About Me

Adam of Garden of Great Work

Adam W. Finnegan is a multi-talented individual from Grafton, Massachusetts. Born in 1983, he was growing up just as the Lyme disease epidemic was beginning to become known in rural Old Lyme, CT, a topic he would much later take on as part of his Life Work in unraveling its mystery. As a skilled graphic artist, writer, and musician, Adam's talents were influenced in large part by his love for heavy metal music and the dark subconscious mind. He had an IQ near 130 when tested young, and his future seemed promising, that is, until complications following vaccinations in 8th grade imparted neurological problems and irritated what was likely subclinical Lyme disease. He was a drummer in several hardcore bands starting in 8th grade and well-into high-school. Originally, he hoped to become a drummer in a successful hardcore band, but soon he became too distracted with unhealthy outlets and lifestyles.

He began to have problems in high school, and to remedy this situation, doctors began prescribing him addictive psychotropic drugs like stimulants and benzodiazapines, which only worsened the situation and gave him the addictive potential for further problems which did indeed make room for a life riddled with drug use and behavioral health problems. This ruined a portion of his life, several brushes with death, and lots of hardship and struggle. But Adam did not allow that to defeat him, after some time following legal problems in 2012, he was finally able to free himself from the chains of addiction and a failed education system. He began to read far and wide, studied with the Theosophical Society for several years to learn some of the underlying tenets of Natural Law and occult or esoteric philosophy, though he is not a member of the Theosophical Society or any other occult organization to date. During his down time, he began to do the things he loved again, like art, writing, and music with an avid passion for reading. Since 2012, he made himself a commitment to rise from the ashes of lowness and misery, to transmute his lower energies and past mistakes to continue mental refinement and spiritual gold, by dedicating his life to the path of Truth, to carry out the Great Work, which has been his main objective since that time.

His favorite past-time is reading far and wide, collects books, listening to music, understanding the world and refining himself to be the best he can be in the Care of all. His favorite authors are Manly P. Hall, Max Heindel, Sir james Frazer, and all non-fiction is his favorite kind of reading. He has read many additional books by authors like Carroll Quigley, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Albert Pike, Jim Keith, Tobais Churt0n, John Loftus, Theodor Rosebury, James Wasserman, and just about everyone in between. He enjoys the work of other seekers of Wisdom, such as Mark Passio (who made the term Natural Law more universal), Professor Emeritus Richard B. Spence (not to be confused with R. B. Spencer), Gene Odening, Richard Grove, John Taylor Gatto, among others.


His favorite music is heavy metal. His favorite bands are Sepultura (Max Cavalera-era), Dissection, Death, At the Gates, Carcass, Entombed, Cold As Life, Merauder, Overcast, Obituary, Buried Alive, Dark tranquility, Swallow the Sun, Trees of Eternity, My Dying Bride, Soulfly, Snot, Terror, Shadows Fall, Candiria, Death Ray Vision, and more. Music is a force which drives Adam in his work, and he has always been inspired by music when doing the Work he does, especially heavy metal. 


He took on the study of biological warfare history after becoming chronically ill in 2016 following a tick bite, and has not been able to rid himself of the infection, which made his underlying conditions much worse. He wanted to know why he and others like him were being brushed under the rug by medical authorities, why none of the medical treatments or supposed natural cures were not having any effect or ridding the infection, and found many other people who had also experienced this. From there, he went deep into the study of immunology, learning from a former Pfizer biochemist, who taught him some basics, and he went off to find the work of the pioneers themselves, leading him to take on a new aspect of life work.


He began to piece together the story of biological warfare starting from World War I, which led him to very unexpected conclusions, based on evidence and credible sources. Much of his time studying biological warfare history required him to collect old German science papers and translate them to English, because the story of Old German virology was intentionally buried along with the work of several key German microbiologists. He enjoys to continue studies on much of the Old German Virology, immunology, and bacteriology, from Karl Beller, to E. Traub, W. Schäfer, Z. Dinter, R. Rott, J. Fortner, and beyond, and as they say in Germany "Every good virologist is a good bacteriologist, and every good bacteriologist is also a good virologist." and "the best immunologists are veterinarians."

By 2020, his vision for the future was decided, having written a voluminous book on the history of biological weapons, intelligence & sabotage, entomological warfare, vaccinology/warfare, and more. His book will feature an introduction by a former military intelligence officer and Nazi hunter. He has amassed a large amount of research on the subjects and is in the process of putting it into formats for release.

In July 2020, Adam started the Garden of Great Work, to teach moral principles and spiritual law, that he learned through courses and the many hard lessons he's learned in life, from losing many friends to the opiate crisis, to almost being one of the statistics himself on numerous occasions, in and out of the justice system, and overall a life of adversity and lessons learned the hard way. He still battles a debilitating chronic disease that is hard to resolve, but even amidst all of these challenges, he emerges and continues on with tremendous Will-power and Persistence, to maintain his part in the Service of the Great Work, to keep the Flame of Truth alive in a world with little Care and Concern for Truth and its fiery Wisdom. O Let not the Flame Die Out!