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Delusions of Democracy: Feigned Freedom & the All-American Electrifying Kool-Aid Acid Test

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

By: A. W. Finnegan #Statism #SelfGovernance #BirthRights #Liber #NoSlavery #QANONPSYOP #DarkAges

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." - Saul Bellow

Here we are at the end of 2020, with an election behind us and new president from the democratic party, Joe Biden. All those on the left side of American politics are jumping up and down with joy, waiting for the current president, Donald Trump, to leave the White House. Those on the right side of American politics are devastated by what they thought would be Donald Trump's second term. I disdain politics, I hate even writing about the subject, but its necessary only insofar as trying to spell out the nature of power in systems of entrenched authority and rulership. It is necessary to attempt to lift the wool from our eyes, to see things as they truly are, and not what we decide or want them to be.

At any rate, the election is over, but the polarization between the two parties remains ever the m0re apparent. Both are at each others' throats with contempt, provocation, and hostility. Claims of election fraud are rife for those on the right, who don't want to accept defeat. Within the group of supporters of Trump, lies an unfortunate phenomenon, wherein a sub-genre of Trump supporters followed an internet sensation in what came to be known as Q-ANON, and they followed this psychological program with a religious fervor.

As the story goes, Q was an anonymous source, claiming to be high up in government holding a Q clearance, which is the highest clearance one can hold in the U.S. Government. Q sent messages to its followers through the dark web, boards like 4chan and 8chan, now among all other sorts of message boards with a similar platform. Q put forward a story line that gave its followers the impression that the elite running the world were being destroyed and secretly defeated, yet Q would publicly tell its followers all the plans and what was going on in real-time through the dark web. It was public, anyone could see it, and they did this while also claiming that Q had to make some its claims purposeful disinformation, with the justification that "disinformation is necessary," because the enemy would also be looking on. This type of approach would never have been practiced if these were real clandestine operations. With Artificial Intelligence (Ai) in the hands of the enemies, it would have instantly compromised the mission, if indeed the mission was real. Artificial intelligence would have been able to analyze Q's messages to its followers and, using algorithms, it would be able to decipher between the real and false information, and this would have been suicide for any clandestine activities by these so-called white hats. The only ones being fooled were the followers of Q.

The Q program started up around 2016 when President Trump took office, and it has continued ever since. Every few months, Q would get its followers all excited and hanging on by the edge of their seat thinking there would be mass arrests of politicians and elitists, that a Golden Age of enlightenment would follow for the United States, and then the world. Yet, every time the predictions and promises were made, the dates would come and go, nothing would come to pass. Some followers admitted to taking a whole week off work because they thought a military coup was underway. Nothing like this ever happened. Each time nothing happened and its follows began to ask questions, Q would use the excuse, "disinformation is necessary."

However, to make a convincing program, Q would pull out happenings that were taking place in current events and spin it into its phony story line. Every time a CEO would step down, or some famous person would get arrested or in a bind for whatever reason, Q could spin it to fit the story line that it was part of the take down of the elite. CEOs step down every year, and have been for long before the Q phenomenon came around. The artificial intelligence component could predict when President Trump would point upward or tweet and tie these abilities into the storyline to make the magic tricks more convincing. The magic tricks depended on half-truths and lots of speculation, jumping to conclusions at the suggestion of some unverified, anonymous source. I've talked about the recklessness in following anonymous sources and the perils of including them in any serious, credible research.

There was never any proven verification that Q was really who it claimed to be, aside from small magic tricks like showing a photo of a pen one can only get in the White House, which meant literally nothing. My favorite trick was when they put out out supposed court documents as "unsealed indictments" and yet when I pulled the document up on Adobe Reader and Photoshop, I could see that the document was layered and thus, altered, it was fraudulent, and a terrible job. Q was pushing blatantly obvious counterfeit court documents. I tried to warn others about this obvious PSYOP in my article Self-Saviorship: Either we Save Ourselves or be a Slave to the "Savior."

Many of the Q-ANON followers are now in a tailspin over the predictions that Q made, once again, not coming to pass. Q told its followers shortly before the election that Donald Trump would win by a landslide and go on to basically save the world during his next term. The so-called white hats that ran the Q-ANON program then suddenly abandoned them and walked away, Q was over with. Many were left wondering what had just happened, the answer is very simple: You got played! It was a scam, a PSYOP, a fraud! Welcome to the research realm of dirty tricks! (For more on this, please see my article: The Dirty Tricks Department: 11 Keys to Psychological Deception and Manipulation)

However, I don't want to make it seem like I'm just picking on the right side. On the opposite side of this, there is a widespread celebrating of the Biden presidency from those on the left side, as though he is some righteous and good person. Biden was already planning to return the United States to the World Health Organization (WHO), who are filled to the brim with foreign intelligence seeking to sabotage the United States and other Western countries. This has been going on for a long time. Biden was already planning to return to the horrible Paris Agreement. There was nothing to celebrate, and at the same time, nothing will be changing for the better. The coin is double-sided, and each are equally ludicrous in the expectation for things to get better for humanity.

