herbs of the Great Work

Philosophy & Mission

The Garden of Great Work is an educational multimedia site working to plant the seed of Care, to promote and educate about the Path of Spiritual Initiation, Occult principles of Soul Illumination Divine Law, that is, the mind's inner mechanics and the Universal Truth inherent in all things. Approaches and ideas to apply in one's life in accordance with Divine Law for a more harmonious existence.


Divine Law is a term to denote the mechanics of the mental, spiritual, and moral laws of this existence. Other terms used are Timeless Wisdom, Spiritual Law, Divine Law, among others. The Inherent Laws of the Creator supersede that of State


Our mission is to encourage all to seek the Truth inherent in all things, develop their inner fire, be original, overcome obstacles, find their purpose in this life, to understand themselves and the world they live in, with the ultimate goal of inspiring and teaching others with Love's Illumination as Care - the Quest for knowledge applied to understanding and action in the servitude of the Divine in accordance with Divine Law

The Garden of Great Work

Planting the Seed of Love & Illumination in the Garden of Divine Law

Occult Education for Moral Self-Empowerment

Goddess of the Great Work
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Herbs of the Great Work


Herbs of the Great Work


Herbs of the Great Work


Herbs of the Great Work