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Depth-Perception: The Substance of Core Principles Versus Vaguery and Semantics

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #NaturalLaw #TheGreatWork #DepthPerception

“It is a common sentence that knowledge is power; but who hath duly considered or set forth the power of ignorance? Knowledge slowly builds up what ignorance in an hour pulls down.” -- George Eliot (Marian Evans)

the Depths of the Great Work
"The Depths of a Poisoned Heart" by A. W. Finnegan

As I've recently discussed in my last video and article, Social Deceptions & Ignorance: A Systemic Infestation of Mind War on Public Perception, doing the Great Work is a process that includes both the inner and outer work in almost perfect harmony to each other. That is to say, the Great Work uses the internal processes as an art or vehicle of expression or stream of influence directed to the outside world. We radiate it outward, without forcing it on anyone so others can willingly receive it, resonate with it, and apply this knowledge and Truth to their own lives and eventually direct it once more to others who are seeking and  receptive to its influence.

The entire process starts with the inner work, awakening the Divine Spark from within. The purpose of the inner work is to stabilize and build the Self to a position of Self-realization Self-ownership, which leads us to begin the Great Work. I stated near the end of my video, Social Deceptions & Ignorance: A Systemic Infestation of Mind War on Public Perception, that in the beginning stages of self-realization, you should be primarily focused on the inner work and tuning yourself into the current of Care and alignment with Truth.

Once the inner work has progressed far enough to a position of stability and empowerment, the individual is in a better position to do the outer work. Once a person has built him or herself on a solid foundation to stand on, the inner work becomes almost second nature and the outer work then becomes the primary focus. That is not to say that the inner work does not require upkeep or maintenance, it certainly does, but the state of inner alignment is much easier to call back into balance once the individual is already familiar with it.

In preceding articles, I also talked about the left- and right-brained hemispheres of the brain, the imbalances involved leading us to either over-compassionate or selfish, egoic tendencies. The process of doing the inner and outer work required for undertaking the Great Work involves balancing the two energies to be in harmony with each other. We nurture the Self to such a degree that we have as much love for the Self as we do for the rest of the world. When we learn to truly love the Self, we are in a position to radiate our inner passion for life outward to others with Care and in the servitude of Truth.

This article focuses on depth-perception, applied to Truth, a process which can be applied or recognized in both the inner and outer work. It relates to the recognition of depth and substance versus surface-dwelling, vaguery, and semantics. This can apply to our own deeds, as well as those of others. Depth-perception is the term I will use to denote the ability to recognize and become aware of essential qualities, the basic principles in any given area of focus. The ability for depth-perception allows one to move beyond the confines of merely looking and begin the art of truly 'seeing.' Through the ability of 'seeing,' we can perceive and define what is at the heart of any matter. We can define the substance underlying any focus of what we 'see' as the essence, process it, and apply it. This process is comparable to the way in which a computer processes and applies information. 202o is the year of vision, the year of form, and a good year to form your vision beyond the surface of mere appearance and into core principles. 

Reality contains objective Truth, defined by what is and what is not. Reality is made up of self-sustaining, immutable laws, regardless of what we think of them or perceive them to be. Perception is not the basis of reality, but our perception can produce different expressions of it within the confines of its laws. That is to say, we can act as though reality is what we perceive it to be, but if we perceive it to be something other than what it is, we will delude ourselves with lies and untruth, and as result, we will suffer the imbalance that follows. Any attempt to make it conform to being anything other than what it is, means we will be the ones facing the consequences. If it conforms to our will, it is doing so because we are living in alignment with its laws, impersonal to our needs, desires, and perception.

Of course, within its set of established parameters, there are different ways of perceiving and expressing the same aspects of reality, such as in the case of art and creative expression. One can express the same concept in many different variations of abstract expression on a canvas. For instance, lets say we are to create a painting for a school art project, with the parameters being that we can only use two circles and two lines, with only black and white paint, on a 9" x 12" canvas.

There are many possibilities within this set of established parameters. One could make a white background, with the two circles and two lines arranged to make the image of a tube. The other could paint a black background, with white circles side by side, with white lines in the center of each circle. The possibilities could go on in endless combinations, but the established parameters or rules need to always remain constant, for example, if we follow these parameters, no matter how much we wish otherwise, the only color possibilities will be black, white, and grey. No matter what combination or arrangement we put them in, we will not be able to use any shapes other than two circles and two lines. The canvas cannot be anything other than 9" x 12" in measurement from width to height. These are the set parameters. To break these rules means we are breaking the established parameters given for the project, and this will result in disqualification or a failed grade for the project.

