New Updates 9.28.2020 - 10.03.2020

Updated: Oct 20

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Here are some News Updates which I like to try to put out weekly if possible. Don't mind my appearance, I was quite sick today (the day this came out). Thats just how life is for me sometimes. Anyway, here is what I cover....

In the Discussion & On the Agenda ...

1. Almost 3 months of the Garden of Great Work

2. My Guest appearance on "Angie After Dark" 9.29.2020

3. Interview with Rick Spence on 10.01.2020

4. Putting together course for principles of Natural Law/Spiritual law

5. Follow-up disccussion of alternative health & clarification

6. Some thoughts on COVID19 and virus transmission & theory

7. More articles coming on biological research, infectious disease, and vaccines

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