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My Position & Outlook on Viruses, Germ Theory, and SAR-CoV-2

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

By: A. W. Finnegan

Abstract: The current global declaration of a viral pandemic from the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing a clinical picture of disease termed COVID-19,[1] has become a topic of much attention and controversy.[2] The position and outlook on the situation, more or less, polarizes between two starkly contrasting views, and those in the middle who accept a position being a variation between the two.[3] However, due to the less-than-transparent governments around the world,[4] the public health systems of the Western world engaged in serious fraud and misconduct,[5] along with the authoritarian measures taken, such as strict lockdowns, social distancing, masks, isolation, quarantines, and the push for mandatory vaccinations. In light of this, many began to question the situation, with talking points from the alternative media to question everything about the crisis, including whether there was any virus circulating to begin with,[6] or if viruses in general ever actually existed,[7] some attributing the situation to a harmful effect of 5G electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF).[8] The truth, as I have it, stands in the middle of the two opposing sides. I will now cover this in more detail to clarify and give my official position and outlook on the facts, illusions, falsehoods, apparent paradoxes, and the deeper intricacies therein.

The current declaration of a global pandemic has seen the political and social landscapes of Western nations reach new heights in social and political polarization through divide & conquer-style framework. On the one side of the fence in the COVID-19 situation, are those who believe everything being said on the side of mainstream news outlets and the World Health Organization (WHO), [9] which is often characterized by undertones of fear and terror, and this terror forming the basis for more security in society, similar to the changes we saw following 9/11 and the rise of a security state. [10] This situation, however includes strict rules imposed by the public health systems, such as lockdowns, masking (indoors and outdoors, suggested for continuation during regular influenza season when or if the current situation ever dissipates), [11] a push for compulsory and mandatory mass vaccination, [12] social isolation and quarantine, [13] and fear of catching the infection at every step, every time one leaves the house, which does not translate to a very healthy life for the foreseeable future. [14]

On the other side of this equation, there is the start of a trending idea put forward suggesting germ theory is not valid, viruses do not cause disease nor are they transmissible, [15] that the entire situation is no more than yearly cases of influenza and pneumonia, [16] some have called it a hoax, a hoax being anywhere from a real virus being misrepresented, to the annual cases of influenza circulating but being misrepresented in its damage and dangerousness by the media via cooked up statistics and manipulated data, to being a complete fabrication and that no virus was ever in circulation to begin with, or going further to say viruses are not the cause of any disease. [17]

In the middle of this polarization comes my position and outlook on many aspects of the subjects within it, on SARS-CoV-2, on viruses, on germs, on the nature and history of biological weapons, and on the paradoxical nature of asymptomatic transmission and immune tolerance, which does not sit well with either side, and this immunological tenet of truth makes a mockery of both sides of the polar-opposites. [18] Having studied and followed the history of biological warfare, virology, immunology, vaccination, and scientific research from the last several centuries put together in a historical context, as well as having a chronic disease of my own and attempting to get well, to understand what my disease is, [19] arriving at the immune tolerant state discovered and described by Erich Traub, [20] and the attempts to get well using mainstream and alternative health paradigms, I will now clarify my position on the entire matter, so that those who have sent me emails, comments, and questions can see where I stand and my position can be clarified officially.

First off, despite how unpopular the idea is among the alternative media and the so-called truth movement crowd, my position on the SARS-CoV-2 virus is that the SARS-CoV-2 is indeed a real virus, a virus that has its origins in a lab engineering highly pathogenic yet immunosuppressive viruses through direct animal passages and causes a stealth, chronic disease, most appearing subclinical or asymptomatic, [21] with a small minority experiencing an acute disease manifestation, including the less-common manifestation labelled COVID-19, but the typical manifestation of the viral infection hyped in the media is distorted and manipulated in various ways and for various agendas, vaccination is obviously one of them. My position was not taken by watching or believing what the media has to say and taking their word for it. My conclusion was arrived at separately and primarily through my arduous research stemming from the beginnings of biological weapons history and historical scientific research spanning many countries to the present day and involves a storyline most are completely in the dark about, but the story will be published in a book I’ve written on the subject that has been several years in the making. [22] I am not going to be an echo chamber to repeat what is currently the acceptable trend in alternative media circles or the truth movement. I refuse to fall into this political correctness trap and repeat something just because everyone else seems to want to take that route and is afraid to stand on their own and think for themselves.

The fatality rate is extremely low, and like the influenza and other viral infections in a similar class, the fatalities are probably seen more common in the elderly, but this is not always the rule. The pneumonia-like expression is not necessarily the common outcome when the virus establishes infection. It can cause the respiratory distress and pneumonia, but again, this seems to be a small fraction of cases. The death rate will be insignificant to the larger picture, and the majority of cases will get a slow, chronic viral infection that comes on slowly, or also produces inapparent symptoms that are just under-the-radar so that those infected may not even realize it, but the effects make themselves known in various ways, neurological manifestations will be far more common, brain fog, headache, joint pain, fatigue, things of that nature, but most will not be diagnosed as such and will be brushed under the rug and told nothing is wrong.

The expression of this virus is atypical and highly variable, and there is one element in particular that makes this virus more complicated and problematic than other common viral diseases. It contains a similar antigen to the class of agents known to cause chronic health problems and immune tolerance. Vaccines will not stop the virus and can actually bring on the immune tolerant state sometimes referred to as ‘long COVID,’ [23] as the polyethylene glycol (PEG) synthesized to mimic the viral envelope and its messenger RNA will produce an immune tolerance similar to that seen in the virus. [24] The term, ‘long-COVID,’ is actually just a clever, reinvented term for immune tolerance, but the public health system and biodefense community does not want people to know that. [25] However, the immune tolerant cases induced by vaccination, also called post-vaccinal encephalitis, will almost certainly catch the virus in the environment as well, so the burden will be twice as hard on the body. [26] Vaccines to produce antibodies are no match for these immunosuppressive agents. This was also seen with vaccine attempts for HIV, Tuberculosis, malaria, Lyme disease, and many others. [27] [28] Producing some antibodies means very little to viruses that are highly immunosuppressive. [29]

Vaccines for COVID-19 can also result in death and serious acute or permanent health problems and there is indeed a very significant risk taken in getting them. [30] All vaccines cause wear and tear on the immune system, [31] but this vaccine in particular is especially problematic and this is reflected in the number of people I am hearing from personally who are having significant reactions and feeling horrible after, or they know people having significant reactions. It is expected that none of them will be factored back into the data because by proxy all VAERS reports are treated as nothing more than unsubstantiated claims. Add this to the fact that they have been unable to market a vaccine for coronaviruses since they were discovered, and rushed this onto the market within a year. It is a disaster already happening.

