Introducing... The One Great Work Network Mystery School: Ending Slavery, One Mind at A Time

Updated: Mar 20

By: A. W. Finnegan #OneGreatWorkNetwork #MarkPassio

One Great Work Network is a privately-organized collective of Conscious Individuals, who each create dynamic content for the purpose of the message of Natural Law, Truth, and Freedom to a worldwide audience. The One Great Work Network actively engaged in the ongoing war against the Dark Occult Ruling Class. Together, this group of Freedom Advocates and Spiritual Warriors continually disseminates empowering information in a tireless effort to free Humanity from the condition of Slavery.

One Great Work Network: Ending Slavery, One Mind At A Time.

I would like to take some time to introduce to everyone who follows my site the Garden of Great Work, a larger network of initiates and those devoted to the larger journey of discovering and serving Truth, both within and in the world of objective reality, to discover what is, from what is not, and to reshape oneself continuously to be in line with Truth and the spiritual homeostasis of what the great Occult Initiate Mark Passio of What On Earth is Happening referred to as 'Natural Law'. This term involves the inherent spiritual nature, the mechanics of the mind in how the conscious and subconscious mind's gears work and operate, and the moral obligations of humanity to live under the Universal Laws, laws that are in operation in the utmost autonomous way, which is the underlying order inherent in the spiritual essence of our existence and the objective reality we operate within.

In February of 2021, Mark Passio, of the notable podcast and website What On Earth Is Happening (WOEIH), assembled and presented a large network of researchers and individuals making significant contributions to the higher ideals of spiritual Truth and Natural Law, the maintaining of freedom against the authoritarian, immoral actions of State, which in earlier times was one and the same with religion. This network Passio facilitated is called the One Great Work Network, and I am among the content creators, with my site the Garden of Great Work. In fact, it was Mark Passio who influenced my decision to start up the Garden of Great Work. I had been working diligently day and night to complete my long and arduous studies of biological warfare for my up and coming book, which is very significant in the service of Truth, but I had wanted to go back into the Occult teachings, that some call Spiritual Law, Timeless Wisdom, and as Passio familiarized another term, 'Natural Law.'

As I was listening to an episode of What On Earth Is Happening, in the summer of 2020, his approach inspired me, that it was time, occult teachings and all I know is going to be unleashed in my contributions to the Great Work. The time was far overdue, to teach all I had learned in my tireless exploration of spiritual, occult, historical, philosophical, and all the knowledge and wisdom I had acquired thus far, the timeless wisdom of Natural Law and especially my research on the 'outer work' of objective reality.

I began to learn Natural Law in 2013, when I started correspondence courses with the Theosophical Society while I was doing time, because obviously my position in society was in chaos and discord, I was out of balance and lost in a world of drugs and chaos. It met its eventual conclusion and fortunately I came out with my life still intact. However, when I was doing time I decided I would seek out the Truth about life and its laws, and this is when I found Natural Law principles, when I wrote to the Theosophical Society and they offered me these courses on aspects of Natural Law.

Every occult organization has these as prerequisites for the foundation of all initiates, because this has everything to do with spiritual initiation and all occult schools of thought are generally based on these principles with some variation, but the knowledge is actually universal. I did not become a member and am not currently involved with them, but their assistance was very helpful in my Spiritual Quest. At the same time I was doing these courses, I was also reading literature every day on subjects far and wide, but especially history and occult literature.

I did this for two and a half years day in, day out, and when I came back into the world much wiser and more disciplined, in line with my moral obligations, I continued researching and seeking out the Truth in this imbalanced, chaotic world. Eventually I found Mark Passio's work at What On Earth Is Happening.

While I was already well on my way as an initiate, Passio's podcast added great depth to my insight and order of thought and principles. In other words, his Work had synergistically enhanced what I had already been learning with the Theosophical Society, as well as my own personal research and knowledge gained from becoming an avid reader of literature far and wide. He put a very remarkable series of podcasts out and eventually started the One Great Work Network, which is an exceptional website and knowledge-base of information and spiritual insight for the conversion to understanding and wisdom...

This website looks amazing and the folks who designed it have exceptional skills. I am absolutely thrilled to present and be a part of the One Great Work Network. Among my fellow colleagues are Andy Brooksher, Dom Tremblay, Marja West, Mark Passio, and many more. Our research may vary between each other to some degree, we may have some different points of views on various things, but we are unified by our core principles, of Truth, Freedom, and Love. We are aligned with the principles of Natural Law, we stand for and serve Truth and seek out Truth in objective reality, after our Inner Self is understood and built on a firm foundation of what I call the "inner work", we promote the natural rights of the individual, freedom, standing in opposition to the authoritarianism of Statism, and our mission is to disseminate useful knowledge and spiritual insight to empower other individuals and a system for which the motto stands, "Ending Slavery, One Mind at a Time..."

Head on over to the One Great W0rk Network, at and help spread the message and journey of Truth, Freedom, Love and align yourself with the Natural Law of Divine Intelligence.

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