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Nature of the Beast: Taming the Primal Energies & Egoic Mind

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #DivineLaw #TheGreatWork

Duality and the herbs of the Great Work
Kieri - A Huichol Legend

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln

While I've spent plenty of time thus far explaining the pitfalls and unhealthy aspects of excessive compassion and the suppression of the Sacred Masculine energies, which includes the ego and lower, base energies. it is now time to cover the opposite end of the spectrum, that is, the excess of ego and primal energies of left-brain dominance. This, like excessive compassion, is a brain imbalance where one side dominates the other. In the case of the overly compassionate, the right-brain is in the dominant position. The right-brain is ruled by emotion, creativity, intuition, controlled by the passive, feminine side of our being. In contrast to this, those with left-brain dominance are ruled by analytical thought, logic, with emphasis on the Sacred Masculine side of our being. Everyone, regardless of physical gender, has an active masculine and a passive feminine side to their being. I spoke about this in my article, Stairway to Heaven: The Seven Steps of Hermetic Intelligence and its Forgotten Eighth Principle, exemplified by the Law of Gender .

In either case, one side dominating the other throws us out of balance and we tend to polarize toward one side or another. Excess of either side can lead us to unhealthy places and lifestyles. I have already covered the pitfalls of right-brain dominance, exemplified by many ideologies in the New Age dogmas. I will also show that its polar opposite can be just as detrimental to human existence when left unchecked.

The left-brain controls anger, aggression, force, and many aspects of the ego that lead to selfish, animalistic behaviors. In addition to this, there is less emphasis on emotion for left-brain dominance, as the right-brain includes compassion, conscience, and moral obligation. The psychopathic and dominant 5% factor that I covered in The Nature of Control & the Power Differential: An Occult science in Social Dominance, are examples of those operating with an excess of the left-brain function. It stands to reason that balance between the two is a necessary function in the synthesis of human experience.

Alchemical Understanding of The Great Work

The human being is a mix of different energies intersected and concentrated in one body or form and its expression in the physical world. In the process of coming into physical form, our higher consciousness was forced to take on the more dense concentration of the animal nature. This focuses on the fight or flight responses, impulse and instinct. However, we are not simply animals. While human beings are classed as mammals, and do exhibit many traits exhibited in the animal kingdom, the plane of consciousness for human existence is a grade different than that of mere animals in that we tend to have the additional higher consciousness which brings more emphasis on spirituality, morality, and creative expression. Without self-awareness, many fall into the trap of letting their animalistic side dominate them as if they were still animals.

In males, hormones like testosterone are in more abundance than in females, and the masculine hormones tend to be dominated by the lower, animalistic side, as the drive for and association with sex as a form of the survival instinct. This will oftentimes get many in trouble with their female counterparts when they lack control or discipline over their lower, base desires. It is the reason why so many women end up blocking guys who can't control themselves when things go south in a relationship. It is the reason why many guys will act like creeps to women, they aren't thinking rationally when they send nude pics to women to whom they are complete strangers. it is the reason why they act like immature teenagers and have no sense of etiquette and composure. It is the reason why many cheat on their significant other, they are thinking with their base desires and over-nourishing their ego. They put too much emphasis on control and power through selfish desires. As I stated before, ego has definitive uses in this existence, we need the ego, but they need to be kept in line, and used for the right things. However, the excess of ego-based thinking and decision-making, is just as unhealthy as the excess of ego-less, overly compassionate thinking and decision-making.

Those who function primarily in the left-brain are more prone to seek dominance over others. It is exemplified by rulers who have came to power and ruled with the iron fist of tyranny. Operating from a stance of dominance, aggression, lack of compassion, and brute force, many millions have died under the excessive force of the left-brain dominance. Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, are examples of leaders of authority who sought control over others based on aggressive, egoic tendencies. Those with a grudge against others, those who are quick to exhibit aggression are operating from an animalistic, left-brain standpoint.

What causes these brain imbalances to develop a tendency to operate through one side or the other is brain damage. This can happen through some form of trauma to the brain in the womb, at childbirth, or in early childhood when the brain is still developing. The trauma can be done through physical, external means, or internally through toxicity and infectious disease. For example, neurotropic viral infections passed from mother to newborns or picked up in early childhood sometimes have an affinity for brain and nerve tissue, attacking the brain and central nervous system. When this occurs in early development, parts of the brain are destroyed or greatly inhibited in its growth. I've briefly mentioned in one of my videos, The Nature of Control & the Power Differential: An Occult Science in Social Dominance, that neurotropic viruses and antigen can attack the brain to cause mental illness and cognitive deficiencies. Vaccine antigens and live virus vaccine viruses can also accumulate in the brain and central nervous system, and this is a matter of fact according to much of the scientific literature, but ignorance and political correctness has more or less silenced these issues. In any event, physical trauma can play a major role in the predisposition for left- or right-brain imbalances.

With some of the underlying causes identified, the question remains, "Well, what can we do about it?" As I've mentioned in many articles so far, it is the practice of self-awareness and Care that can help bring us back into alignment with the necessary balance of human existence. Self-awareness and Care are the keys that open the doors to alignment with Truth and Natural Law. This is exemplified by the lost, eighth Hermetic principle, discussed in my article on the Hermetic principles, Stairway to Heaven: The Seven Steps of Hermetic Intelligence and its Forgotten Eighth Principle.

That being said, the brain has a remarkable tendency for plasticity, that is, finding new pathways to carry out the same function through alternative channels within the brain. Memory, for instance, can be greatly improved through brain exercises which use thought and continually applied memory. Memory can be strengthened and greatly expanded, even in the brains of those who have memory problems, but of course, it takes significant work and applied Will.

It is not our fault when our brain is impaired, when one or the other side is dominant over the other, but we are still responsible for the choices we make. It is our responsibility and obligation to hold ourselves accountable and act in accordance with morality and Natural Law. When we let either side run unchecked, we will pay the price by the swift hands of Time and the Saturn influence.


We need to be aware when external factors such as drugs & alcohol cause these imbalances to be magnified. Many experience these unpleasant effects under the influence of drugs and alcohol, oftentimes magnifying the left-brain dominance, and when left to its own accord, it can be a very destructive combination. It is our responsibility to understand how these things effect us when we put substances in our body.

Likewise, relationships and the pursuit of potential partners with untamed excess of the left-brain can equally lead us to destructive or disrespectful tendencies. When a woman does not want a man's attention, or cuts them off for whatever reason, it is the man's responsibility to act like a sane person, not be a creep, and be respectful. These are responsibilities we are morally obligated to obey, to have dominion over, or chaos and destruction results.

In conclusion, and considering what a chaotic mess the world is in right now, it would be a good time to start practicing self-awareness and discipline. It would be a good time to start looking inward at what role we all individually play in society. It would be a good time to practice bettering yourself in every way, to reach a point where you can give back to the world and help promote the balance between the two sides of the brain. Many want positive change, but they won't find it in a politician or legislation. It all starts within.

Scenery of the Great Work

The only way to truly change the world is to first change yourself. The process of changing the world starts within, and radiates outwards to influence those still struggling. It isn't the kind of thing that you spend time arguing with people back and forth in posts or comments on Facebook about political issues. It generally gets you nowhere. It just stirs up the pot, so that the polarization is even more defined and has an even more regressive effect. We need to have some sense of control, discipline, and focus on what is important. When we can align with these ideals in the servitude of Truth, we can find ourselves in a position of balance and competency, and it is at this time we are capable of carrying out the Great Work...



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