Natural Law operates in much the same manner, as the set parameters of the medium we work within. You can express yourself and the Truth contained therein as long as you stay in the confines of the established parameters, with those parameters being objective morality and Truth. When it comes to morality, the parameters are not flexible or renegotiable. We don't get to make our own abstraction and re-interpretation of what morality is. There is an objective right and wrong. There are objective laws that govern the Universe regarding the parameters of our human consciousness, which lead us to harmony or chaos, serenity or suffering, depending on what side of the fence we operate from. This is the basis for those who mistakenly say perception is reality. Sure, we can perceive reality in opposition it its laws, but we will always face a consequence for perceiving it differently than it truly is, so in that sense, no, reality is not determined by how you perceive it.

In the physics of gravity, we don't get to redefine the laws of gravity in such a way as to make it anything different than what it is. The basic principles underlying it will always hold true. Any attempt to redefine it will only amount to semantics in how it is described, in the hopes that we fool ourselves into taking the abstraction of words to redefine its core principles to be something other than what it is. This  tactic is the underlying nature of deception and how it is typically used to fool people into redefining Truth based on a fancy re-arrangement of words as semantics, to trick us into trading what is for what is not.

We must look at depth and the substance contained in things, as opposed to what is on the surface of all things. We must look at the core, essential qualities and define things on that level, rather than what name is given to it. When one acquires the ability to perceive underlying depth and essential qualities, that is, all things broken down into their most essential forms, it is almost impossible to be fooled into accepting lies as Truth. Knowing the inner mechanics of this reality, the nature of deception falls short of its effectiveness in obscuring Truth. This is why doing the inner work in identifying all things at their most essential core is so important in changing the outer world as a whole. That being said, let's proceed to examine the ways in which Truth is oftentimes cleverly disguised on the surface to fool those who lack the vision for perceiving the depth and essential qualities.

Many have ascribed the same name to two things that are totally different in substance or deed. So, if that is the case, what's in a name? According to the propagandist, "everything." [1] It is everything to the propagandist because their methodology to persuade and deceive relies on attaching most or all of the focus to name and uniform only, rather than its substance or core qualities. They depend upon your failing to penetrate the depths and identify the core qualities and rather mistakenly accepting the outward appearance as the core substance.

This is an unfortunate reality, but many people are easily fooled by outer appearances, judging by what is on the cover or surface. They depend upon you failing to perceive the underlying, essential form as its total value. Knowing this trick and using it against those who are ignorant of its reality means the one who deceives could successfully take an image, name, or outfit that is accepted or favorable to a person or society, place it on something they would otherwise be opposed to, and watch them embrace what they would otherwise reject, just so long as its outer appearance was changed or cleverly disguised into an acceptable form without the victim of the deception even being aware of it. Researcher of intelligence activities engineering drug cultures, Jan Irvin, illustrated this concept in his paper Entheogens: What's in a Name? The Untold History of Psychedelic Spirituality, Social Control, and the CIA. [2]

Here is another example, the same set of ingredients can be rebranded a thousand times over, each as an exclusive product. This is the marketing strategy of the supplements world, such as diet supplements. There have been so many different brands of weight-loss supplements over the years, many of which use the same or similar blend of ingredients, renamed and repackaged a thousand times over. The consumer may start with one product, having no luck, moves on to the next brand, and the next, and on and on, not realizing they all contain the same ingredients. They never took the time to break the product down into its core ingredients by looking on the back at the list of ingredients and realizing it was all the same blend of ingredients. Yet each product had a unique logo, color combination, and punch line. This clever technique takes advantage of ignorance to market products, betting all its cards on their consumers' ignorance, and yet, it continues to work year after year.

Another methodology used by intellectuals and authoritative groups with a hunger for power, manipulation, and control, depending on others' ignorance, is the use of vague terminology and modest language to cover profound or outrageous ideas and agendas. As in law, the more vague the terms and language of any law put in place, means more flexibility for bending the rules against you and allowing the authority more power to enforce overreaching power-grabs under its umbrella. One could say some of the most offensive, detestable things in substance, but if they disguise it with vaguery and modest terminology, make it sound nonthreatening, it will oftentimes evade the minds of most people who make little to no connection to what is actually implied.

