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Of Fire and Fury: On the Great Work and the Toil & Sacrifice Required

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan

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This is a follow-up review and discussion of the path of initiation, the Great Work, the toil & sacrifices required on the journey forward. Below are some highlights or key points within the discussion

1. Doing the Great Work starts as a Quest for Truth and Understanding the layers and depths of reality, how the mind and subconscious mind work, the mechanics of our larger reality, and our responsibility to maintain Truth and the harmony of Universal Order.

2. Once the Great Work and search for Truth and shaping of the Philosopher's Stone is invoked, it will be a passion that drives the initiate with will-power and an inner drive, an insatiable thirst to know and have Gnosis, processing information into knowledge and its applied wisdom.

3. The crafting of Truth, within and without, setting for oneself a solid foundation and building from essential qualities and core principles, before applying one's mastery of self-awareness and core principles to understanding the rest of the world and reality. Without a solid foundation on which to build, the web of vast information in the world can become like a great abyss, the Leviathan that devours many careless minds who attempt to make sense of the world without solidifying core principles and understanding of one's own mind.

4. One will go through a process of much refinement, revision, reshaping of their self-mastery and their active participation in maintaining Truth and service to the world. It is akin to the rough ashlar of Freemasonic legend, where the rough stone is chiseled and crafted to fine precision which adds solidity to the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple. Honesty, brutal honesty is required. One has to become one's own worst critic in constructive revision, able to scrutinize one's own work to serve Truth and constructively reshape it to be in line with it. Doing this takes constant attention to detail and self-awareness. Learning how to catch oneself when one is being purposefully misled, or too self-absorbed in habit, ego, emotion, ingrained beliefs or ways of doing things that work against Truth

5. A long and arduous process of mastery and skill develop over the years being able to be human but also admit and correct our shortcomings and mistakes, keep recrafting our precision of Truth, going through periods of disillusionment, being able to make personal sacrifices for the great work and our contributions to it, sharp refreshing personal comforts an relationships or time and energy to do noble work.

6. Having a relentless persistence and willpower, driven by the passions of Care and Truth, while understanding the battle and sacrifice required to its defense, finding ways around our obstacles or limitations, that we may even get knocked down, temporarily quit, or be so disillusioned as to want to say "screw it!" all together for a short time and takes a break, goes down the wrong path for a time, but this being temporary for the True Initiate of Truth in his commitment to the Great Work

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