Biden is a joke, and if the videos floating around the internet of him sniffing young girls' necks and being a creep are indeed real, it is a pathetic reality that someone like that sits as president. Biden already plans to ramp up the authoritarianism to combat the COVID-19 situation, but all he will really be doing is destroying rights for the simple reason of appearing to look competent in the face of a virus they cannot track or control, and certainly don't understand, and this is obvious in so many ways, the mask-wearing being one example. The virus is mostly non-fatal, but may be establishing slow-virus diseases and chronic and persistent viral infections, while only a small percentage get the deadly pneumonia, and these cases may have additional infections in motion. This is due to the immunosuppressive nature of some of the HIV-like antigens, which I have covered in other videos, and will be covering in many more. Attempting to vaccinate a population with inapparent infections will be like adding gasoline to an already raging fire.

Biden's plans are terrible, but at the same time, Trump had still been signing our lives over to the corporate monopolies to overcome American sovereignty through the TPP-like trade deal, the United States, Mexico, and Canada Agreement (USMCA). The drug firms were still pushing full-speed ahead with their rushed, experimental COVID-19 vaccine, which Trump was rooting through Operation Warp Speed, working with none other than BARDA, the venture capital firm buried in the U. S. Government, whom I covered in an earlier article, Invasive Immunizations: BARDA, Vectored Vaccines, Oxitec Mosquitoes & Morgellon's Disease Origins. GMO mosquitoes were being released by the hundreds of millions in Florida and Texas, shortly before the supposed surge in cases of COVID-19. The GMO mosquitoes have already been documented to have been vaccine technology, and it is a likelihood that the Oxitec mosquitoes being released was an attempt at an experimental COVID-19 vaccine that the Trump Administration's FDA green-lighted in the same secretive way he did with other secretive military activities. Trump and his administration was no more a savior than the soon-to-be president, Joe Biden. Two different outfits, but the same entrenched power stomping on the human face of humankind.

As though anything at all is going to change in ways favorable to the people, the voters blindly follow the two parties of the same corrupted machine. Instead of healthy change, there will be new laws passed, new corporate deals made, new executive orders signed, all to clamp down on freedom under the guise of humanitarianism, to put down more authoritarianism to protect you from your own government, from germs, and most of all, from yourself. There is a delusional understanding of reality taking place on each end of this pathetic political spectrum.

This delusion is one of a perceived Democracy. It is a symptom of an underlying progressive disease called Statism, and each person who signs onto it willingly gives up the divine power they hold within themselves, to take care of and be responsible for oneself, to protect your Divine Birthright, trading the Law of the Creator, for the law of man. The pathway to freedom and self-governance is not found through Statism, which is a continual state of progressive restriction and slavery. The reason for this is the nature of power, how it corrupts and influences those in positions of power to abuse and step on those below it. It is a collective monster where competition ensues to gain more control, and this is done at the expense of the people and the livelihood of true freedom. Instead of organically living, people want to give up their self-responsibility and be taken care of and protected, and they'll allow a money-driven, power-hungry system to do it for them.

One might argue that government keeps law and order of the people and ensures the safety of others, that if we didn't have a government it would be mayhem, but this is the beginning of fear-based thinking. It may be that when the United States was formed and began its empire, there was a significant level of freedom and prosperity, and maybe so, as they started from scratch after breaking away from British despotism. However, the British would soon follow with her despotic ways to influence the newborn State. At the start of the American empire, the power had not yet become the entrenched power all government systems and religious states eventually become. That is to say, the accumulation of power and control only goes one way- to amass more control over its people, with the creation of new laws. While it is true that the founding fathers of the United States had a good understanding of Natural Law and wrote the constitution accordingly, the rights would have to be defended, and over the years, as the understanding of Natural Law became less, and the restrictive appetite from the growing entrenched power became more, the rights would be lost and stomped out if not maintained by its people.

The First 200 years of the United States saw a fair amount of freedom for some, compared to some of the other kingdoms and governments in history. However, this was not true for the African American slaves that were wrongfully subdued and taken to the United States to work as slaves, and this was an action taken that would foreshadow things to come in the direction the country would continue taking, that is, taking others' rights and forcing them into positions of subordinance. The latter-half of the American Empire saw heavy infiltration or integration by special interest groups, bankers, corporate players, and more, and within long the money system effectively put the country under the control of private interests.