Wearing masks may seem to be the sensible thing to do for some people, since the virus is demonstrated to be airborne, but upon further examination, there are several points of consideration for concern. For one, the bacterial counts are exponentially increased in the masks and accumulate in the mouth and on the mask. There have been synergistic effects noted in the past between virus and bacteria, and this can be made more pronounced by the mask. The more concerning factor in constant mask wearing not considered by public health, however, is the drop in oxygen levels of the individual which raises significantly the susceptibility to viral infections similar to that seen in hypoxia. A decrease in oxygenation is noted in many cases of sepsis and respiratory distress syndrome. There is at least a cause for concern, and the choice should always be left to the individual because the spread is not going to be stopped in any significant way by wearing masks and may have rebound effects not immediately considered. There have been at least some in the scientific community who have brought up legitimate concerns in publications amidst the political atmosphere of ‘shaming’ and political correctness. [32]

My position is that SARS-CoV-2 is a laboratory-enhanced virus that escaped a facility doing gain-of-function research and may have been deliberate through explosions at the Vector facility in Siberia, Russia, but was pinned on the Wuhan Institute of Virology after they brought it back from a case they isolated in China. [33] [34] Having the virus spread globally and unleashing chaos and a new pandemic on the world. [35] It could have been accidental, but I lean more towards intentional bioterrorism. It was not created or enhanced with genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technologies but rather through direct animal passages and thus there will be no footprint of genetic engineering but through animal passages in a lab, similar to the gain-of-function research done in ferrets, [36] results would be even more effective and so the going argument that "it is closest to an animal strain so it must be from nature,“ is irrelevant because a virus can be engineered in a lab using animal passages, producing more effective yet more easily plausibly denied as happening in nature in the animal in the wild. [37] This pandemic is on the level of the Spanish Influenza of 1918, but this virus is very different than the H1N1 in many respects. [38]

This virus is almost completely stealth and nearly impossible to track, it is highly immunosuppressive, [39] it is also neurotropic, [40] so it will cause minimal inflammation seeming to appear asymptomatic and it will affect the brain in various destructive ways, most of which will be subclinical and under-the-radar of diagnosis, similar to that seen in influenza among immunocompromised persons. [41] It will make people miserable, aggressive, anxious, fatigued, and dysphoric. [42] It will not cause the typical acute encephalitis but a low-grade encephalomyelitis on the same level as those with chronic fatigue or chronic Lyme disease, and will reactivate the latent herpesviruses so the disease will have additional components. [43] The point of such a virus being an agent of bioterrorism is not to kill, but quite the opposite, to keep people alive, infected but miserable, unable to work, with psychiatric and neurological problems, [44] [45] while the infection remains inapparent on the outset, to the physician and diagnostics run to diagnose their patients. [46]

What makes this virus different than the other viral diseases of its kind is that this one will establish chronic infections that relapse and remit, likely hiding out in the brain when the person is not in a state of active viremia. [47] It will appear ‘symptomless’ but actually the symptoms will probably just be under-the-radar of awareness, not acknowledged for what it is. That is to say, it will cause all non-specific symptoms that could be attributed to many things or symptoms in the mental state that would otherwise not be understood to be from an infectious agent. [48] It will cause chronic fatigue, headaches/migraines, bone, muscle and joint pain, dysphoria, malaise, and a whole set of neurological problems like brain fog, trouble with cognition, mental health problems like aggression, anxiety, and so on. [49] There will also be a whole set of uncommon symptoms that are variable and unusual such as sudden hair loss, [50] a buzzing feeling throughout the head and body, and things of that nature. [51] It will be under-the-radar of awareness and will fester underneath the psyche of society, causing chaos and discord without setting off too many alarms, because the media and public health system falsely portrays it and paints a misleading picture with diagnostics such as nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs promoted as a sure indicator of infection, [52] while equally portraying vaccines as stopping infections, [53] when this is not the case. [54]

The public health system will only acknowledge the cases that test positive and look like a respiratory disease, fitting in the narrowly-defined box of COVID-19, [55] with the addition that they return positive swabs which is problematic in itself. [56] Many cases will start out without any of these symptoms, [57] but will come on slowly over many months to years,[58] and could look different as a disease between people. [59] Some may have gastroenteritis, [60] many others will have neurological problems. [61] Others may have bone-crushing fatigue and joint pain.[62] Some may just get the neurological problems, while some may see the onset of a respiratory disease at first, then becoming like the former expressions. [63]

The virus is not likely to hang out in the respiratory tract or nasal passages, but like strains of highly pathogenic avian influenza, more likely to integrate into the bone and cartilage of the sinus cavity, known as the nasal turbinates, and travels to the brain and central nervous system. [64] Antibodies will be minimal to none at all since it is highly immunosuppressive, [65] just like the seronegative cases of Lyme disease. [66] It is likely to be highly transmissible, though most have probably already been exposed to it and produce subclinical infections, [67] and the new cases could be a bad relapse of viremia with additional co-infections like Candida auris, which is infesting hospitals around the country in the Western world, and is likely to be a serious health hazard for people who seek help in a hospital for a suspected illness. [68] Testing diagnostics will be close to useless,[69] and even in the early studies of mice which developed pneumonia and died after testing a vaccine for a SARS virus and challenged it with a live SARS virus, the virus killed the mice but could not be isolated from the respiratory tract or nasal passages. [70]

The idea of asymptomatic transmission was around far before the days of COVID-19, and this is often seen and associated with immunosuppression, it is the carrier state, and “asymptomatic,” or rather subclinical symptoms, is one of the tenets of the condition termed immune tolerance,[71] and also plays a role in the asymptomatic shedding of vaccine viruses in vaccinated communities, especially with a vaccine that uses a live virus, such as the measles vaccine,[72] the oral poliovirus vaccine,[73] some influenza vaccines,[74] and so on.[75] However, the asymptomatic transmission is not always going to cause a visible disease, or the same disease in each person, so this has to be understood.[76] Oftentimes there are considerable incubation periods that come into play, especially when it involves immunosuppressive agents which are marked by little to no inflammation but will bring equal amount of discomfort and often have pronounced neurotropic effects.[77]

Inflammation does not define all disease, and this is especially the case with the more prevalent chronic diseases with the classic symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, and many forms of low-grade encephalitis which often do not get picked up on scans, bloodwork is oftentimes in the normal range with standard diagnostics.[78] This is the general picture of disease expression in what is term immune tolerance. Immune tolerance can be defined in the following terms:

Immune Tolerance: A state of unresponsiveness to a specific antigen or group of antigens to which a person is normally responsive. Immune tolerance is achieved under conditions that suppress the immune reaction and is not just the absence of a immune response. (Definition from author: Medical Author: William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR). [79]

Immune tolerance can often be brought on by other bacterial infections such as those of the pneumococcal class, [80] post-vaccinal encephalitis or toxemia (vaccine adverse reactions, including those not diagnosed) and this toxic effect causes the immune system to become damaged or compromised, [81] viruses within the body, oftentimes in the herpesvirus family such as Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6), Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV), [82] and also vaccine viruses that have accumulated in the body from the compulsory vaccine practices of the Western Public Health systems, these viruses reactivate and begin to attack the body from head to toe, [83] and this is one of the foundations of the condition known as immune tolerance, synonymous with a chronic immunosuppression, and has been called by other names, such as immune paralysis, endotoxin tolerance, and so on. [84]

