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Outer Work of Divine Law

The Outer Work of Divine Law is an aspect of Divine Law related to the search to understand the world around us, the realities and realms beyond the Self. It is the studies of the outside world, such as the events in history, the study of human behavior, the nature of power, governments, religious institutions, the rise and fall of civilizations, societal conflicts, scientific research, just about anything under the Sun beyond the Self that amasses knowledge from sources far and wide, to help the initiate reach the most accurate and true understanding of reality and its relation to Divine Law, it allows the best chance of survival in a chaotic world, it allows one to make calculations in how to best align with the Divine and moral responsibility, to tirelessly work to serve what one knows to be right and true and inspire others to do the same, to promote the timeless wisdom of Divine Law in order to restore harmony in such dismal times.

Below is a collection of articles that teach many of the basics of the Outer Work of the Spiritual Initiate, understanding reality and all things within the world in relation to our Divine Purpose and sense of Service to the Divine Law

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