As the country grew older, the ways of power began to get the best of what was begun as an experiment in social growth and the human being's value of freedom, which Manly P. Hall wrote about in his book, the Secret Destiny of America, in which it was proclaimed that "God has given America to be Free." However, in being free, without knowing or exercising their own rights, or knowing the mechanics of life, the mind, and Natural Law, the freedom to choose fell to degradation, denial of responsibility, complacency, fear-based thinking, and so on. The Laws of the Universe would naturally unfold accordingly, and the grips of corrosive power would soon begin to dissolve the Will and Care that these once-free human beings had in their hearts. The concentration of entrenched power soon began to coagulate, and the balance that had been set as a foundation for Democracy was usurped by tyranny and increasing authority. This would would only continue in the same direction as the empire grew older, and not the reverse.

This is why those of us who understand natural rights, have studied Natural Law, occultism, and general history, have understood the nature of power and the mechanics of how the story always plays out. It always builds itself up to an authoritarian rulership and the citizens are trampled by the very system that was initially set out to help and protect them. It always plays out the same, exactly in line with the the Law of Rhythm, rising and falling (See my article The Seven Steps of Hermetic Intelligence and its Forgotten Eighth Principle).

It inevitably falls because in the end it becomes so tyrannical that the people eventually have no choice but to rise up against the evil threatening them. The hierarchy finds mutiny and falls apart. Eventually the kingdom falls and the people are left to start anew. Yet, it is a tragedy that in the course of the next kingdom, there is a tendency to forget the past, to forget how history repeats itself with each new attempt to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. In a way, it is a lot like current politics in America, how every four years when there is a new election and the potential candidates lie their faces off to the people with all sorts of promises to do this or that, how everything is going to change once they get into office, yet each new president comes in, nothing changes, and out they go, and the process begins again. Its nothing short of craziness.

Of course, getting to where we need to be would be fraught with its own problems, but in that path, there is at least a chance to bring some kind of arrangement that works for all, rather than those in positions of power, making their own decisions with or without their citizens' approval. In making a realistic forecast of the future, it is probably correct to say that unless more people learn the necessity of knowledge and Natural Law, it will not see a day where this can be attempted freely. Unfortunately, the more likely scenario is going to be that people will have to go to war to maintain their rights, in acts of self defense.

Take this coronavirus vaccine, for example, the rhetoric of public health, the military, and the State Department, is looking towards mandatory immunizations, forcing people to get vaccines that are obviously harmful and destructive, especially in the long-term, collective sense. I have already covered these angles in some of my other articles, such as Tainted Immunity: Post-Vaccinal Encephalitis and the Chronic Plague of Societal Degeneration. A little perceived sense of security through vaccination is not worth the trade-off of adverse reactions, effects on the brain which manifest as mental illness, the imparting of subclinical infections with carcinogenic viruses that will likely end in cancer at some point later in life, the disruption and outright degeneration of genes and chronic diseases, which have been plaguing the country more than any other ailment, all of which can be directly tied back to vaccines. Contaminants in the vaccine can be various and harmful in its variety, we already saw this with the contamination of the polio virus vaccine with SV40. All of what I have just said is proven and available in published research, which I have covered in other articles. This is beyond unacceptable and those of us who know this will not be allowing anyone to inject us with any vaccine for the rest of our lives, and we are prepared to fight to the death against it, because it is in self-defense of our health and well-being. Drug firms do not care about our health and well-being and the public health agencies are complicit, they are nothing short of enforcers for the drug firms.

The forecast of the future looks grim if we are perfectly honest with ourselves. The Q-ANON psyop shows us just how easy it is for the enemies to fool us up, down, left, and sideways. If we are to see any victory or realignment take place, the inner process of initiation and the art of skilled analysis in researching needs to be developed immediately. Natural Law and its Occult studies must take prominence or this war is already over. My forecast, as of right now, looking ahead to the next several decades, to continue without any considerable changes, looks to be that we can either expect to die with our dignity and proclamation of our rights, instead of dying in spirit and soul, to submit and be a complaint slave when the tyranny really starts imprinting its boot on the human face forever.

Both roads lead to death, but the former only dies once in physical form, while the compliant die a thousand times over, spiritually, mentally, and finally, physically. However, if others begin to start taking accountability and responsibility for themselves and their world, we might see a glimmer of hope for the future, but considerable struggle will follow as we descend into darkness, and those of us doing the Great Work, will continue to toil against the forces of corrosive entropy, hoping to keep the flame of Truth and Divinity alight, so that others may have a source of heat and light to see the way forward in these cold, Dark Ages... O Let not the flame die out!

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