This condition is what allows for asymptomatic transmission of viruses and other pathogenic agents. Because of the variation in genetic makeup and overall immunological burden each individual carries, disease expression varies significantly between people and groups of people from different genetic backgrounds. This is called the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) makeup. [85]

I have covered the tenets of immune tolerance in another paper, Immune Tolerance and Slow-Virus Disease: Skeletons in the Closet of Western Science & Public Health, and with an illustrated picture I drew laying out the basic foundations for the cause and onset of immune tolerance resulting from infectious disease. [86] The science of immune tolerance is problematic for a system that has laid for itself the tenet that inflammation is the only biomarker of disease. This is incorrect and needs to be re-examined, but the science was buried, along with immune tolerance, and the work of its discoverer, Dr. Erich Traub, who had a controversial biological weapons background and was involved in events that Western Intelligence decided to cover-up the findings and falsely attribute the condition only to organ transplants by awarding the Nobel Prize for immune tolerance in 1960 to two scientists who were never even nominated together, [87] and the rebound effect of this has trickled down through many facets of science and public health in very devious and destructive ways. [88]

Another reason immune tolerance was buried in relation to infectious origins is because it does not co-exist with the science of vaccination, [89] and instead of deciding to re-examine the role vaccination plays in immunity, along with the reality that antibodies are not the determinant of an immunity, [90] so the next logical step for those with a monopoly on science and public health would be to make sure immune tolerance was covered up and buried in 1960 and attributed only to organ transplants as the lesser magic in the overall picture of Western public health, [91] as to not interfere with the prestige and profiteering of Western science and the pharmaceutical industry and their market for vaccines, integrating fully into the public health system from the corporate side in later years as biodefense contracts were secured. [92] Vaccines being used to suppress one disease can bring on others and cause significant and permanent chronic health problems that will go undiagnosed by design due to the diagnostics and policies to phase those cases out. [93] Also, through the study of immune tolerance and slow-virus disease, [94] we can show that both chronic disease and neurotropism are the hallmark tenets of the condition, [95] both of which have taken the Western world by storm and can be considered a major systemic problem akin to a slow-acting, constant plague. [96] [97] The public health system, however, began to come up with mental illness disorders and the realm of psychiatry which then the drug firms could make billions off, so the drug firms welcomed it with open arms and cornered the para-infectious immune tolerant chronic health mechanisms into the realm of somatoform, where a person imagines their illness into being. [98]

The common idea of a disease being the result of inflammation is incorrect and needs to be re-examined, as the rise of stealth, immunosuppressive agents began to proliferate and develop in societies with impaired or weakened immune systems. [99] Because of the complexity and difficulty in diagnosing and treating these cases, along with controversial events having to do with biological warfare, bioterrorism, and so on, the entire picture is a rat’s nest that the Western biodefense and public health system has decided to cover-up, ignore, and even go as far to wipe the science and condition of immune tolerance off the map of definable diseases to attribute only to the same condition seen in organ transplants, [100] and generally these cases will falsely be labelled as somatoform and psychiatric cases, especially when the condition brings with it a pronounced neurotropic effect that can indeed impart lowered tolerance for frustration. [101]

Because the public health system decided to wipe the chronic immunosuppressive outcomes of infectious disease expression from the science in 1960, they also wiped the secondary neurotropic effect that is often present with the condition, [102] and as a result chronic disease like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, myalgic encephalitis, and so on. [103]

Physical disease can be separated between two forms of disease expression, acute disease and chronic disease. The condition of immune tolerance serves as the basis of most chronic diseases. Chronic diseases can have various origins, but oftentimes they involve para-infectious mechanisms and immunosuppression which can bring on simultaneous autoimmune-like reactions, which are virus reactivated and causing the active destruction of cells and deterioration of tissue without measurable inflammation. [104] The condition is not typically reversible, though some cases here and there have spontaneously recovered or reached a partial recovery, though oftentimes, the condition relapses at some later time. [105] The condition itself, however, is marked by a relapsing and remitting of the disease morbidity. [106] In other words, a person will have ups and downs, where they feel a little better for some time, then it relapses and they feel considerably worse for a time. The same is noted for neurotropic effects and psychiatric abnormalities. [107]

Chronic diseases are marked by low mortality but high morbidity, that is to say, many will survive for a long time, but will be plagued by chronic, painful, sometimes incapacitating health problems, and often when the morbidity is bad enough the sick person will be unable to work. [108] This became a heavy focus for biological weapons in the idea of a strategic attack, an attack that is meant to be stealth, spread slowly, and injure but not kill many people. This strategy is used for effects that would take many decades to unravel, but would be extremely damaging when it continued gaining traction, and has been noted in one Central Intelligence Agency publication, The Darker Bioweapons Future, stating:

According to the scientists convened, other classes of unconventional pathogens that may arise over the next decade and beyond include binary BW agents that only become effective when two components are combined (a particularly insidious example would be a mild pathogen that when combined with its antidote becomes virulent); “designer” BW agents created to be antibiotic resistant or to evade an immune response; weaponized gene therapy vectors that effect permanent change in the victim’s genetic makeup; or a stealth virus, which could lie dormant inside the victim for an extended period before being triggered. For example, one panelist cited the possibility of a stealth virus attack that could cripple a large portion of people in their forties with severe arthritis, concealing its hostile origin and leaving a country with massive health and economic problems. [109]

The idea is that, for one, injuring and maiming, rather than killing puts a heavy strain on the public health system. Also, keeping the victims alive in an injured state means someone will likely have to take care of them, they will be unemployed and thus also this will strain the economy significantly when enough people are infected and deteriorating the genetic makeup of the society. The nature of immunosuppressive but crippling weapons is also stealthy and very challenging to diagnose or define using the approach that Western public health and science assumes, that is, diseases being defined by a) antibody response, and b) inflammation, both of which are insufficient to the picture that immune tolerance and chronic immunosuppression brings with it, and this is a point that Traub had made early on, but his science was buried. [110]

Also, vaccines do not necessarily immunize a person but rather tolerize a person to a germ or virus or antigen, it does not mean that their body will neutralize the virus or germ when they come into contact with it following vaccination, but it tolerates the germ or virus into non-responsiveness and therefore suppresses the immune system. [111] Our bodies, however, were meant to keep these pathogens out of our system for a reason and there are some heavy rebound effects for tolerizing and training our immune system to tolerize them. [112] Over time, the compulsory practice starts to take a heavy toll on the population and generally the rate of chronic disease and mental illness will skyrocket. [113] The vaccines will trade off acute disease for slow, chronic disease and neurotropic effects which bring on neurological, cognitive, and psychiatric abnormalities. [114] The effects of such are already rampant in Western societies and only getting worse. [115]

Immune tolerance and the chronic diseases that occur with them do not get picked up in the statistics and the data will not show this outcome as a prevalent disease or condition, but they do admit that chronic disease and mental illness has become a systemic problem in Western countries. [116] [117] That means if an agent circulates a population with the purpose of causing immune tolerance, it will not be directly reflected in the data since the CDC and other health agencies have not included these outcomes and forms of disease expression as definable diseases and their effects will always be attributed to other causes, like psychiatric, autoimmune, chronic disease, somatoform, among other things.

