crisis that the public health system and drug firms have been completely incompetent to deal with,76 and as they once again continue their policy of doubling down on prior dishonesty with more dishonesty at the cost of life,77 the situation grows uglier, and the tension draws more aggression and hostility between the people and its public health system. Now that they have a situation that puts so many of the public health system's lies in full view, the response by public health becomes more authoritarian and draconian as an outward projection of their internal insecurities.78

They have inevitably lost the trust of enough of the population to have lost their control over public health and a fair percentage of public opinion. They continue being dishonest yet they are still somehow confused as to why so few people trust the public health system and the pharmaceutical firms that influences it.79 Internet misinformation exists,80 but actually most people come to their conclusions hearing from personal friends and family or victims of the public health system's policy of dishonesty.81

Science and public health have now taken this a step further with the help of government, media, and every channel they have at their disposal to attempt to brainwash the people by hammering the same dishonest talking points over and over to the people morning, day, and night.82 The appropriations to reinforce their messages mixed with much dishonesty is also being reinforced with hack studies and manipulated data and information to fight vaccine hesitancy.83 It has created an aura of peer pressure and political correctness at a time when vigilance about vaccine adverse events should have seen science most critical of it.84 Instead, no one wants to call any of it out lest they be politically crucified and scientifically expelled by the priest class of modern science. Many injuries and deaths occurring shortly after vaccination for COVID-19 are overwhelming VAERS reporting systems, but none of these will even be considered or investigated unless the same outcome occurs in unusually large numbers.85

I have even recently been told by unnamed personal friends of vaccine injuries occurring in their extended networks where deaths clearly and demonstrably proven connected to the COVID-19 vaccine were left out of reports due to fear of being crucified or persecuted. Indeed, there are now physicians being silenced and intimidated with peer pressure and threats of penalty and retribution for contributing to anything deemed medical misinformation. I have even had YouTube videos removed in recent months for positions that go against the consensus of the World Health Organization (WHO) and public health system on vaccines, even though I used official science publications and official sources of information like media reports, government documents, and so on.86 This is the disturbing reality of a subverted distortion of science and medicine hijacked for political purposes.

Adverse reactions, systemic health problems and neurologic disease following vaccinations of all kinds have been occurring for decades without acknowledgement or inclusion of these reactions back into the data on vaccine safety.87 This is due to the way the adverse event reporting system was setup, it factored most of the more common adverse events that fell into the realm of non-specific symptoms and expression of disease.88 These adverse events were of an immunosuppressive nature, and therefore it worked out extremely well for the pharmaceutical firms and its public health lapdogs because not only were these cases lacking detectable inflammation and antibody response to be diagnosed with a reportable disease or adverse event, but such conditions driven by chronic immunosuppression were never even considered a definable disease to begin with, as it had been buried many decades ago and remain skeletons in the closet of Western science and public health.89

The large majority who sustain vaccine injuries would fall in this subclinical, immunosuppressive category, and by proxy they would be factored out of the equation altogether as adverse events.90 They would be told there was no relation to the vaccine and attributed to other causes.91 These cases were easy as pie to deny and sweep under the rug because of the complexity and diversity of how the chronic immunosuppression plays out in each person. It means that because our biological makeup is unique for each individual, with other genetic variations,92 along with the mitogenic properties of some vaccine antigen,93 the disease expression would play out in infinite variation. That is to say, no two would unravel in the same way. The immune paralysis would detonate a bewildering array of other conditions and secondary infections unique to the individual.

This is the reason why the science claims adverse events as exceedingly rare, because only those that fit in the box of a specific condition or defined disease would meet the criteria of a reportable disease and to be considered an adverse event the same outcome would have to play out in unusually large numbers to be considered as a potential adverse event, and if it could pass the next set of hurdles documenting it through incompetent diagnostics, then following it