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Book Burning 2021: My Vaccine Videos Disappearing from YouTube Under Medical Misinformation Policy

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: A. W. Finnegan #CensorshipSucks

I would like to take some time to explain to my viewers and any subscribers to this site or to my YouTube channel. that YouTube is now removing some of my latest videos and as of right now they have even started removing some of my older videos one by one, so I anticipate that my days on YouTube are numbered. I anticipate that they will be terminating my YouTube channel at some point. The only alternative I have is to use Odysee and Bitchute. Unfortunately, very few people see anything I put up on Odysee or Bitchute, but it is the only option at this point. I still have to update the Bitchute channel but I do have all the videos up on Odysee I believe.

Here are the latest videos that YouTube has scrubbed from my channel:

BANNED VIDEO: My Position & Outlook on Viruses, Germ Theory, and SAR-CoV-2

BANNED VIDEO: Op-Ed: False Dichotomies, "Truth" as Commodity, & the Blood-Sucking Leeches of Alternative Health

YouTube then went back and deleted this older video as well, which showed s0me of the more concerning DARPA research programs that suggest aerogenic vaccines are possibly on the table for advanced delivery systems f0r no-consensual COVID-19 mass immunizations using biotechnological nano-templates to deliver the vaccine through environmental means as water droplets sprayed as a mist, as well as engineered mosquito-vector delivery systems:

BANNED VIDEO: Invasive Immunization: BARDA, Vectored Vaccines, Oxitec Mosquitoes, & Morgellon's Disease Origins

A recent email from YouTube:

At the present, there is a powerful push by large, corporate bodies acting with intranational cooperation and global organizations acting as the unofficial global authority, have ruthlessly taken control of internet infrastructures and information and censorship is now the rule of the day. It will not stop here. This is the nature of power and control, it consolidates and consumes to want more power, more control...

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