Germ Theory and its Sudden Denial During COVID-19

The idea that viruses do not cause disease was hyped in 2020 by several people, reverberating earlier work by Stefan Lanka, [118] but more recently by Andy Kaufman, [119] Thomas Cowan, [120] among others, and was then echoed by David Icke and much of the alternative media. [121] Lanka had already been hyping this from a proposal made years earlier, but very few paid attention to it until this last year when it gained convenient traction by several other people looking to manipulate the narrative in the current situation to make money and gain themselves attention by hyping what was originally Lanka’s idea. [122] Soon, many followed suit, again, almost overnight, and this was echoed all over the alternative media and became “the truth” to many because on its face the argument had a nice rhetorical spin and seemed logically to those who have not spent much time in this area. [123] This area should have never been the focus, it should have all been on the fact that even if viruses were all over the place and transmissible, the mandates on masks, vaccines, and totalitarian measures are never justified and freedom is not worth trading for security, because it’s a one-way street, and the restriction will continue to unprecedented levels, with deeper levels of slavery that everyone will most certainly regret. [124] [125]

Getting people to focus on and debate whether viruses exist or cause disease was only used to polarize and take attention off the fact that the measures are not justified regardless of the nature of viruses and the diseases they cause. The burden of caution should always be left to each individual. I am not against someone wearing a mask if they feel it is worth doing for their own health, that should be the right of the individual, but it should never be forced on anyone, just as vaccines should never be forced on anyone, and not worn or taken just because the state tells them to. Both are immoral measures to appear competent while in a position of total incompetence, that is to say, the public health system is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and the incompetence makes them feel like they need to demonstrate their competence by trying to look like they have a handle on this when in fact, they don’t, they never did, and it makes them angry at us for their own pathetic incompetence. There is a psychology to it.

There was also a psychology to the sudden change in position and distraction on the nature of viruses, occurring almost overnight, took the alternative media circles by storm, with clever rhetoric and talking points, using very old, outdated postulates like Koch’s and River’s postulates from the early days of virology and bacteriology, before they had more insight into the complexities of infectious disease and germs. [126] The original Koch’s and Rivers’ postulates are outdated and had to be disregarded for several reasons. First, the same disease agent can express itself differently in different people due to the immune system makeup, noted by the human leukocyte antigen (HLA), or HLA types, for short. [127] That is to say, the HLA type is the genetic makeup of a person’s immune system which are various and different between races, and even withing the same race, between genders, etc., [128] so there is no unanimous disease manifestation to which one can satisfy those outdated postulates, that an isolated agent causes the same disease in every subject. [129] Secondly, these outdated postulates become irrelevant in the face of chronic disease and the slow-acting immunosuppressive diseases rooted in the expression of immune tolerance. [130]

Immune tolerance, like that observed in LCM virus, [131] along with HLA types, [132] makes the original postulates completely irrelevant, outdated, and useless to current problems in virology, [133] and vaccination is also an additional burden that adds more harm to an already troubling problem. [134] Immune tolerance, however, is denied and covered up to the fullest extent by all Western countries, [135] even some Eastern countries, [136] because it is a doorway to many angles in the war of biological weapons, but also flaws in vaccination with the failings of the antibody theory as a sole determinant of immunity, ideas that many in the establishment, governments, and drug firms do not want people talking about or looking into. The scientists and those in the science community are more and indoctrinated and peer-pressured into a certain dogmatic attitude, and these topics, while there is certainly a deeper context to it, are like the taboos of a religion, because the science and medical communities today are very much like a religion, or more aptly put, a cult. [137] Many begin to question the medical and scientific establishment, and in a bold statement, David Icke put forward a conclusion that the entire science of today is completely made of lies and has absolutely no validity inside and out, arguing that it is mind control by shapeshifting reptilians publishing an article on his site called, Why There are No Viruses, to say:

Let’s face it – the entire human science is fake, from top to bottom. And what is most heinous, it has been regularly misused to enslave the human race by the former Powers That Were (PTW) from the Orion/Reptilian empire and their human stooges, the dark cabal that pulls the strings of politicians and scientists behind the veil (here). [138]

In my opinion, this is an outrageous conclusion to come to, first that the entire science establishment is controlled by an alien race of reptilians, loses the audience completely, even if there were a remote possibility of that, it is so far in the realm of speculation that it is hardly worth mentioning when we’re talking about facts and science in the here and now, our immediate reality on this planet. Secondly, to say that the entire spectrum of science is lies from top to bottom is false. There are elements of it that are used in deceptive ways to sell pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, but it hinges itself on real science. The realm of germs and infectious disease is not a lie, diseases have been with us from the very beginning, and especially important is that it holds a major place in special weapons development for governments around the globe, and germs have been used in this way since time immemorial, with rapid advancement in the last century and beyond.

It is proven that chemical antigen carried and shed by viruses and germs cause serious immunological reactions and disease like sepsis, encephalitis, and many other health problems. I can testify to the fact that most of the alternative health paradigms and treatments circulating today are not effective and have very little effect on chronic diseases such as chronic Lyme disease, mold exposures, and post-sepsis syndromes that makeup the majority of chronic diseases, and this includes that which some now call ‘long-COVID.’ It is all immune tolerance brought on by an initial infection and as it disables the immune system it establishes a permanent, generally incurable relapsing chronic disease. [139]

The fact that many thousands if not millions of people suddenly changed their mind about germs and viruses almost overnight during the COVID-19 situation shows us that even those who think they are wide awake are under mind-control. The idea was hyped by Icke, Kaufman, Cowan, among others, but the origins of the denial of viruses appears to have its origins in Stefan Lanka.

In 2011, Lanka offered a large sum of money to anyone who could prove that the measles virus exists with criteria that setup to trip up anyone who responded to prove it according to his criteria, “The reward will be paid, if a scientific publication is presented, in which the existence of the measles virus is not only asserted, but also proven and in which, among other things, the diameter of the measles virus is determined.” The respondent sent 6 papers to take Lanka up on his claims, and although the existence of the virus has been more or less demonstrated by enough evidence to prove its existence, the criteria and wording of Lanka’s proposal would lose in court, because the respondent agreed to take him up on it based on Lanka's terms which were setup to be impossible to meet based on the semantics used, because he wanted all of this in one paper.

