Of Freedom or Fury: On Defense of Human Rights, Sacrifice, and Having Boundaries

By: A. W. Finnegan

This discussion and lecture is about freedom and basic human rights, boundaries, authoritarian overreach, and the grim realities involved which have pervaded human history. The discussion is made around 8 points relevant to defense of human rights and boundaries. This discussion is about our basic human rights like autonomy over our own person and personal health, and the attempts to violate them by those without a right to do so and against our will.

Most of this discussion is centered around potential dire situations in the future that may present themselves, though lets hope and tirelessly work to avoid getting there.

All of my ideals are to settle conflicts in a civil manner, through peaceful conflict resolution, diplomacy, and non-violence, exhausting these fully by proxy, but having boundaries are also important and self-defense is necessary in very dire situations when physical boundaries are crossed and overreaching authority has resorted to force that violate human rights.

As always, I encourage civil and peaceful approaches and pathways to be thoroughly exhausted in all attempts to maintain our human rights and force is only used when it is done in self-defense, just like many schools of thought in martial arts teach.

8 Points of Human Rights Boundaries and Their Defense

1. sacrifice for freedom and defense of our human rights differs from the sacrifice that goes into carrying out the Great Work and we must differentiate the level of sacrifice between the two. Sacrifice for freedom and defense of human rights is often far more serious in the immediate sense and can be very dark, dire, and potentially life-threatening. Sacrifices involved in freedom are often many degrees more serious than our sacrifices in carrying out the Great Work, the inspirational contributions we leave behind. Oftentimes the sacrifice for freedom is presented when potentially deadly and difficult decisions have to be made quickly as human rights are being actively violated by authorities bent on corruption, tyranny, and overreaching authority violating human rights without a right to do so. The unfortunate part of the sacrifice in the defense of freedom and human rights is that it is often very dangerous and one could very well end up dead, imprisoned, or have to endure a lot of human suffering, injustice, or personal injury to defend these core principles and rights standing up against evil when it is crossing boundaries and violating our inherent human rights.

2. The nature of power usurps and runs over human rights and eventually leads to mass tragedies and social unrest. However, those within those power systems often allow it and guide it along, choosing to remain ignorant of this fact until the inevitable happens and the tragedies are then seen for what they are after the fact. Hindsight is always 20/20, and all too often authorities can pave the road to Hell with what they believe to be good intentions. However, they fail to understand the mechanics of power, corruption, greed, and overreaching authority. Those enforcing the draconian measures decided by these complicit authorities end up violating human rights under some justification they tell themselves, and conveniently ignore the unfolding horror until after the fact. Many of the people abiding by such overreaching authority enable it by refusing to believe that it could happen to them and burying their heads in the sand while the horror unfolds accordingly. Willful ignorance is a major problem in the rise of tyrannical governments and draconian authorities that violate human rights. It is always done with some deceptive justification to rationalize the immorality and unethical violation of human rights with total lack of moral responsibility.

3. Death, injury, imprisonment, are all possible outcomes of sacrifice in defense of human rights and freedom. Acceptance of the possible outcomes of death, injury, imprisonment, and grim realities, are required and have to be accepted far in advance, for when those of us are forced to defend ourselves and enforce the boundaries of our inherent human rights, we must learn to accept death and the possible outcomes of protecting our human rights and core principles. Oftentimes we have to make quick decisions in times of chaos and discord, accepting that protecting our basic inherent human rights are core principles that cannot be compromised and accept what its defense and the sacrifice to protect it means.

4.Those who refuse to enforce boundaries in defense of their human rights will cave to the side of wrong, out of step with Natural Law and the Divine, giving in to the draconian system attempting to usurp control and trample them in every way. Those who surrender their boundaries and human rights will fall in defeat and shame and will be on the side of wrong and out of line with Truth, Natural Law, and Divinity. Those who attempt to compromise portions of their freedoms and basic human rights to these usurping powers, fail to understand the nature of power and tyrannical authority that sees them as barriers to overcome and exploit their weaknesses to have more power over them. Once a group of people begin to compromise their core principles and boundaries of human rights to such usurping powers, the tyrannical system will exploit this and continue taking more and more away, and will not stop. This is the fastest pathway to mass human rights violations and historical tragedies.

5. No one wants violence or social unrest, especially the civil-minded people who are only enforcing their boundaries and defending their basic human rights, so all civil, non-violent channels and approaches are to be thoroughly exhausted and employed. Responding with force should only be used in self-defense where force is being used against oneself or groups of people by tyrannical authorities forcefully violating human rights without a right to do so. Every attempt should be made to settle and solve conflicts and problems presented, through civil manners and with ultimate aims of peace, without the use of violence, through approaches based on a sound conflict resolution and problem solving through peaceful means.

6. Every attempt at conflict resolution and spreading awareness of Natural Law, human rights, the nature of power, done through the public sphere, with right action, civil strategy can be thoroughly exhausted and outside-the-box thinking and approaches to conflicts and problems could be very effective if done properly with intelligent minds, morally sound, making every attempt at peaceful pathways and conflict resolution. The enforcers of draconian systems would like nothing more than a reason to scapegoat the people as violent extremists and terrorists, in the hopes of responding forcefully to either harm, kill, or imprison those who stand up for their basic human rights and attempt to enforce these boundaries.

7. Expect that there will be dire threats to accomplishing peaceful resolutions and successful results for our goals to maintain our freedom and basic human rights. There will be relentless attempts to sabotage these ideals and approaches through the use of agent provocateurs within the public grassroots movements who are posing as allies or good guys but secretly working for the tyrannical authorities in attempt to destroy our civil approaches of defending our boundaries. Such operatives will work as traitors to infiltrate and make every attempt to subvert it from within by gaining trust and then encouraging reckless tactics and approaches in the realm of decadence, lack of moral responsibility with violent approaches certain to trip up those with pure intentions. This serves as a form of entrapment or a set-up with the hopes to have a justification to use force which may kill, harm, or imprison those who defend their human rights and core principles by declaring their boundaries as inherent human rights not to be violated.

8. History shows us the dangerous systems bent on corruption, tyranny, and authoritarianism are very dangerous stretch to the freedom and basic human rights of all. It is everyone's duty to invoke and maintain freedom and declaring their boundaries. Our basic human rights are our birthright and not to be trampled on. By declaring boundaries and our human rights, we stand on the side of right in line with Truth, Natural Law and humanitarian Ideals. when boundaries are crossed thereafter, they are enforcing draconian authority is proving itself to be in the wrong and eventually will crumble and its name will be forever tarnished after mass Human rights violations and tragedy. Awareness of these mechanics and historical record is to be spread and taught to all in the hopes that they will begin to understand the importance of Natural Law principles and the priority of freedom over security.

* Security, derived from the word secure, has etymological origins in a context of being free from care and dreading no evil.

Etymology of secure:

secure (adj.)

1530s, "without care, dreading no evil," from Latin securus, of persons, "free from care, quiet, easy," also in a bad sense, "careless, reckless;" of things, "tranquil; free from danger, safe," from *se cura, from se "free from" (see secret (n.)) + cura "care" (see cure (n.)).

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