09.20.2020 News Updates - Site Updates, The Golden Bough Studies, & More...

Updated: Oct 20

Please refer to the following video for the updates on or coming to my site....

May the Great Work be with you....

The Garden of Great Work Logo, by A. W. Finnegan

note: Any Course that I put together will be centered on the shaping of character, beginning with thought-processes and the correlation between thought to action to circumstance. Obviously, Natural Law is a broad-spectrum term that covers many areas. My area of focus for any course I put together will be focused on preliminary areas such as Thought and character. It will be structured and laid out under the same blueprint of the lessons I took, to focus specifically on thought to action to circumstance. This will include moral obligation and the responsibilities of the individual to begin to shape him or herself in that light, to cultivate good character and practice self-awareness.

note: The Golden Bough studies, on the book by Sir james Frazer, will familiarize more with historical context of some of the Occult practices through civilizations and their symbolic or allegorical significance. These will be separate studies from the ideas in the last paragraph. This will also take considerable time for me to arrange and lay out, but it is in the works.

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