This is because, first, off the measles virus is among a certain class of virus that on the one hand, have different forms and changes its form and shape, as seen with Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) where both threadlike filamentous forms similar to Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) and the typical spherical virus form is seen, with variation in between, it is a pleomorphic virus. The length, would not remain uniform so there is no unanimous size to which the virus can be put in a defined box or definition of size and shape:

The majority of nucleocapsids observed were linear molecules. However, rare Y-shaped structures with two arms of equal and variable length were also observed (Fig. 1). Such structures would be expected for a replication mode in which one strand was being copied from one end. The variable lengths of the arms indicate that the structures represent different stages of replication.

From a large number of experiments, 26 structures were selected which we considered to be unambiguous Y-forms. In those with very short arms (Fig. 1a, b), the number of turns of the capsid helix was the same, ±1, for both arms. In those with longer arms, the lengths differed only by an amount probably consistent with the deformations introduced during preparation. The total length of the 'unreplicated' stem portion plus one arm was between 0.8 and 1.6 µm. This is similar to the range of lengths found for non-replicating nucleocapsids in the same preparations. The variation in length of the 'unreplicated' portion of the Y-forms was apparently random. Molecules adventitiously joined in suspension or on drying on the grid can generally be distinguished by the overlapped appearance of the junction and by the lack of relationship between the lengths of the three arms.

A feature apparent in most (22 out of 26) of the 'replicating forms' is that the capsomeres in one arm of the Y-forms have the opposite orientation to those in the other (Fig, la, b, f; g). This might be expected from the presumed opposing polarities of the encapsidated complementary RNA chains. If, however, one of the arms had turned over, the orientation of capsomeres would be the same in both arms (Fig. Id, e). Assuming that the RNA is replicated by presently known processes, the new chain beginning with the 5' end would be copied from the 3' end of the parent molecule. By reference to Fig. lb, it can be seen that this allows identification of the 3' end of the nucleocapsid as the end with the convex orientation of capsomeres. [140]

The virus undergoes many changes and depends on the manipulation of host tissue important to its own physiology, breaks itself into tiny little sub-particles in the infection process through an enzyme that degrades the full virion and initiates the infection process, and this process has been demonstrated by Werner Schäfer as P32-labelling, that is, tagging the virus with radioactive isotope where it can relay its movement and where it has formed, and the virus hemagglutinates with cell material. [141] It has been shown that many viruses like Epstein-Barr Virus can integrate into the exosomal pathways, but to propagate itself also uses cell material that is found in the exosomal lipids, composed of antigen and protein. The viral material can hijack and use the exosomal pathways as a mechanism in the infection process, but the disease will look differently in different people based on their HLA-type and measles is very tricky to work with because of its ability to undress itself from the virion into viromicrosomes or subviral particles through an enzymatic process before entering the cell and replicates in the absence of RNA synthesis. This is also seen in HIV, Hepatitis C, herpesviruses, Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza, and Influenza. Erich Traub and his protégé Werner Schäfer were especially knowledgeable about these kinds of viruses because they served as extremely effective stealth weapons. [142] [143] These kinds of viruses can hijack the exosomal pathways, and their antigens can be described as self-replicating agents, [144] though not necessarily transmissible on their own. In other words, the antigens can multiply itself in the body through cell fusion with host tissue to make copies of itself and accumulate, without the need for RNA or DNA synthesis. [145] It fuses with cell tissue and breaks tissue off and uses that tissue to propagate itself through antigen called fusion proteins. [146]

In regards to Lanka, there is no single one paper that will give all the criteria that Lanka asked for, his semantics and wording set the proposal up to fail, and the person who responded was obviously not thinking rationally but probably driven by emotion, and thus, the reason why the court ruled in Lanka's favor, because semantics is the language of courts and attorneys, so if Lanka had an attorney, the attorney probably had an easy win. He asked for one publication that meets all the criteria he demanded, and there are none that do that, but it is located scattered among many, because this is how it is always done, but also because of the problematic nature of these kinds of viruses. [147]

This topic, however, also finds overlap in the realm of biological weapons and thus becomes compartmentalized away from concentrated areas or papers, they wanted to have a balance between what was in the public realm of scientific advancements, and that which is classified as matters of national security. That is to say, if all the work on biological weapons is scattered publicly and randomly through the scientific literature and many additional domains, while never concentrated in one place, the military and intelligence of all nations involved in this war, could justify it to themselves that they never actually hid the information, but not being entirely transparent about the details either, and thus, according to George Merck at the close of the Second World War in a 1946 memo to congress in the early days of the U.S. biological weapons program, this is how it would be done:

While the military developments cannot be disclosed in the interest of National Security the research contributed significant knowledge to what was already known concerning the control of diseases affecting humans, animals and plants. Arrangements have been made whereby this information of value to humanity as a whole will be made available to the public from these sources responsible for the work. This will be accomplished through reports before scientific bodies, publication and scientific journals and other means by which advances in science and medicine are disseminated in peacetime. [148]

However, now that we have entered new landscape following 9/11 and into the realm of perpetual wars on terrorism and beyond, the new landscapes of war would see new methodologies becoming even more sophisticated with angles of operation and intelligence in biological warfare would cross many domains to cover the landscape of that which pertained to it, as it had already been well-underway by 1946:

Studies were made of methods and means by which biological warfare agents might be employed against us. This involved not only the perfection of anti-sabotage measures- information on which was made available to appropriate civilian and military authorities- but also studies of the various types of munitions that might be employed for the dissemination of biological warfare agents. A strong intelligence program was instituted which operated very effectively in all theaters of operation with the result that a thorough knowledge of German activities in this field was obtained. Similar investigations of Japanese activities are now being conducted. When these investigations are completed it will be possible to evaluate fully the work carried on in this field by our enemies. All evidence to date indicates that the Axis powers were behind the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada in their work on biological warfare. It is also known that after early 1942 Germany obtained no information concerning United States activity in biological warfare, and that no serious leaks of information or this subject occurred in this country. The intelligent and wholehearted cooperation of the press and radio of the nation, working in conjunction with the office of censorship, helped very materially in this regard. [149]

With this in mind, the story finds a deeper context, one that involves the full-spectrum of intelligence wars overlapping the biological science realm, and therefore one must not always assume that if certain details or evidence of an agent are withheld or not given fully, that it automatically translates to its absence of existence or evidence. [150]

Lanka's criteria and demand won through semantical terms, and onlookers have mistaken the association of his win in court as proof of the argument that viruses don’t exist. He won the case because through his own proposal, he asked for very specific criteria that could be found in one publication, he did not agree to have them proven through 6 or seven papers, he asked for one paper, and used terms that could not be met specifically and fool-proofed his proposal to win or he would have never proposed it, but not for the reasons others initially thought. The person who sent him the 6 papers did not read his proposal clearly and strictly, as the person was probably driven on emotion, and thus did not pay close attention to the specific terms of agreement. [151]

Also, it is possible that the entire ploy was done using intelligence hacks to carry out a PSYOP to the onlookers, being that such a ploy may have helped interests or countries that would greatly benefit from others believing that there were no such thing as transmissible germs or viruses, and thus, any country using bioterrorism would benefit from promoting such an argument. One can read about the intricacies and how of a target the biological sciences are for intelligence networks in works like Alexander Kouzminov’s Biological Espionage: Special Operations of the Soviet and Russian Foreign Intelligence Services in the West. [152] It is my opinion that this entire ploy to deny germs exist or to say they cannot disease is that of a PSYOP and those involved are intelligence hacks, assets, or pawns, whether they are wittingly playing along or being used as pawns to prop up the PSYOP on the targets being the general public.

