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Death Becomes You: Reaping the Eyes of Fearless Intensity in Defense of Truth and Natural Law

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #SelfDefense #Fearlessness #SelfEmpowerment #Saturn

In the human domain of life and experience, we have many emotions that surface throughout our existence, and these emotions can range anywhere from joy, happiness, sadness, despair, depression, anger, hatred, rage, and beyond. Some are pleasant, some are not. Some are friendly, some are vicious. Any truly human being will experience the full spectrum of these throughout ones life and many will continue to resurface again and again. Can you, the reader, discern which of these should be completely done away with if we want to live a better life in the human domain and make the world a better place?


None of the above emotions- joy, happiness, sadness, despair, depression, anger, hatred, rage, and beyond, should be excluded from human experience. All of the emotions we have in our human existence are with us for a reason, even the negative. That being said, all of these emotions can surface in a distorted or excessive context that if not controlled, would be destructive and unhealthy for us, but nonetheless, these emotions in and of themselves exist for a reason which justifies their existence and their inclusion in the human domain. It is through knowledge and understanding of Natural Law and moral responsibility we can discern and judge, for ourselves, when these emotions are brought about, how and what we channel these emotions into or what we do with them. If what we do with them is in line with Truth and Natural Law, these emotions channeled into right action will serve to bring us further in line with Universal Truth and what is Right.

Being on the side of righteousness, however, does not always mean it is a place of comfort, especially in a world of chaos and imbalance, but doing what is right brings with it the mark of integrity, rather than the mark of obedience and disgrace. This mark of integrity, being in line with the Universe, carries with it an honor that only the Greatest of the Greats could ever want and strive for, while the rank and status of the egoic status quo but temporary and illusory. Being on the side of Truth and Natural Law however, means our deeds and acts of righteousness will be forever etched into the finely chiseled Stone on the Pillars of a Divine Kingdom that all humans should labor to reach, an aim that is of the highest in spiritual ideals. We shall reach this only by the maintaining of moral responsibility and defense of Truth, Natural Law, and what is good for all. It does not require you to be religious or accept certain 'saviors' as your ticket in, it calls for you to shape yourself in the image of Truth and act in its defense.

This place among the Divine ought to be reached only through the founding of core principles that cannot be shaken, even amidst a worldwide web of intricate lies, half-truths, and complex psychological warfare. If the life of a man is based on a moral foundation it is nearly impossible to sway him away from these pillars of Truth and Morality, even in the current ocean of disinformation and ulterior agendas. Recognizing Truth for oneself and the inherent righteousness within it shall give him the compass needed to traverse a dark, cloudy landscape, and it is within this lower spectrum of emotion that allows one to do it without fear nor hesitation. The lower energies of anger and fiery rage act to silence and overcome the fears that threaten us- fear of losing, fear of displacement, fear of confrontation, fear of war, and also fear of physical death.

There are times when we are forced to become fiery with the full-spectrum of negative energies which give us the force to continue forward. There will be times when the spirit of anger and rage can vivify the soul with the vicious animating energy it needs to continue or rise to the occasion of life's war, and it is in these lower energies we find their proper context and use which they were originally created for. There are life situations that call for war-like, angry energies, rather than a passive context, and it just may be that these lower, negative energies serve to keep us in the fight of daily life. Other times the burden of daily life can be so heavy and taxing that the lower energies can serve more as a reservoir of powerful energy, for instance, such as anger bringing us needed motivation or vitality to overcome the challenges we are angry about. We must remember, the lower primal energies have typically been about survival, but just because we don't live in the wilderness or in caves anymore, does not mean we don't have anymore use for these energies. On the contrary, in a time where chronic debilitating disease, social and mental instability, and overreach of state power have become the 'new normal,' we have a need for this storehouse of vital energy for use now more than ever.

