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Inner Work of Divine Law

Inner Work is an aspect of Divine Law related to Soul Illumination, the initiatory process of Self-development and the work of the individual to tirelessly labor to reach Mastery of Self, to optimize life, to gain control and exude a sense of self-control, discipline, discernment, care, compassion, moral excellence, shadow work, strengthening of the Will and its directed application to effect change in the physical realm we all share, the transmutation of our base desires, past mistakes, habits, traumas, conditioning, into the spiritual gold of our highest ideals aligned with Divine Law, that is, the alignment of Self with the current of Divinity and Order and Harmony inherent in the Divine Creation of this Universe, even amidst a chaotic mess of these dismal ages.

Below is a collection of articles that teach many of the basics of the Inner Work of the Spiritual Initiate, developing the Self in the likeness of Divinity through the obeyance to Divine Law

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