Many viruses have been isolated, purified, synthesized, characterized, and proven to cause disease, and nowhere is this more demonstrable than in the live virus vaccines that went live and caused the disease they were supposed to prevent. [153] For instance, the Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) was purified and crystallized by the early 1940s, [154] and the 1950s saw the polio virus purified to crystallization. [155] Additional animal viruses like Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMD) were also crystallized around that time period. [156] The common cold rhinovirus was also crystallized, purified, and solved as one etiologic agent of the common cold. [157] Other viruses like the adeno-associated virus 2 (AAV-2) was also purified and crystallized. [158] Many others have been followed up in this way, but some viruses are not easily purified due to their more complex composition and infection mechanisms. [159]

In the early 2000s, Eckard Wimmer and his colleagues synthesized polio virus from scratch in a test-tube as a chemical formula based on the oligonucleotide sequences of the virus, because essentially viruses can be broken down into chemical constituents, and this was published in The test-tube synthesis of a chemical called poliovirus, and when complete tested the ability of the virus to infect human cells, with success:

The empirical formula of poliovirus (Fig 1A; Molla et al, 1991) is C332,652 H492,388 N98,245 O131,196 P7,501 S2,340. Because poliovirus is a quasi-species (Wimmer et al, 1993), the number of atoms in viral particles represents an average from a large population of different viruses. There might be little practical use in describing poliovirus by its empirical formula, but it persuasively portrays the virus as a chemical. Placing the atoms in order, a particle of high symmetry emerges (Fig 1B).

At present, it is impossible to synthesize RNA of such length chemically. We therefore rerouted the synthesis through double-stranded DNA, using mail-ordered complementary oligonucleotides, which can be assembled in a linear fashion. After many steps of elongating the DNA strand by adding new oligonucleotides, we obtained a genome-length double-stranded complementary DNA (cDNA) of about 7,500 base pairs that contained all the genetic information of the viral RNA genome (Fig 3A). This synthetic cDNA was transcribed into viral RNA using a specific RNA transcriptase (van der Werf et al, 1986), thereby yielding infectious viral RNA (Fig 3A). We could have simply transfected this RNA into human cells to obtain authentic poliovirus; instead, we opted to violate the normal replicative cycle of the virus by mixing the RNA with a cell-free extract of uninfected human cells that was devoid of nuclei, mitochondria and other cellular organelles. As we showed a decade earlier (Molla et al,1991), the RNA was both translated and replicated to form viral proteins and new genomes until a critical mass of viral products was reached; at this stage, poliovirus particles spontaneously assembled (Fig 3A). [160]

Wimmer and his colleagues proved that viruses can and do indeed exist, even as a chemical formula that is brought to life in the presence of biological tissue. They replicated, formed new genomes, and within long began to assemble on their own. The cell-free extracts would not produce exosomes, so these virions could not be confused as exosomes. [161]

It is also the case that with many agents, the antigen does all the damage immunologically through toxemia it exerts as the toxic proteins are shed into the body and bloodstream, and these can cause permanent changes and damage to the body and immune system, [162] and all that is needed is a vehicle to piggyback the antigen into the bloodstream and cells, and a replicating virus is not all that necessary, but they are often used to piggyback the antigen into the body and cause its toxic effects. A classic example of this is Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete that causes Lyme disease. [163]

This has a lot to do with immune tolerance, a sensitive topic in classified matters and in the war of biological weapons, which has Traub as its pioneer, [164] because to induce immune tolerance means to also bring on the slow-virus disease, a slow, chronic incapacitating disease meant to do maximum societal and economic damage. [165] Public health workers today are not even trained to know much about it because of the military, intelligence, biodefense, and political interests wanted it buried and thus very few know the history or mechanism behind it, many do not even know what it is and are trained on incomplete paradigms of immunology, and the term immune tolerance will generally only surface in relation to the same condition seen in organ transplants, even though there was a clear link to infectious and para-infectious mechanisms. [166]

Immune tolerance was discovered by Erich Traub starting in 1935 and 1936, and Traub made it his life work to study this phenomenon. [167] [168] The tenets of the science and mechanics of disease were then used to make effective immunosuppressive and slow-acting biological weapons that target and paralyze the immune system in various ways that lead to a slow-virus disease, that is, reactivation of latent viruses within the body to turn the body against itself. Traub was an infamous player in biological weapons and the topics in which he was involved in are so highly classified, and the activities of his life work for many countries still to this day remain classified at the very highest levels for all countries privy to it or who employed him, namely Germany, Russia, Britain, and the United States. His science was obscured and wiped from the books of definable disease as part of an ongoing coverup since the days he was sent back to Germany after his second stay in the United States after the Second World War. [169]

However, it is not just the military and intelligence angles that helped cover up immune tolerance, it is also because the entire science of immune tolerance flips the science of vaccination on its face and shows that not only is the science of vaccination through antibody response flawed and incorrect, but most of the vaccinations are causing long-term effects by burning out the immune system and actually causing immune tolerance and this is not effective as a tool to remedy viral diseases, it is not sustainable and severely damages the body. It acts to suppress the immune system and tolerize the body to a particular virus over and over, so that it doesn’t produce the fatal response, which is often the result of too heavy an immune response, but when we start to compulsively vaccinate, or with antigen that is too toxic for the body to handle, it just replaces the acute diseases with slow, chronic ones, and thus trades one problem for another, but there is also a cumulative effect that occurs and as generations come forth, their immune systems are compromised and dysfunctional. [170]

The long-term effect of vaccinations could be exponentially worse than if nothing was done at all. [171] The slow-virus disease is also seen with live virus vaccines that impart what is said to be a latent infection, but the latent infection is not necessarily a harmless infection, it is a slow-acting infection and the latency can be overcome and vaccine viruses can regain themselves and turn against the person at a later time, as well as develop into cancers. [172] This was actually seen with measles virus vaccines, given to immunocompromised infants, which regained virulence and later killed young infants. [173] Here we can show that yes, the measles virus exists and causes disease, because we can see it in cases of measles vaccine that go live and turn on the person and produce fatal infections. [174]

Here are the reasons that no one else will take on Lanka and his arguments. The topic is laden with problems that no scientist wants to take on because in the science community political correctness has turned it into a cult of peer pressure and ego-maniacs. [175] No one will address the issue because if they address the issue they will be heading into the realm of immune tolerance, which according to the scientists of today, can only be attributed to organ transplants, because that’s what the coverup in 1960 did, fraudulently made it about organ transplants and they gave two people not even nominated together for it, the Nobel Prize, when it was actually discovered by Erich Traub. [176]