For instance, in the book, The Survival of the Wisest, author Jonas Salk, of polio vaccine fame, said some rather offensive, controversial things in the beginning of this book, which the average person may not immediately pick-up on, or selectively downplay the meaning. Here is the quote:

A major threat to the species is attributed to the increasing size of the human population, which, in turn, is ascribed to successes in science and technology. This "explanation" has evoked an attack upon science and the exploitation of its technology, to the development of which are attributed many adverse effects upon the human species and upon other forms of life. "Polluters" who befoul the planet affect the "quality of life" and are regarded as a threat to the present and future equilibrium of the species and of the planet. Those who consider themselves on the side of Nature, and therefore of the human species, see others in opposition to both Nature and Man. Hence we are to be concerned not only with Man's relationship to Nature but with Man's relationship to himself. [3]

Using vague language and modesty, he is essentially saying that advances in science and medicine were causing the human population to thrive and become too big. He sees this as a threat to nature and man, and goes on to say that if you are on the side of nature, as a human being, you should see other humans in opposition to nature, as the enemy of nature and to overall quality of human life, therefore, the medical technologies used for potential cures and life-saving treatments, anything that helps a human being live longer and fuller, are to be disregarded in favor of nature, to let us die, let us live shorter lives and thus actively decrease the human population. He implies that man should be seen as the enemy and treated accordingly. He implies that we ought to be taking active steps in reducing the human population by stopping scientific advances so that we die quicker and sooner.

Now mind you, here is a man who was in his earlier years, investigated by the FBI for communist sympathies, [4] while in this same book Salk talked about the ability to mutate genes with viruses to cause regressive traits that inhibit life. What a coincidence that his polio vaccine had been contaminated by several Type-C, carcinogenic viruses which potentially infected close to 98 million people by 1960. [5] 

His ideas about curbing the human population may seem as feasible statements to some, who have been conditioned by ideologies that paint humans as the cancer of planet Earth, and many average people think they agree with this idea, until it is their mother, sibling, or child who is denied life-saving cancer treatments in the name of actively doing their part in reducing the human population by arrogant, misled people like Jonas Salk. Perhaps one should reconsider the name of his book and ask oneself, "what is he trying to say?". Many would miss the substance inherent in this paragraph and the rest of the book if it was not explained or translated from its vague intellectualism into simple, understandable language. It takes practice and persistence to pick up on the passive-aggressive, intellectualism such as this. It serves to illustrate one example of many in the tactic of disguising offensive ideas with modesty and intellectualism. Depth-perception allows one to see past the clever disguises, to get to the underlying message, whether in profane or overly modest language, by defining its core, essential qualities.

This is not just attributable to methodologies used by those seeking to deceive others, but also ourselves. After all, we can at times be our greatest trickster, as described in the article, The Trickster-Self: Avoiding our Truth by the Lies we Tell Ourselves. We must learn to recognize our own ability to live or see in depth, and also our tendency to tip-toe around certain things about life or ourselves that we seek to avoid or remain in denial about when we skate about the surface and fail to embrace core components. We will oftentimes  create a cover-story as to why and what justifies its excuse. That word, cover-story, is quite revealing, in that the lie seeks to cloak itself in a surface layer or disguise in the hopes of hiding the true substance underneath it. Truth cannot be anything other than it is at its core, so the only way to make it appear as something other than what it is, is to give it the illusion of being something different by cloaking it with a cleverly disguised appearance on its surface.

If we are unable to see the depth or substance in any given focus, we fail to see the heart of it, we fail to see what it truly is, as the phrase goes, nothing is as it appears on the surface. Seeing the depth of life means we find the Truth or substance in all things. Since Truth is everywhere, we would do well to seek the depth, the essence underlying all things. Eventually, practicing this in repetition and persistence brings its assimilation into the psyche and integrates it into our approach naturally.

When we perceive through this lens, we begin to see with eyes to perceive what is and what is not. We begin to see when the surface has been cleverly decorated to obscure the core underlying Truth behind it. It is this veil we must lift, the veil that covers Truth in a blanket of illusion, for it is this thin layer that brings many to proclaim this world to be an illusion. For it is an illusion if they see all things as they appear on the surface, but we must scratch beyond the surface, lift the veil, as the immutable vivid reality of Truth is vast as the deepest oceans and the void reaches of space and time, inherent in all things, formed and formless.


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