There are times when channeled and controlled anger can overcome fear, and times where the fiery intensity of spirit can move us forward despite the possibility of physical death and to live as though one has already reached death, we can become like death when fear would otherwise consume and destroy us. Some of these philosophies were important to those about to enter physical battle in more ancient times, but even in the contemporary situations presenting to us today, these philosophies will be needed, even required, to survive. As darker ages unfold and present themselves, our darker, lower natures are necessary to counter and overcome the oftentimes overwhelming obstacles we are forced to go up against in a world spinning out of control. Like I said before, there are no human emotions we experience that are with us in error, they all have a purpose and use, but through our occult initiation and psychological education we are to learn when and where they are appropriate and how to tap into them with fiery passion when the time comes and becomes necessary. Some of these same concepts have been previously discussed or touched upon in other articles, such as Inner Darkness and the Power it Holds: The Truth about Anger, Ego, and “Negative” Energy, Thorns of Compensation: When Evil Bleeds the Hearts of the Overly Compassionate, This Means War: The Mysterious, Aggressive, Powerful Force of Heavy Metal Music, and Weaving the Work of the Warrior's Web: Symbolism, Archetypal Invocation & the Fabric of Potentiality

I talked about the use of symbols, archetypes, spiritual alliances that we can draw energy, inspiration, and influence from. Not all of these have to be of a kind and friendly nature. Some of them may be dark, war-like, and vicious. We don't use them to violate the rights of others or for malicious purposes without a just cause, but rather to counter the forces that wish to inflict harm on us and infringe upon the natural rights we are born with.

For instance, our body is our domain, and it is a violation of our natural rights for someone else to put something into our body without our permission. This can apply to any form of this act, from violence, sexual assault, rape, to poisoning or drugging us without our knowledge or permission, including the forcing of vaccines on or into us without our approval. To do so or attempt to do so is a violation of our natural rights, and any attempt or forcing of these actions against us should result in our reactionary response to be anything but friendly and kind. Any truly empowered human being would rightfully become angry, defensive, and vicious to defend ourselves from anyone forcing anything on or against us, and this is our inherent force of self-defense. We have these energies to counter that which is unjustly forced upon us and seeks to take from us, that which another does not have the right to take. We also have these vicious war-like emotions to cast disgust and hatred upon immoral realities and tyrannical governments.

One of my spiritual alliances, which I've discussed in other videos, is the scorpion. The scorpion has a storehouse of symbolic associations, but this can vary throughout different ages and cultures, but sometimes symbols can have somewhat different meanings more personal or specific to us. The scorpion is not a friendly-looking creature. Indeed, the emperor scorpion looks rather brutal and vicious. It has two giant claws that can grab hold of whatever it attacks, while it lunges its tail forward to jab its sharp, hornet-like stinger right into the object of its wrath before pumping it with venom. However, it does not mean that the emperor scorpion wants to go around attacking everything it encounters. Of course, it has to use these weapons to catch its food, which is often crickets, worms, and things of that nature, and only uses it when it has to, to survive. It does not set out to cause unnecessary harm just because it can. Rather, it will unleash this wrath in times where it has to defend itself against much bigger predators, just like those that exist in the human domain today.

The energy and inspiration I draw from the scorpion, for me, has many symbolic associations with Truth and Natural Law, Self-governance, self-control, discipline, extreme patience, but also it knows how to become angry, brutal and vicious when it needs to strike back and defend itself. Its dark nature, especially the emperor scorpions and the Asian forest scorpions, black in color, are brutal-looking and associated with the death-like energy, time, and karma. It is ruled under the planetary sign of Saturn, a force I've talked about in other articles and videos. This energy is a force of amazing power, but that does not mean I use this power to feed my ego or act maliciously to others. I draw power from spiritual alliances like the scorpion rather to empower myself in the fight of life, pushing through the daily strain of chronic disease, the power to be brave and steadfast in my speaking Truth and defending it at all costs. This can also be an influence that mentally prepares one for a day that physical confrontation or war in some form is necessary. I draw power from these spiritual reservoirs to become like the scorpion, to be fearless in traversing the darkness, to become viscous and full of wrath for times that I am under attack, to return with more intense wrath to subdue and defeat enemies that come my way, to stand up and defend my freedom, health, and well-being.