It was done because the science has to do with weapons that were used and attacks were carried out, but also because the very science of immune tolerance is not compatible with vaccination and the science of the antibody theory of immunity, which is wrong and outdated, [177] but instead of including that into the science and make new approaches to viral diseases, they covered it up and ran with it, and now we’re seeing the lies coming undone with vaccines in general, and that is why a concerted effort is underway to brainwash us into accepting vaccines as safe and effective by bombarding us with the same message over and over, or spending billions to “fight vaccine hesitancy”. [178] The powers that be don’t want to change it because of greed, power, and also ego, they don’t want to acknowledge immune tolerance for what it is, or the fact that vaccines are causing much more harm than good, so they are just doubling down and going all the way with it and this is turning very ugly with the current situation with COVID-19. [179]

Now that enough people have witnessed clear and present reasons not to trust the mainstream medical and science establishment, there have been other interests that have come in to inject their own agendas into the minds of those disillusioned with the establishment, often for profiteering of their own through the ‘alternative health’ realm. This has included a denial of viruses and germs which then paves the way for their new paradigms, which have the same motives as mainstream medicine, its just dressed up with fancy New Age and naturopathic costumes and repackaged nonsense to make a buck off sick people. [180]

I believe that people were inclined to take the position that viruses don’t exist or cause disease almost overnight, because, for one, very few understand immune tolerance and how it works because Western immunology has made people understand a very incomplete version of immunology for the profit of vaccination. Secondly, based on this lack of understanding, the arguments put forward by Lanka, Kaufman, Cowan, etc., may look convincing on its face to newcomers and uses rhetoric in such a way that hides the deeper context of the history and argument. [181] Finally, I believed that many were more inclined to take this position because they do not like what is happening with COVID-19 and public health’s response, and thus making this decision based on an emotional drive.

There is a psychology behind it, that people who are emotionally driven are more easily swayed to take a position that reinforces the emotion produced and against the side that brought on the negative emotions to begin with, in this case, science and public health, whereas if it was presented before the COVID-19 situation it would not have been so easily accepted and probably would have remained obscure. Anyone with a decent background in psychology and microbiology could put forward a very clever, misleading picture that misrepresents the nature of viruses and immunology. [182] It would be easily taken by others who do not have much of an understanding of immunology, virology, and the underlying tenets of immune tolerance, and most people do not. The few and far between who do, tend to be the ones who are chronically ill and had no choice but to take a vested interest in their disease and condition because the medical and public health system couldn’t do it for them and brushed them under the rug as psychiatric cases or somatoform. [183]

My position is that germ theory is valid and viruses are real and cause disease, [184] they have been purified and crystalized, [185] they have been synthesized to reproduce themselves in cell-free extracts of HELA cells, [186] and not merely exosomes, but there are interrelationships between viruses and exosomes. [187] Exosomes can be manipulated and hijacked by viruses, [188] but there is also possibility that exosomes could change to a virus and become pathogenic due to some toxemia or traumatic mechanism on the body, such as a poisoning or toxic shock to mutate the cellular debris into a pathogenic state, however this is speculation on my behalf. [189] Exosomes do not merely detoxify, they are like messengers of the immune system between immune system components and the rest of the body, but the art of biological weapons has seen science used to overcome the body’s defense mechanisms and used to harm it rather than help it. [190]

Also, there are intelligence games and wars between countries that run deep and get very sophisticated, and there is a lot to gain in convincing the side that already questions vaccines that germs or especially viruses cannot cause disease. [191] Knowing that people on the alternative media side are more prone to investigate things like biological weapons and the activities within it, they go to great lengths to hide this activity and do not want people looking into such things, especially not when it comes to the work of people like Traub, and all of the slow-acting agents and what they do. They instead want people to focus only on harmful chemicals, 5G, EMF, and so on. There are psyops that go above and beyond to put all the focus on chemicals, EMF, and anything but the immunomodulating agents that generally cause permanent damage to the immune system and genes. [192]

There is a concerted effort to keep the alternative health spectrums ineffective, and they do this by making everyone see disease as no big deal, easily cured, and especially they like to make everything about toxins and chemicals that just need to be detoxified. It is all you hear in the alternative health, and most of it is pure garbage. There are concerted efforts to convince people that it is all easily fixed with diet, exercise, or some natural cure that is cheap and inexpensive. [193]

One would not know the deeper context if they were not sick and did not go through the process of trying each one, because it is more or less known in the communities of sick people that nothing really works, even though very few like to admit that outright, because it’s a troubling reality. No one wants to say they have an incurable disease or admit that all the things they were sold to get them well, all the thousands they spent on these special alternative health doctors, did not actually get them well, even though a lot of these specialists still get put on a pedestal by the communities of sick people, because no one really wants to call them out on it, because doing so would mean they have to admit that they cannot get well and the paradigms in alternative health are no more effective for the chronic diseases than the mainstream medical system’s treatments. [194]

Most of the chronic diseases out there are the result of immune tolerance, and that means that the immune system is damaged, not working properly. There are degrees to which this occurs, and while few and far between can recover, most cannot. [195] Nowadays, far fewer see recoveries and are more often plagued by chronic health problems that relapse and remit indefinitely, so the symptoms will worsen, and then ease up a little, and this happens in cycles, a few months may be less severe, and then get worse for a while. It is like a dysphoric rollercoaster ride.

While I hold germ theory to be proven, there are many ways that special interest groups, the pharmaceutical giants, and the public health systems use tenets of it used incorrectly to prop up their big money-making schemes and push for mandatory vaccinations, which are only degrading the biology and brains of our societies, burning out the immune system and causing chronic disease and neurological problems to proliferate. [196]

I reject the idea that viruses don’t exist or cause disease. [197] I think it is a poor conclusion based on what is going on in the current situation of COVID-19, where most people do not have the full picture, especially since they don’t understand immune tolerance and how it works. [198] I had to go through the grueling, painful process of learning it and understanding it, [199] because I live with this disease every day and have for years. I had to go through the process of first trying to get help from the public health system and being neglected and told there is nothing wrong with me, labeling me as a mental patient imagining my disease, to having to learn and attempt to treat myself.

Naturally, this led me into the alternative health paradigms and still there was no difference after going down the list, most of those touted natural cures did nothing of value, certainly did not cure my disease, and so many of my sick friends had to come to the same realization. Those who are not sick do not understand the reality directly it is all theoretical to them, but it is ‘a thing’ in the community of sick people, that the so-called natural cures like colloidal silver, MMS, diets, and whatever other unconventional treatments are generally not effective, because if they were, believe me, everyone would have cured themselves by now.

The struggle is life or death when you are ill in this way, it is a living nightmare and the struggle to get well is a survival mechanism, which most of us have already exhausted trying to recover without any luck, some even succeed in making themselves worse. It is because the immune system has been damaged to the point of not being able to repair itself, and when the reactivated viral syndrome takes hold, it is generally incurable. The mainstream treatments are not effective, and neither are the alternative treatments floating around out there. The alternative health paradigms popular now are akin to the most illogical New Age garbage that denies and ignores causality. That’s the cold reality. It is ironic that now the so-called truth and freedom movement is taking the same position to my health problems that the doctors and public health system did, by saying my disease is a figment of my imagination, and that I could just recover if I ate certain organic diets, did X, Y, and Z, but if they aren’t dealing with the disease, they have no experience and should not speak on something they know nothing about directly.

The alternative health system is a major money-maker, and many ‘naturopaths’ and so-called healers are banking off so many of us sick people, many will drain their life savings in the process of trying to recover and get well, they will continue paying the so-called practitioners out of desperation, even though they see very little results or progress, they pay large sums of money but remain sick and unwell. Many of the same folks pushing the denial of germs and viral diseases have some pretty hefty money-making schemes in the alternative health realm, that if we just “let our immune system do its thing, the body can heal itself of almost any injury or disease.” [200] This is a misleading statement, since these weapons were made to destroy the immune system and make it not work properly, cause permanent change in the genetic makeup of the individual and their immune system. [201]

Chemicals can be harmful or beneficial depending on their chemical makeup, the same is true for germs and viruses. However, the body cannot always fight off certain germs or viruses, especially if they have been engineered for the purpose of weapons and bioterrorism. Since they amount to chemical constituents, ask yourself this, do you think one could survive an attack with Sarin or VX organophosphate chemical weapons if one ate the proper diet and exercised to be in the best shape of their life? One could hardly imagine. You would be dead within minutes. The body cannot heal itself from every insult, and those promoting that are hoping to sell you the so-called secret knowledge only they hold. [202]

This is the essentially the point of my argument, that viruses and germs cause disease through the outer surface proteins or antigens, which are biotoxins, biochemicals, and essentially break down into chemical components. These can be destructive, and especially more so if a group of scientists with ill-intentions got together and said “let’s make a virus or germ to be as destructive to the body as possible, but do it in such a way that it is stealthy and hard to isolate or diagnose and disables the immune system to give them permanent health problems which get worse over generations.” [203]

Biological weapons specialists have been concentrating in these matters for well over a century. They can be very hard to isolate and diagnose, even harder to treat. Therefore, such weapons were the weapon of choice for countries at war with each other. No one is dumb enough to use nuclear weapons like the conventional view holds. Germs and viruses make the best weapons because they are problematic, hard to track, self-sustaining, and easily deniable when used. [204]

Viruses have played a major part in the history of biological warfare, have been the basis for the introduction and re-introduction of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Viruses play a major role in both chronic and acute diseases. Many of the chronic diseases common today, including my own, are the result of a disseminated viral syndrome, where latent viruses like Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) are reactivated by other infections like Lyme disease, Tuberculosis, Malaria, etc. These forms of disease cause permanent, chronic illnesses that relapse and remit throughout the course of infection. [205] Vaccinations can cause the condition itself and add significant burden and injury to such conditions, making them far more common. [206] The Public Health system does not recognize these outcomes as definable disease and was wiped from the map in 1960 and attributed only to organ transplants. [207]

Very few know the more complete history of biological warfare with the immunosuppressive agents, but I took the time to go in-depth and study the work and history for many years. Erich Traub’s life and career speaks to the nature of these slow, stealthy disease agents which were created for weapons and military purposes. When these weapons are used, they are very hard to track and diagnose, and take considerable time to get rolling, but once they gain a foothold, they present a complex picture which is hard to define and plays out in infinite variation, that is, each person will see a unique course of disease play out, with general similarities between each other. [208] At the same time, vaccines can cause the condition itself and always add considerable burden to the overall problem in society. [209]

Even though immune tolerance is a complex picture, it explains everything about the systemic health problems and failures of public health system in the Western countries today. [210] The compulsory vaccination practices show the destructive effects of greed and ego taken to extremes, while not informing its recipients of the serious wear and tear on the body and immune system. [211] For every problem and disease that presents itself in the West, the public health system and its science community takes a position of ‘one size fits all’ with the answer always being ‘more vaccines,’ even though with each round, the vaccines are adding gasoline to an already raging fire, even rushed into production, as in the case of the COVID-19 vaccine, [212] while having no effective monitoring system. [213] Problems and injuries are occurring in large numbers as adverse reactions to vaccines, but their stealthy, immunosuppressive nature causing subclinical and non-specific symptoms like headache, fatigue, joint pain, and the like, helps keep it off the map of statistics because it was wiped from the map of definable disease in 1960, [214] and the public health system has continuously tried to deny the existence of many chronic diseases. Auto-immune-like reactions are also common with immune tolerance, as the immune system is not in overdrive, but rather confused and dysfunctional, thrown into disarray. [215] Latent viruses reactivating from head to toe also play a role. [216]

The pandemic countermeasures brought forth to combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus with risky biopharmaceutical vaccines for an immunosuppressive virus with rapid antigenic variation creates risky outcomes and obstacles for effective and safe responses, and this was already seen in vaccines for H.I.V, tuberculosis, malaria, among others. [217] The organization and systematic failures of the public health system were already evident long before the current situation began, and the number of people stricken with chronic incapacitating diseases had already seen many millions of people not only unemployed, but with undiagnosed conditions and suffering neglect by the public health system. The incompetence and systemic corruption that has infested the public health system with conflicts of interest and immoral obedience to the corporate sector have brought and continue to bring the health and well-being of society many unforeseen and far-reaching, negative consequences. [218]

The risks and side effects of vaccines for problematic agents that have continuously been unsuccessful in the last century of vaccination, rushed onto the market without extensive studies or acknowledgement of already known vaccine failures and injuries is now followed with expected physical injuries and neurologic sequelae that greatly affect the economy, vital health, and well-being of society. [219] [220] The ‘free-pass’ given to the pharmaceutical industry in developing vaccines without any accountability for its safety profile will undoubtedly factor into the profit-motivated competition, leaving a high disregard for public safety. [221] This will be even more disastrous having highly unreliable monitoring systems like VAERS and other passive systems that open the door to unmitigated disregard for safety and leaves no incentive for safety and accountability. [222] The hidden consequences and very easily manipulated public perception of these interrelationships has been detailed in several other publications, videos and articles I have already written, and can be followed up on from here linking to the following several articles:

Immune Tolerance and Slow-Virus Disease: Skeletons in the Closet of Western Science and Public Health

Tainted Immunity: Post-Vaccinal Encephalitis and the Chronic Plague of Societal Degeneration

VAERS & Vaccine Failure: A Public Health Treason and Complicity in Crimes Against Humanity

Medical Misanthropology: A Tale of Vaccination, Mental Illness, & Clinical Psychiatry


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