Heavy metal music is another asset in helping me tune into and draw influence from these lower energies. This music is obviously a force that has helped me considerably in overcoming the adversity that life throws my way, and in the fight of life overall, this music can be of tremendous assistance for those of us operating at a diminished capacity. For myself, every day is a battle which I am forced to fight to maintain myself because my physical health has been compromised by chronic incapacitating diseases of the immune system and central nervous system. Most people who have their health have such an advantage, and I have to put in tremendous energy every day just to keep up with life, so these passionate, war-like energies found in heavy metal music are especially helpful to me, and the conquering of fear finds a parallel. (For more, see my article, This Means War: The Mysterious, Aggressive, Powerful Force of Heavy Metal Music.)

We have these lower energies of hatred, rage, and anger for a reason and we rightfully use them against the unjust aspects of life, against tyrannical enemies that we should despise and hate, such as those which serve to unjustly harm other beings and violate the rights of others without a right to do so. We are right to become irate and full of hate for that which serves to destroy what is good and innocent, that which destroys the ideals of Love, peace, and harmony. Obviously, we don't wish to have to use these energies anymore than we would wish for someone to attack us to bring on a violent response. We work laboriously for and seek the ideals of Love, peace, harmony, and friendship with other beings as much as humanly possible so long as they are doing what is right. We appreciate the peaceful, kind moments we have in this life. We will always strive for peace and harmony. We don't wish for having to bring on or use the lower, war-like energies, just as we don't go seeking out ways to bring on conditions of adversity in and of itself, but the challenging forces of injustice will oftentimes find us and enter into our life regardless of how we feel about it. It is at these times we are to understand and embrace the purpose of our lower emotions and natures, we use them in the proper ways, as little or as much as is necessary to restore the homeostasis of life's balance and the ideals we strive for, in the face of corrupted, vicious power-hungry evils that threaten to harm us or take our rights and well-being.

In a recent interview by the Natural Freedom League with Occult initiate Mark Passio of What On Earth Is Happening and founder of the One Great Work Network, he hit upon these same themes and illustrated the reason we have such energies in the first place. He spoke on the purpose and proper use of our lower energies to counter the brutal nature of evil and injustice. The link to that interview can be found here: Natural Freedom League- Ep. 16 Having The Psychopath with Mark Passio. Mark has been one of the pioneers in the modern age to bring Natural Law into the public sphere of consciousness, he has added significant contributions to countering the New Age paradigms and religious brainwashing that spiritually disarm us. His work on Natural Law has helped to educate other spiritual seekers of Truth and Divinity to understand why we have these lower energies to begin with, and how to properly discern when and where we are right to use them.

In times like these, the dark ages we are already in, many of our natural rights and freedoms will be strained and violated more and more often as the vicious nature of power grows. The negative spectrum of emotion will then rightfully surface within us, and it is at this time we must be able to discern and direct how we use or channel these energies. Because both ends of the political and media spectrum are riddled with both truth mixed with lies, with many oftentimes confusing mazes and angles of information in the sphere of current events and knowledge of the world, we have to be at our best when it comes to how we research and where it takes us, and most important how we channel the lower energies when they surface, and they will surface without a shadow of a doubt. If they don't, you may want to psychologically assess yourself and where you're at and ask why that is.

Once we are able to tap into these lower energies for the right purpose with a discipline and ability to do what is right to counter the vicious, brutal nature of psychopathy, we can become the fearless intensity that the defense of Love, Peace, Freedom, and Harmony should bring from any True Initiate of Light. Being able to tap into the same brutal, vicious natures against the truly evil is the only righteous response if the forces of Truth and Love are to survive, because causality shows us that if the relentless nature of the truly evil is not countered with a justified response, the idea that love always wins will not prevail. For Good and Love to always win, it has to become a force to be reckoned with against evil. It has to be fearless, cold, vicious, dark, and death-like in its response to such evil forces, and that is just the cold hard truth of reality.

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